Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of Graduates of the National University of Management [Unofficial Translation]


  • NUM Pioneered Fee Paying Programs; Nearly Millions 4 Students/Teachers Are Vaccination Priority Group; Few with Higher Education or Postgraduate Degrees Survived the Pol Pot’s Regime; Open for Private Sector Involvement and Allow Fee Paying Program in State Education Establishments

… As you all have learnt that there had been a tragedy that a ferry boat sunk at the district of Leuk Daek of Kandal province, which caused lethal incident to 11 boys/girls. Therefore, I am asking Excellencies, Lok Chumteavs, and every one of you who are here to stand up with me to pay tribute to the souls of the boys/girls who lost their lives […] it is a tragic incident […]

[…] The National University (of Management – NUM) used to be a part of the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), which was called the National Institute of Management. Under the direction of His Excellency Iv Thong, we had allowed the NUM to experiment its spearheaded program for fee paying students. Through the success of the National Institute of Management, now the National University of Management, we have replicated the experiments to other state universities to give a portion of its education program for fee paying students. We have noted a quality evolutionary process of training of the National University of Management […]

[…] Everyone has had their shares in the fight (against Covid-19) pandemic. It is not a separate success of the Royal Government. The only point to note here is the fact that the Royal Government has had a correct vision, starting from the introduction of health measures to protect people from danger to spending to secure urgent availability of vaccines. Within the framework of education sector, we have placed nearly 4 million of our students (and) teachers into vaccination priority groups. That is the success that gives us the opportunity to come together today for a diploma presenting ceremony […]

In retrospect, we have really gone through a lot of hardships […] (you may ask) how many people with higher education and post-graduate education when we came back in 1979 from the Pol Pot regime. There were very few with higher education or postgraduate degrees. We tried to gather them and distributed to various institutions according to their preferences. As the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I recruited some professors from the education sector, such as Lok Chumteav Professor (Ty) Borasi, Samdech Vibol Panha Professor Sok An. There are other professors like Meas Sa Am Dany, an English professor, and I even recruited some engineers came to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because the then Ministry of Industry did not give them a chance […]

[…] Society has changed attitudes as it does not rely education solely on the state anymore. More and more families prioritize on and dare pay for education of their children. On this point here, I have to accept what is mine in making such a success […] (it) was my right decision, with one side allowing the private sector to invest in education through the construction of universities or other schools, and the other, through the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, allowing public schools to run a fee-paying program […] in addition, we have vocational training schools, run by the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, as well as the opportunities provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, for our young people, who do not pass the high school exams, to study for an associate degree, […] imparting knowledge among youth and people […]

[…] To my estimation, the number of people with higher education or under postgraduate in all fields, after the liberation in 1979, including medicine, industry, agriculture, education, were anywhere below 1,000 […] HE Chan Ven, then Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, since January 8 (1979) the day when we formed the government, did not have higher education. In the previous generation, with a baccalaureate degree one could become a professor […] coincidentally, Hang Chuon Naron’s father was the Deputy Minister of Education, while (His Excellency) Pen Navuth, Hang Chuon Naron’s father-in-law, was the Minister of Education. They worked together. When HE Chheng Phon took a break from his work, we appointed HE Hang Chuon the Minister of Culture […] when we looked for someone for the post of Minister of Education, we did not think whose son/daughter the person is. We choose the one whoever has the ability with matching management skills for the education sector and Hang Chuon Naron candidacy appears […] in another story, Lok Chumteav Phoeung Sakna is the daughter-in-law of former Culture Minister Chheng Phon too […]

  • A Violent Overthrow Outside the Path of Democracy; a Meeting with the Cambodian Overseas in Brussels; French Court – Hok Lundy’s Death Has Nothing to Do with Hun Sen; Three Generations Traitors; The Most Cunning Person in the History of 500 Years

Last night (the opposition group) announced that they are ready to mobilize the armed forces to do it (revolt) again in 2023 […] people in my Telegram group send me what they have seen (on social media) … (I have seen that) they issued a statement saying that for this year 2023, they are going to overthrow Hun Sen by all means, including the insurgence of the armed forces. 2023 is the (general) election year. Does this mean you want to use armed force? Does this (mean) you go on a violent overthrow outside the path of democracy? I am warning that any party affiliated with this convict will receive a complaint to the court […]

He said that Hun Sen did not dare to resign because “the French court would drag him by his neck.” Let me tell you this. On December 12, 2022, I would be in Brussels. They may invite the French or international court to arrest Hun Sen there. If you are daring, you must prove you can do it. Hun Sen will be coming in his capacity as the ASEAN chairperson and will co-chair the meeting with EU President Charles Michel, whom I met in Tokyo the other day. You should not try to fool everyone […] I will have a meeting with the Cambodian overseas in Brussels. You may want to organize a demonstration, and prepare a complaint to file, “Mr. Euro 1” […] the thing that you are most successful in is (the court does not decide for you to) give Hun Sen Euro 1. Other than that, your face has been stripped naked […]

