Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​​ Visiting Flood-Affected People in Location 2, Malai, Banteay Meanjei Province

“True Love at Times of Poverty, Good Friends at Times of Hardships”

Please allow me to bring you HM the King’s and the queen Mother’s messages to you at this very difficult time. My condolence to families who lost their members, and here we have this case of a two years old kid. It is a pity and we are sad of what happened. Covid-19 pandemic has not yet taken a single life in our country but flash flood took away 39 lives, 22 of whom are in Banteay Meanjei – the hardest hit province. As we are here to share your hardships, I am glad to learn about heroic actions of authorities at every levels and the armed forces to rescue our people from flash flood. Life saved, we are here to show our solidarity in the whole country and generous people have come with their assistances of anyway they could. In time of difficulties, helping each other is important. An old saying goes “one can see true love at times of poverty, and good friends at times of hardships.”

Banteay Meanjei People Voted CPP; 29 December – Ending War Day

[…] Let me thank people in Banteay Meanjei for voting to support the Cambodian People’s Party and from the support, I have been given this Prime Minister position. From the district of Malai of Banteay Meanjei, allow me to thank them for their supports to my leadership. I hope that in 2022 and 2023, our people will continue to choose the Cambodian People’s Party so that we can go on together. People trust in the Cambodian People’s Party and me. I will not leave them in disappointments. My presence here today is not a demagoguery one. Very rare that I appear when people are at peace and happy but surely I do when people are in hardships […]

We have here today presences of Ee Chhien and Sok Pheap […] I would say it with pride that without their roles, the win-win policy that I set out would not have been a success. Ee Chhien led division 415 at Pailin and Sok Pheap led division 450 in Malai rose up in rebellion (against the Pol Pot organization). That was where a large-scale secession (from the Pol Pot leadership) took place for the sake of bringing peace and unifying our land and water altogether for the first time in hundreds years of history.

Founders of peace was not me alone but many more actors – from the Royal Government side and from the secession groups (from the Pol Pot leadership) to the Royal Government. Since 1996, when the integration took place, it is now 24 years. Malai has transformed from a fighting bed to an area with development. This has really marked a pride of our nation. Were there no integration through win-win solution and participations from involved actors seceding themselves from the Khmer Rouge’s political and military organization, we would not have chance to see each other as we are now.

War would rage on and development would not have been possible – not only in Malai but areas around […]. Wars have not ended in some countries in the region […]. Cambodia ended completely armed conflict […] and we have chosen 29 December 1998, the day when Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea came to my house, to declare it our day that we ended the war and brought about a complete peace for the country.

Order from Those in America to Demonstrators in Phnom Penh

Let me clarify this point that I have the ability to extinguish the armed conflict but I could not teach a group of people who wished to bring destruction to their nation through attempt of color revolution. Some foreign ambassadors talked to me about my ability to resolve issues with the Khmer Rouge guerrilla and why do I not try it with those people. How could I do it when they label anyone at all working with Hun Sen Vietnamese? […] there policy has been “with you, without me and with me, without you.” They have no faith in uniting […] I really wanted you to hear a message (of someone in) America sent to demonstrators in Phnom Penh telling how many to stand where at the Chinese Embassy and then at the US Embassy […]. I could control and end conflicts of armed groups unifying them to build the country. However, for these people’s ways of discrediting and insulting attitudes, I do not know how […]

Win-Win Monument Sala Sataing (Credential Hall)

Yesterday was the 29th anniversary of the Paris Peace Agreement for which UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) spend two billion USD (in its peace keeping operation) but could not enter Pailin and Malai areas. Hun Sen was here having lunch somewhere. Where could I point to Sala Sataing? Please keep it. We will build a monument in honor of win-win commencement. It would not be about illustrating (my role) but about marking it in our history for the younger generation on how the country went through war and left war to peace.

I should remind a memory from 24 years ago […] my mother and my grand aunt came to my room and said to me – my mother: “that you are going to enter zone of the other side, are you not afraid that they may kill you?.” My grand aunt said: “Could you please not go? We have lost you once. You came back. Now you go again.” I told them “mother, grand aunt, if I were to die, only me and a few people coming along with me. If I were to survive, we will have the whole country back together.” It is a true story. We finally take back the whole country and realize national unity.

We ended the war left from the former generation. None of us here created it. However, we Cambodians, particularly in this area, contributed to put out the flame of war and embarked on national integration. I always say it is not a surrender or confession but an obligation for every Cambodian children to share this burden to put out the war […]. We did great job. People in Malai now has connectivity by paved roads to Banteay Meanjei, to Pailin, to Kom Rieng Phnom Proeuk, and to Bavel. We have good schools for our children too […]

RGC/Agriculture Plans Help with Plowing, Seed Sowing Machines, Seeds

All we needed to do now is to stand up and make every effort to restore livelihood damaged by this flash flood. I am confident that we can do it. I just received a message from Minister of Agriculture about its prepared intervention not only providing people with seeds of rice and other crops/vegetable varieties but also servicing plowing by tractors and seed sowing machines […]. It has planned to send to each location needed help with five tractors, five pulled tractors and three to four seed sowing machines. The Ministry scheduled to send out its intervention team on 29 October to the district of Rukha Kiri, on 30 October to Pursat, and 1 November to Banteay Meanjei […]

With Peace We Will Overcome Hardships

We have moved away from the kind of hardships (that we had in the past) and that we can do that is because we have the hard-won peace, which is now 24 years old. War broke out when I was not even fully 18 years old. Together we ended it. I can make peace (from this armed conflict) but I do not have the ability to make peace with poisonous fellows who caused us troubles and disturbances. Day in and day out, they call on me to step down. I am telling you, I am getting up here constitutionally, so I would only step down constitutionally too. That people elected me to take this post, I am giving it up only through elections too […]

Some have been expecting political solution. I am telling them I will have political solution with no one. They must face and resolve their problems with law. There will be no political negotiation. Those who committed crimes/wrongdoings will have to resolve their matters in the courts. (If found guilty,) they must serve jail sentence before we can go on to talking about anything else. After serving prison term, the person can create political party. It is his/her right. That someone have been waiting for a political solution, let me declare that – “that will depend on Hun Sen. He does bother talking to/with, and that is it” […]

Yesterday was the Paris Peace Agreement anniversary. Born out of the 2-December-1987 Fere-en-Tardenois meeting between Samdech Preah Sihanouk and Hun Sen, it had taken us thousands of hours of negotiation to bring about peace. UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) organized elections […] and spend two billion USD in Cambodia but could not enter Malai area. […] now, everyone lives. We stared when there were only five million people in the country after the liberation from Pol Pot’s regime. We have now over 16 million populations […]./.