Special Message of Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Commanding Vaccination Campaign by Military Teams for People in Red Zone Lockdown Areas (Phnom Penh and Takhmao of Kandal) – Audio Message [Unoffcial Translation]


The principle that we are pursuing here is to provide vaccinations to everyone. It is just a matter that there are vaccines that arrived first, and that arrive later, (including) the vaccines we have in hand. I agree with the fact that we mobilized (vaccines) that are already have in hand, and put them into areas where the army is operating. Soon I will send this voice message to Lok Chumteav Or Vandin (Chairwoman of the Ad-hoc Vaccination Commission) and call her. Tomorrow more of our vaccine arrives. Well, we hit both people in general and workers in the area. We have about a million (doses). We can provide vaccines injections to about 500,000 people. (More vaccines) will come soon. In estimation, there are about three million people in Phnom Penh and Kandal’s Takhmao city. We needed six million doses (of vaccines).


We must mobilize the military (medical units) forces. I agree. I will communicate to Lok Chumteav Or Vandin about the need to provide (vaccination to) those four districts/khans and let the army carry out the task. The army must report to duties immediately. To avoid people in the red zone lockdown to pour outside (for vaccination, the army medical teams) must make themselves present inside the location … i.e. to accept the duties given by the (Ad-hoc Vaccination) Commission for the work. (The military vaccination team) gets the vaccine and give it to the people in the area. When you get the vaccine, do not care where the people come from, wherever they come, as long as they agree to get the vaccine, just give it and give them a card. They are our people, are they not? Sometimes from this district, from this place, but they all must receive the vaccines. (The key thing here is) we have to have order because of lack of space. Due to the lack of space, we need the local authorities to determine that today (the vaccination is for) this village and that day for that village.

Therefore, we can start the national campaign of vaccination with the (medical teams of the) army to carry out (this task) at once. Take the red zones as the starting point. I will issue an order to proceed. The first dose vaccination can even start before May 5 as long as the preparation is ready … Now mobilize the (medical teams of the) army. After their tasks of vaccinating the troops and their families, (the medical teams of the army) came together to vaccinate the people. In this mission, there is also families of those in the military as well. We are talking about people from the age of 18 onwards, including foreigners. We also provide injections to foreign nationals. Otherwise, it is racist approach in Phnom Penh.

On the other hand, I think that the (army medical) teams should consider choosing location for this operation themselves. Our (medical teams of the) army is experienced. Well, let just choose your own place and do it in the lockdown area. If there is a place suitable for injection operation in the village, they may just arrange it in the village. If there is no suitable place in the village, we may take it to one or two Sangkat/communal locations. There must be, however, determined dates, for example, today is for this village and that day for the other village, etc.

We must make it happen. We cannot afford to drag our feet and wait for long pot for eel. I have given my approval already. As vaccine arrives tomorrow and the vaccines we already have in hand, we must dispose them with the army to carry out the jabs in the four districts/Khan (of Phnom Penh). (We) vaccinate everyone (accepting the vaccination) in the red zones. More (vaccines) will arrive. It is not immediately effective to disperse injection here and there. Therefore, even if the province has asked for the vaccines at this time, we will not be able to provide. As of this immediate effect, we are concentrating on vaccinating people in Phnom Penh, and we are taking the red zones as the core points to start with (and assigning the tasks of this vaccination campaign) to the (medical teams of the) army./.