Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, to the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony for the Royal School of Administration [Unofficial Translation]


RSA Trained Administration Officials at National and Subnational Levels

I am so glad to be able to preside over once again the graduation, diploma presenting, and opening of new courses ceremonies of the Royal School of Administration. As an honorary professor of the RSA, I do not have chance to give you lessons but only to meet graduates at every closing ceremony […] I followed the report of Minister of Public Function, HE Pich Bunthin, attentively and I have a great appreciation for the role that the school plays in training human resource for the (administrative) management. The school plays important roles in training officials for management at national and subnational levels […]

Modernization and Reform Start with Human

We are in the mode of conducting reform. From where do we start? No matter how modern our tools would be, without upgraded knowledge and knowhow persons/human, nothing good would come out of it […] to modernize and to carry out reforms we must start with human resource. To build up and strengthen institutions – both state and private, it demands strong human resource. We continue to provide training for officials from national and sub-national levels, though some of the topics and affairs would not require concentration of officials at schools.

Certain developments requires meetings, researches and short-term training at places to bolster response of officials […] some foreign friends here may have not had listened to my elaborations and recommendations for officials in this school. Today, ambassadors and others will have a chance to hear what I am going to talk about to the government officials before they return to their positions and responsibilities. Let me first of all remind our graduates that you needed to remind yourselves that you are the servants of the people, and not the boss […] we are the faithful servants of our people.

Staying Make People Like, Leaving Make People Miss

(Only when we have done so) we are becoming good officials whom people can place their trusts. Otherwise, failing to do so, you may transform to bad ones whom people distrust […] ego leads to devastation for officials. That is my experience. I came through this for over 50 years already, taking into consideration my struggle started in 1970, and 41 years, involving being in power, whereby 35 years in the office of the Prime Minister […] ego as officials, lack of moral on people, would lead to people’s detests of leaders […]. There is this saying “the standing up rice panicle shows no graining, bowing panicle certifies graining.” Once you are polite and friendly to people, you will have their loves as there is a saying “staying to make people like, and leaving to make people miss” […]

Any Case of Factories Works Suspension, Workers Receive 60% of Salaries

I already made a declaration yesterday that in any circumstances that factories production suspended because of interrupted supply of raw materials due to spread of Covid-19, (workers of factories suspended productions) would receive in all 60% of their salaries – 40% comes from the factories and 20% comes for the Royal Government. In case the factories closed down, workers would receive 120 USD per month for six months. In order to receive the salary, workers would then have to go for training for four months and each month they get 120 USD, plus another two months of 240 USD for them before they could find the next jobs […]

Two Types of Officials from Force Majeure

While pursuing the task of dealing with force majeure, there comes two types of officials. Firstly, those who report to senior levels and blame those junior level officials. They are no good officials. We must send them to school or put them in certain jobs that requires no high-level responsibilities. I think it is time we are dealing with this kind of officials […] there is this other type of officials who tries to fulfil their tasks and shared bad and good time with those junior level officials. Procedurally, one must report to senior level but one must see herself/himself on the spot to resolve the problem. This kind of officials must reward with higher appointments […]

Let me therefore remind you that in leadership and working methodology, it is primarily important to organize a good and certain plan ratifying every aspects around. You may refrain from organizing plans that are too ambitious to implement. With a good plan, you needed to set for implementation. As I said earlier, the two steps are not yet suffice. We must be preparing to respond to what might happen accidentally – for instance, (in the course of what happened from impacts form Covid-19) we have to think of how to rescue (our economy) in five months. If it prolongs, what shall we do then, for instance […]

Thinking of Inflicting Harm on China Has Turned On Oneself

Impacts have happened on tourism. It is a tourism season but tourists’ arrival is low. This has caused loss of incomes on those who used to benefit from tourists’ activities. There have been impacts on productions lines of some enterprises receiving raw materials from China. As far as I know, some countries, not only Cambodia, have imported materials from China are suffering from lack of materials. Some countries are figuring out ways to hinder China while arguing that China’s influence would be so and so […]

This morning I read a piece of news. A shirt brand well known in Europe is no longer available because they could not get materials out from China […] it is in this note that I have this thought that every developed countries in the world – Europe, US, China, who are locomotives of growth, continue to realize economic progresses. Their progresses would lead to progresses in countries like ours.

Unfaithful Brings about Wrong Judgment

Being unfaithful would bring cloud judgment or bring about wrong judgment. Leaders must be certain and aware of reports as fake facts would deceive them. Once you know that your decision is wrong, you must correct it quickly. I think this is an advice for our officials when they returned to their responsibilities. Ones must continue to learn always. There is no end to learning. In addition to these, the world evolves fast, especially in the era of industry 4.0 and digital economy. This has required us to follow seriously and make sound judgment, while putting up a comprehensive and effective plan of action […]

I stand firm over 41 years among politicians and I never used weapons to suppress anyone. Well, we use weapons when it requires […] under Pol Pot regime, we could not demand right to have favor from them. Right to life from them. We could not reason with them to have food or right to life. The only mean to liberate ourselves from the regime was to overthrow them by arms and we had to prevent them from returning to power […] I stood firm among politicians in the government and in the Party, […] where I was only 27 years old then. Did I use arms to appoint myself to get the job of Foreign Minister? Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister? None. I have growing support in the Party to appoint me to the post of Prime Minister […]

Resolving Issues Based on People Interests

As I congratulated officials who finished their studies here, I hope you all will take what you have learned to serve your work and those of you who are in course of pursuing the study we will meet again next year. I will talk the same topic to you before you are returning to your works. Just remember this “I am the people’s servant.” Whatever we are resolving based on people’s interests, we would do no wrong. You would do wrong only when you are partial and biased to other kinds of interest. If you were to take ten million USD out of the 100 million USD road project, for instance, the project would be in limbo.

I think you have learnt this in your lecture on reforms […] we are making efforts in the reforms of judicial system, public administration, armed forces, and public financial management. Every reform fronts must go on. We cannot stay still. We must reform to bring our step in synchronized momentum with our partners in ASEAN. We cannot stay too far behind. Our officials have the need to respond to not only affairs inside the country but also regional and international affairs […]

Westerdam Passengers and Crew Left Cambodia

We have fulfilled a humanitarian task with regard to passengers and crew of the Westerdam cruise ship. Those passengers left Cambodia many days back now and they leave us no infection of Covid-19. It is a congratulatory move that they found no Covid-19 in Kuala Lumpur on this American passenger from Westerdam cruise ship. It was a success of our humanitarian action. Cambodia does not need anything much but it would not accept discrimination and insult. We have fulfilled a humanitarian mission for people of 41 different nationalities aboard the ship […]

Cambodia is maybe small but it has a big heart. May friends of Cambodia bear no suspicion that there is Covid-19 in Cambodia because of the ship. It left Cambodia already […] this is no time of discrimination but cooperation. We needed to work with each other. If we find the infection anywhere, we must make effort to provide treatment until the infected fully recovered to continue his/her journey […]./.


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