In their (the court’s) words, “it is clear that what you had said is baseless. What you had said is in fact a defamation.” (That is what the court said) above, even though towards the statement beneath, they do not oblige you to pay Euro 1. You may tell your heart that you win […] as for Hun Sen, (he) has got enough because the court that you recognize as an independent court, not a teleguide court, has made it clear that Hok Lundy’s death has nothing to do with Hun Sen. They even blame you for submitting useless evidence. They consider your (allegation) defamatory […] you wanted to create more fusses. You wanted (more of) your (people inside) to go to jail. Please do not think that we dare not do anything to the insiders. You may have the right to speak on the outside, but the insiders (who) are involved would not be allowed to do whatever you wanted […] that you are participating in subversive events outside the democratic/constitutional system, you are to be punished […]

Do not try to cheat people around, you the three generations family of traitors. Let me get to it right away […] his grandfather and father betrayed HM the King, and now this person is betraying HM the King again. Three generations of betrayal. Can we, the Cambodian people, accept this traitor? […] there is only one post of Prime Minister, how can millions of people get to become one? In terms of the Cabinet, besides the Prime Minister, we have about 30 dignitaries who are deputy prime ministers, and ministers […] it is up to the party to choose their party members. Do they want to limit my children’s rights? From this day on, I call them “the three generations traitors” […] and there also involves an immoral (Buddhist) monk […] we do not refer to his name, but he took it that I meant him. He is conscious because he does bad things […]

The person’s appeal is in my pocket. It is his statement. This one is far too cunning. In the past 500 years of our history, no one is deceitful that he is. I have looked into a lot in our history since the construction of Phnom Penh 500 years ago, under the reign of Punnhea Yaat, no one is cunninger than he is and/or his family’s. You mocked my family, the “Hun” family, now I do the same to yours, the three generations of national traitors […] even before thousands of students, I have to explain to them […] Hun Sen served in the military since he was 18 years old, and I still have five stars on the shoulder – the royal gift (of the King) and the title of “Techo” is not for just anyone […]

While it is high time to push the democratic process through elections, these people think only of gathering people to overthrow Hun Sen by 2023 and seek the armed forces to revolt. That is what will cause about imprisonments. Whoever is to take part in this campaign, you may want to come out. Let me stress here that we are going to pick on you one by one. If you on the other hands work out as a political party, you are welcome as there are many political parties now and some parties are coming together to prepare for the election on July 23, 2023. On the coming October 20, 2022 […] the voters registration process will commence. I will go to register again […] because I have returned to my original date of birth – I stopped using my official date of birth April 4, 1951. It has been approved by the court for me to amend it to my real birthdate – August 5, 1952. If I do not register again under the new birthdate, I will lose the right to vote […]

  • Battambang-Pailin Administrative Boundaries Adjustments; Eradicate the Ideology of the Three Generations National Traitors; Peace, Political Stability, and Macroeconomics Provide Opportunities for Students; Where the Evaluation Is Done, Seeds Must Be There; Food to Places with Severe Damages, Homeless or Desperately Needy; Banking and Microfinance Sector to Adjust Loans Conditions

I talked on the phone with the Governor of Battambang and Pailin and I have ordered that they have to solve this administrative boundaries adjustments issues […] yesterday, I sent a message to Sok Lou, the governor of Battambang, that if there is no definite solution in two weeks, I will go down to oversee the matter myself. It is not about cutting land for foreigners. It is an integrated village. Some people came out to vote in Pailin and some vote in Battambang. Battambang land is very big. We may cut a few thousand hectares for Pailin so that people who registered as votes can vote in their constituency either in Battambang or in Pailin […] I sent a voice message to Samdech Krala Hom Sar Kheng and I also talked to him at the National Assembly the other day that we have to get it done […]

Hun Sen is determined to eradicate the ideology of the three generations national traitors […] it is now close to the 20th anniversary of the politics – “where there is (Sam Rain) Sy, there will not be (Hun) Sen, and vice versa,” that the person himself introduced since 2003. Now I am applying the same policy. However, I do not eliminate you as what I set out to defeat the political and military organizations of the Khmer Rouge regime, which I did. I am now setting out a policy to get rid of the extremist ideology of three generations of traitors […] someone who ran away from prison said he is going to come back again […] and he says that I forbid foreign planes to carry (him to Cambodia). I would hereby confirm that I have never banned anyone who wants to transport anyone […] they asked Mr. Hun Sen to lift the ban. I have not placed such order. What I wanted to stress however is that handcuff will welcome him […]

I am proud of people and their family. As more and more are knowledgeable, the whole society benefits from our efforts. Society provides opportunities for families/everyone, the same is true that peace, political stability, and macroeconomics provide opportunities for our students. Society offers opportunities for students compared to the previous generation. We do not compare with other countries because they have had no interruption in development, while we came out of the genocide with bare hands in 1979 […]

