Selected Comments Samdech Moha Bovor Thipadei Hun Manet, at the inauguration of the achievements of the Techo Sen National Center for the Disabled Persons (TSNCDP) and the National Paralympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC) [Unofficial and translations]



(1) Paralympians win not just the trophies but raise the image and flag of Cambodia

All these achievements are not only (from competitions) within country […] we have won them from the international competitions and risen our national flag on the ASEAN and Asia level competition and we will be able to reach the world level one day. I am confident that the efforts of our players and the further support of the Royal Government, as well as the participation of our people across the country, will increase the ability of the athletes to compete for world-class medals. Obviously, so far, we have won more than 261 medals […] and the Royal Government will continue to pay attention on this work, not only for you, but for our nation. The paralympic athletes are training hard not only to win trophies for themselves, but to raise the image and flag of Cambodia on the international stage […]


(2) May those with disability continue the spirit of “physically maimed but mentally fit”

I have seen our brothers and sisters with disabilities become teachers. They may have been born blind, but they worked hard to become teachers […] I have also given many scholarships for the people with disabilities. They have worked hard to the end. I have met some of them here. Some others, besides studying, work in the sports. We strive to continue the spirit of though we may be “physically maimed, but we are mentally fit” […] although physical fitness by definition is not the same, we have the heart to achieve great success and the Royal Government will continue to provide this policy opportunity […]


(3) Upgrade the sports laws from 27 years ago, especially in the Paralympic framework

HE Yi Veasna has asked for the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation, the Office of the Council of Ministers and the relevant ministries to modernize (the sports law) […] We are drafting and consulting a sports law to include some works and update in this law. The law is from 27 years ago, especially in the framework of the Paralympics, since when it was not there yet. Now, the paralympic is functioning actively […] amendments must be made and supplements are necessary for this proposed legal standard […]


(4) Approved the proposal to establish “Techo Sen Sports Fund for the Disabled”

In order to effectively implement the work of the National Center for the Disabled Persons (TSNCDPO) and the Cambodian Paralympic Committee, we need to have funds to support the development of sports for people with disabilities, especially to be ready to host the 6th Asian Para Games 2029 […] I would urge the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and relevant institutions, discuss with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to figure out a way to assist this point […] I agree with the proposal and would like to set up a “Techo Sen Sports Fund for the Disabled” […] I am to contribute 200 million (Riel) in this fund and continue with this 200 million amount per year for three consecutive years […], and after that, we will see how do we go about continuing it. I call on His Excellency, Neak Oknha, Ladies and Gentlemen, partners, all philanthropists […] to continue to assist the Center’s operations of the Para Games Committee […]

(5) Accepting the position of Honorary Chairman and agreeing to keep the current location unchanged

[…] For the offering of the position of Honorary President of the Techo Sen National Center for the Disabled and the Paralympic Committee, I am so grateful and accepting it. Reagrding one other proposal to keep this achievement as a historical site for the disabled in the future […], where at the beginning of 2014, it was just rice fields, and now we have built a lot of achievements […] I totally agree to keep everything here and there is no exchange of location. The government has no intention to exchange it for anything where else […]

In Phnom Penh, it is no longer easy to find vacant land, as it was 10 years ago, (to build a training ground). We my be able to set up parashooting in the Techo Morodok Stadium because there has some space available there. The stadium is a national treasure. I suggest that the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the National Olympic Committee check on thar not just for the disabled sports – for the Paralympic archery and for regular sports to joint training […], and about the request to continue implementing the principle of approving expenditure through the Office of the Council of Ministers, and the prize money through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, especially during the games, when the committee does not have principle budget officers, let us continue this method […]

(6) Discuss additional proposals for type of sports and number of athletes

Let us consider adding more types of sports and the number of athletes […] I have entrusted the principle to the Deputy Prime Minister and Ministe of Education, Youth and Sports, HE Hang Chuon Naron, to examine the possibility of expandingf as many as we can. It has to grow in the future. In the olympics competitiuon, even video games are becoming sports. In the time to come, AI / Technology will have their places too […] let us look at both Paralympic Games and other types of sports […] I entrust the jobs with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Fiance, (HE Dr. Aun Porn Moniroth), and HE Hang Chuon Naron […] as there are more works that the Techo Sen NCDP, and the National Paralympic Committee of Cambodia have fulfilled in the cause of the motherland, and I would like to reiterate that the new Royal Government will continue to work on policies to provide further supports in this field […]

(7) No one person with disability were to leave unattended by the Royal Government

Benefits reserved for the Paralympic players as well as people with disabilities is the policy of that the Royal Government has laid out across the country to provide as many benefits and possibilities as we can. We will not leave any disabled person unattended. The same is true for the whole Cambodian people across the country when I stated at the inauguration (of the Techo Sen Koh Thom hospital) the other day that we do not leave any places or any persons without the attention of the Royal Government. We are trying to expand this policy objective further according to the possibilities […]

(8) People with disabilities are important human resources for the Royal Government/Nation

[…] Attended the annual reviews conferences in all sectors, such as the Ministry of Health, and yesterday, the Ministry of Rural Development, we have focused on promoting development and connectivity everywhere in the country, so that there is not a single place has not been connected in development. We do not let any people in any area be left behind. More or less, we help each other. People with disabilities are also important human resources for the Royal Government and for our nation. We will continue to issue new policies to help them more […]./.