Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the closing ceremony of the film “The son under the full moon” [Unofficial and translation]


(1) Different generations of actors acted in the “son under the full moon”

Today is my first appearance after August 22, when I held a press conference after leaving the post of Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia and giving the next generation a turn to run the executive office […] according to historical facts, this story has many more characters […] if we had to make a movie of the whole story, we could have up to 300 episodes. We cannot afford to do that. We have collected actors from the Sangkum Reastr Niyum era and subsequent generations for different performances. I understand the difficulty of filming this. The hardest part, as I said, when we started the preparation for this film was that our actors were not as shabby as the actual characters of that era […]

(2) Dialogue, creativity, storytelling facilitates lack of geography and actual actors

On the other hand, the geographical location of the shooting is difficult. The country is developed differently now. We have to find a location (in many areas to) make this film. If I am not mistaken, this film was shot in Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kampong Speu, Takeo, Kampong Cham, Tbong Khmum and Kampong Thom, and many more […] the director had also been innovative to make this shoot a reality. As for the way of acting, because this event is connected with neighboring countries, in other words, Vietnam, we could not afford to ask Vietnamese actors to participate in the performance. We opted for the method of making dialogue so that the audience would understand. There are other resistance movements, such as the uprising in the East, the movement in the Northeast, the movement in Koh Kong, the gathering of some dignitaries after the Geneva conference, where we could not find characters to substitute so we only use the narrative method […] the conversation help reveal the history of the transition from one stage to another […]

(3) Do not let history incorporate the author’s ideas to distort the facts

Although it does not completely reflect what happened, I would suggest that there should be no two stories about Hun Sen’s history […] please use what is in this film as a basis for reflection about my life journey. What I fear most is that history incorporates the writer’s ideas and turns them into false facts. For example, the song titled “a pathetic son, story of a suffering mother” in the broadcast, I saw they make a scene of the midwife throwing the baby out of the house. This is different from the truth. Now that we have pictures in this movie, you can take it from there. we have to put the real story where and how it happened […] let me confirm that these 96 episodes have had to go through my review. Sometimes I have asked them to remake it […] because this story reflects the truth in my own history, and it has to do with the history of the struggle of the Cambodian people and with other patriotic groups together to liberate our country […]

(4) Stepping down from power to keep long-lasting peace for the country

On July 25, I met with HM the King and upon returning I announced that I would not continue as Prime Minister in the new term, but would hand over to the next generation […] Everyone can ask that (since Samdech) is still strong, why not continue to be the Prime Minister, why give it to the next generation? It is not my personal problem and it is not the problem of Manet alone, but this is the common problem of our nation […]

[…] How many people in the world are willing to relinquish power when their popularity is soaring? […] Some people step down when they lose the election […] or because of this/hat reason, but for me, I am stepping down from power because I had to think and look far ahead about the peace factor for the country. More than a month after the formation of the new government, are Cambodians afraid of a change of leadership? Did people withdraw money or to stock rice or get ready to run? None at all. If I were to leave thing the way they were until my health was in trouble or until I die, it would be a mess for the nation. I can say that my sacrifice is for the Cambodian people to live in continuous peace and development […]

(5) If the Israeli government does not require us to leave, do not flee from the Israeli people

These days, things are happening in Israel. The Prime Minister and relevant ministers are closely following the events. There are people who mentioned the same thing as in 2013 or 2014. Everyone can remember that North Korea threatened to attack South Korea. Some countries in the region have announced that they were preparing planes to evacuate their people from South Korea. At the same time, the opposition accused me of neglecting our workers in South Korea. At that time, my response was to the call for our workers in South Korea not to flee the South Korean people. We have to live with the people of South Korea […]

Prime Minister Hun Manet told me that we could not afford to do like other countries at this moment. We must continue to live the way the Israeli people do […] We are now monitoring the safety of our citizens in Israel. If the Israeli government does not require us to leave, we should not flee the people of Israel […] however, I wish to share my opinion with the Royal Government that should the Israeli government require our students leaving, we should be ready to hire the flight charter to transport more than 400 of our students out of Israel. But I do not believe that Israel will have such a request […]

(It is my appeal that) all parties patiently find a solution through dialogue. I call on Hamas to release the hostages […] if the hostages are killed or tortured, there would be anything thing useful to them. As I call for a reconciliation dialogue, I am also looking forward to the possible war […] that will be spreading to Lebanon to destroy the Hamas-backed Hezbollah base. Hopefully our troops in Lebanon remain steadfast in obeying UN orders as the UN peacekeepers […]

(6) The president of the ruling party has the right to express opinion on domestic and foreign politics

Why is Mr. Hun Sen talking about politics? They will definitely make comments on that. Let me tell them that the leader of the ruling party still possesses power […] I will present medals to everyone here tonight in my capacity as the President of the Supreme Council of HM the King, but as the President of the Ruling Party, I still have the right to express opinions on political issues both at home and abroad. I do not command forces in place of the Prime Minister. At this time, only the Prime Minister has the authority to command the force. I do not have the right to command the force, but I do have the political right to control the political affairs […]

(7) From the pagoda boy to be the Prime Minister, and from the Angkar’s traitor to the Prime Minister

It can now be said that from a pagoda boy to become the prime minister and rule the country for 38 years, and if considering both as the Deputy Prime Minister and the Prime Minister, for more than 44 years. From the sone of the Angkar’s traitor, whom they insulted, to become now the Prime Minister […] it is really hereditary. The first is that a country must have a continuous government. So, at the end of the 6th legislative term of the National Assembly, we now continue into the 7th term […] secondly, Hun Manet, a member of the CPP, thus, the descendants of the CPP, the party that won the election. Thirdly, I recognize that (Hun Manet) is my son and he is the Prime Minister. Is it wrong to have a hereditary? […]

I’m fine now. The thing to worry about is gaining weight because I do not exercise much. Since when I started in the military in 1970, the task was always waiting for me. I always wake up in a hurry to it. When I became the Prime Minister too. Now, when I wake up, I do not have to rush. I can read this and that […]./.


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