Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Celebration of the 112th International Women’s Day March 8 [Unofficial Translation]


(1) Strengthen women’s economic power

At this point, I should add that the main goal that we must prioritize is to strengthen the economy of women. It is seen that as women hold money, men have no right to protest. Therefore, we must strive to empower women and get them power in decisions related to family economic issues, which are an influential part of the family […]

(2) National movement to build dormitories for female students

At the annual meeting of the Cambodia National Council for Women on February 21, 2023, I entrusted the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with the task of building more dormitories for female students to facilitate their learning in Phnom Penh and at Provinces. I should clarify a bit here for all of us that (we must try) to make it become a national movement … we have set the direction in the work by continuing to focus on building dormitories for female students, not just in Phnom Penh, but also in the provinces […]

(3) No women in secondary school, no women in higher education

As we build schools, we need to add dormitories for women in high school. Without women in secondary school, we would not have women in higher education. With this effort, by encouraging rural female students to have the opportunity to study in high school with accommodation, we will be able to reduce the gap (between male and female students) between urban and rural areas … I have traveled more than 6,000 kilometers to check on that in high schools where I built with dormitories for both teachers and students, and female students is the priority. Therefore, along with the state budget, we can call on philanthropists in various places to participate in the dormitory for rural female students to reduce the urban-rural gap for our women […]

(4) Domestic violence tends to decrease

According to the report, the violence has decreased, but some serious cases still occurred this time, such as the shooting and killing by men of wife or other forms of violence. We must strive to eliminate it through action by both men and women. We always say that when you get married, whatever year the woman may be, she will become the one born of the year of the tiger. The truth is not so. It was the man who turned into a tiger … so far, how many women raised their hands to beat their husbands? it is the man who raised hands at his wife […] it is requires both men and women to act simultaneously in mutual respect … (there had been cases where) men and women divorced and separated and they brought their stories up in Facebook. Following my call for them to stop doing that, using Facebook and other social media to blame one another reduced […]

(5) To sign/seek no pardon for politicians who commit criminal offenses

[…] while the whole family were in shock and tears that my sister lost her life … they (the opposition) came out to attack my sister, my wife and my family. If Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, Ambassadors and foreign friends are my sister, my wife, can you get it? I do not govern the state based on sentiment of, but we must enforce rule of law … the person is already dead and why they kept attacking? This is why I declare not to sign any amnesty for politicians who commit crimes … it is too bad […] my sister-in-law, my wife are also women, why did they insult them to that extent? Some foreigners even came to talk to me and instead of talking about insults, they even defended those insulters. It is enough. Please respect the dignity of the Cambodian people […]

(6) Decided to provide allowances for workers at 71 suspended factories

[…] Let me send a message to 26,000 women out of 32,000 workers who are losing their jobs … I have signed a (decision to provide) subsidy in the event that the factories suspended (their operational) … I have decided that (those) workers receive the same amount of financial (support) as (the one we provided to workers of the factories suspended during the time of) Covid-19 period … as these 71 factories (closed), in Kampong Speu, on the other hand, there is a demand for about 30,000 workers … I am asking the Ministry of Labor to figure out how to recruit those female workers […]

At the same time, I also recommend increasing the money assistance for pregnant women to give birth to children, and keep supporting them until their newborns are 2 years old […] We are ready for the election and a new government will be formed in the second or third week of September. Some people may want to know (about the composition of the new cabinet), for which I can say that the Minister of Women’s Affairs and the Minister of Culture and Fine Arts are going to be keeping their jobs […]

(7) The last three polls – more women than men like “Hun Sen”

[…] Speaking of the last three polls – January 2022, October 2022 and January 2023, (among) those who like Hun Sen, women have a higher rate than men … this support rate means the voice/votes. (This survey) has always been (done) and not by Cambodians … the support rate may vary to high or low (by) region, but no matter how high, no matter where, Hun Sen’s satisfaction rate among women is higher than among men. I am researching why women support Hun Sen? … maybe because women can benefit so much from the peace and development that I have led […]./.