(According to this website kindly sent to me,) Cambodia ranks 105th among countries that are having high fuel consumption. The United States is the largest consumer of oil in the world. That the United States has a smaller population than China or India does not mean that it uses less fuel than China or India […] if we were to look at the (newly built) expressway, from drone eyes, there are some 200,000 vehicles on it […]

We are facing the problem of floods that caused damages and difficult situation for the people […] what I wanted to emphasize here and we have already taken action is to conduct an urgent assessment. There is no point in waiting for the evaluation to finish to respond. In order to supply people with what they need for their recultivation, where the evaluation is done, seeds must be transported there. We have enough seeds – rice and other crops – in our strategic stockpiles. Where people cannot grow rice again, whatever seeds they needed, we must supply them in a timely manner for them to restore their cultivation […]

The provincial authorities concerned must stay close to the people. The mechanism of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries must take action quickly with the Economic Policy Committee, which also includes the Ministry of Economy and Finance, to assess the damage and supply the seeds immediately […] may all agricultural officials as well as local authorities […] stay by the people and evaluate properly the situation. Sometimes the seeds that we provide them with do not grow because some varieties are bought at different times. If it does not grow, how to deal with it. Therefore, this situation requires the agricultural sector to pay attention and intervene immediately […]

Based on our data, about 18% of the poor live below the poverty line or at risky status. If we apply this with the 100,000 families, there are about 19,000 families affected. Therefore, we need to intervene, and I request continued attention through the mechanism of the Royal Government’s working group to help the local level operation, the Cambodian Red Cross and the charitable persons, to provide food to places with severe damages and those who are homeless or those who are desperately needy. Beneficiaries from the poverty card must continue to receive for another three months […] we are assessing those affected by inflation. Let the Ministry of Planning and National Social Security Fund, which has an assessment mechanism, begin to assess within the more than 100,000 affected families who may receive three months of assistance […]

I am calling on the banking and microfinance sector to provide incentives for those affected by the floods, either through deferral for repayment, easing interest rates, or through credit restructuring. Please understand the hardships of the people suffered from flood. If you are to confiscate their houses and/or land according to the original contract, it is not a right thing to do. I request the National Bank of Cambodia to hold a meeting with the owners of the financial institutions for them to provide such understanding. I am calling on all financial institutions to help ease the burden and provide favor to affected borrowers through deferred repayments, easing of interest rates, and/or reorganizing credit […]

Everywhere must get down to helping people. It is better to pack rice and go to the people. I do not mean to pack rice to eat yourself. Packing rice to help people. Our officials must deploy to the grassroots to help the people, because this year flooding pattern is different from the one in 2020. In 2020, some of the provinces in the rear are not affected seriously only Pursat, Battambang, and Banteay Meanchey. But this year, it happened throughout the (country) and some 20 capitals-provinces have had impacts that we need to keep an eye on […] we must take responsibility before our people, do not leave anyone hungry without our knowledge and solution […]

  • Enemies Insult Us Means We Are Doing the Right Thing; 2013 – Losing Elections but Demanded President of the National Assembly Post; Culture of Dialogue Failed

My goal is to point out solutions to restoring the agricultural sector. Even when I changed the Minister of Agriculture, they say I did it in an untransparent manner. Why they do not criticize the British Prime Minister who has recently fired the Minister of Finance. As the Prime Minister, do I have to report to a president of a political party for your opinion? […] the change of officials in a Cabinet is very normal […] I wish to share a message with the members of the Cambodian People’s Party that “whenever our enemies or our opponents insult us, it means that we are doing the right thing. When our opponents praise us, (it means) we are doing wrong” […]

Your call for the armed forces to revolt and inflict change in 2023 is no different to what you said in 2013. The case of 2013 is still open. You are not free of it. People died because of who? After voting, what words do you use. “It is the best time to change,” you said. You must have remembered what you said – December 29 is the final day […] losing elections but you demanded to take the post of President of the National Assembly. That a minority party becoming President of the National Assembly never exists […] once in the National Assembly, they were unfaithful still […]

The culture of dialogue had gone from Angkor Wat to Malaysia, and to dinner in Phnom Penh, and after dining together, he went on to say (to the press) comparing Hun Sen to Mumma Gaddafi. After that, for what happened in the election in Naypyidaw, he demanded us in Phnom Penh to step down. Finally, I posted on Facebook cursing him son of the traitor. What was the purpose of the demonstration? The real goal is to make the Speaker post of the National Assembly. To demand more […] the new Election Law (stipulates if you) refuse to take the seat(s), the law allows distribution the seat(s) to other parties […] that is not mainly to prevent the demonstration […]./.


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His Excellency CHUM Sounry, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, had a fruitful discussion with His Excellency ALAN Bowman,