Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Conversation with Athletes, Coaches and Sports Team Leaders before Participating in the 12th ASEAN Para Games [Unofficial Translation]


(1) Chairing the Paralympic Games to encourage people with disabilities

I accept this role (as chairman) because I wanted to encourage and provide commitment for all people with disabilities. We are partially physically disabled, but we are not mentally disabled. I still consider myself a cripple, but I can do anything, including being the longest-serving prime minister in the world. You all have the ability to do this or that work too. You have all done a great job in sports from the time when we started (this para-games) in 1997 […] we have been doing many good things regarding sports in the past. Samdech Pichey Sena Tea Banh (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense) made a very good summary report that examining the benefits we received. We have spent (in the organization) and this cost was lower than other countries would have, but we get more results than we expected […]

(2) Develop sports infrastructure, hardware/software for long-term use

Hardware and software infrastructure has been greatly strengthened, our sports base is designed not only for the 2023 SEA Games, I think what we have organized, combined with the achievements of the past, a long-term infrastructure that for generations to come. The hardware is well organized […] and the software we get is huge. I said that money can be spent, but Cambodia’s reputation is not exhausted. We keep them for our nation and children for tens of hundreds of years […] the SEA Games of Cambodia has become a topic that major media outlets, including CNN, New York Times … South China Morning Post, Channel News Asia, are interested in covering […] the highlight is Bou Samnang, although she did not win a gold medal, but she won a world-class medal […] Bou Samnang has a reputation for attracting both Cambodians and the world […]

(3) Hosting with grandeur and increase athletic ability to a certain level

This is the great thing that Cambodia is hosting (this very important sports/games event). We have been well-organized and able to provide hospitality, including the ability to take our sporting capacity to the next level […] there are so many good things that I understand we have to write in the history of the SEA Games and Para Games. I suggested for the preparation that we had to make a video for each competing subject and an overall joint video, and we had to sculpt famous national athletes and sports persons at the Win-win Monument. Therefore, I would like to ask for your opinion that at the Win-win Monument, in addition to those sculptures for to the 32nd SEA Games, there should be a venue prepared for the Para Games too […]

(4) SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games are obligations of ASEAN Member States

[…] Some says that we spent a lot of money. We should have kept the money to help people. They do not know that the SEA Games or the ASEAN Para Games is the duty of the member states (of ASEAN). If you are stupid, you should be stupid for life […] the national team has done better since we paid for the training […] now there is a lot of hope for the nephews who go out to compete […] in the past, we sent less number of athletes but we got a lot of gold medals […]

(5) People recognized Cambodia for its SEA Games/Para Games, and exports

[…] Previously, people did not know Cambodia. They heard of Pol Pot. Now Cambodia is known […] through the SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games. Cambodia is known for its goods that have reached […] 73 countries, Cambodia exported rice to […] there are other Cambodian products, including sportswear […] their favorite is the idea of reforming the SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games that as the host nation, Cambodia did not charge money […] I have my goal […] it is part of ASEAN integration effort […] when an ASEAN member is doing well, it is a successful contribution to all 600 million ASEAN people […]

(6) Trust in para-games athletes for awareness of disable persons’ endurance

Everyone must remember that for this match, there are 17 million people behind you. You represent 17 million people. This is the national team. Must represent the nation. When we win, our flag will be hoisted along with our national anthem […] as the Prime Minister, as the President of the Paralympics, I place all of my trust in you […] because I am aware of the endurance that a disable person would face. You all have experienced disability, I also experienced disability […] when I started the fight against Pol Pot, I thought, “I already lost everything. “One of my eyes gone, my son was no more, and my freedom. If I were to lose my life, it would be nothing more.” Finally, I fought until I won […]

(7) The Paris Agreement/Constitution stipulate no opposition party a must

One political party or two political parties that were rejected (for lack of papers) have been saying that the rejection was wrong according to the Paris Agreement, and also unconstitutional? Now let me ask, in the Paris Agreement, whether there was anywhere writing about an opposition party? In the current constitution (is there a statement that) there must be an opposition party? Or about this “torch light” party? They are just talking about liberal, multi-party democracy, they do not specify that there must be an opposition party. They defined that the country is liberal, multi-party democracy […] I am not the Constitutional Council embodied with the task to interpret the constitution. But look at the Constitution clearly […] or you all look down on the 18 parties (who are eligible to contest in the elections).

(8) foreigners should not interfere in the internal affairs of another country To despise the 18 parties is to despise the whole Khmer nation. The absence of one or two parties does not destroy the whole democratic process of Cambodia. Let me reply to you […] as for the foreigners, they should listen to the local voice. The foreigners should not be interfering in the internal affairs of another country. It is not your duty […] sometimes I wanted to say to some of them that they are just lucky to be born in a rich country that with that they use their rights to discipline us. However, in terms of thoughts and knowledge, it is not certain that they are better than us […]./.


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