Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​ Presenting Diplomas to Graduates of the Human Resource University [Unofficial Translation]


24 November – Meeting with Cambodians in South Korea

[…] there have been comments on Facebook Page that we “educated people to be servants of other countries.” When I toured factories and met with workers, they also said – “I tried to educate people to be servants.” The Royal Government has made efforts to secure job markets for people and they cursed us for sending people to work abroad. They said – “let’s go home” to accompany them to come and replace Hun Sen. On November 24, 2019, (as I will attend the ASEAN-RoK Summit), I will have a chance to meet with our people/workers working/living in South Korea. I may have to make this point clear. (According to what they said and) if workers in South Korea or any countries for that matter considered themselves emigrants punished by the Royal Government to come work in foreign countries, I may discuss with respective hosting countries to cancel the agreements on supply of workers and they may send them back to Cambodia […]

It is beyond my comprehension that those people used this issue of Cambodians going to works in foreign countries to blame the Royal Government for failing to create jobs for the people. They make people believe that the Royal Government is incompetent. Look around us. Neighboring countries have created so much jobs, for instance Thailand, but they send their workers to other countries for higher pay. They import, instead, low skilled workers from other countries – Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia, to fill in their needs inside the country. We are working with South Korea to allow more workers to come. We are sending now to Japan and countries in the Middle East. We are working to draw in investments from both local and abroad for more jobs inside the country. The state is not able to provide jobs to everyone graduating from schools. The private sector is leading in providing jobs to millions of workers in the country […]

Communal Elections in May 2022; General Elections in July 2023

Let me tell the world “to be careful with Hun Sen” as someone has accused me of having the capacity “to hack online ticketing” of air companies. They said they have found the person who “hacked online air ticketing. Mind you.” […] I also wanted to send messages to some people who nurtured their thoughts of “maybe they will be given back their communal posts and repaid their salaries.” They may continue to think whatever way they wish. I just tell them that the next-term communal elections will take place in May 2022 […] those who are currently in communal posts continue […] the next general elections will be on the fourth Sunday of July of 2023 […]

Investigation Ends; Trial Up to Court

Reduced restrictions on one person and ended investigation phase is totally court procedures. That does not mean freedom. They may think about themselves. This case will take a long court procedure. Some even said soon HM the King would issue a pardon (decree). How could that be when the court has not decided if the person is guilty and convicted yet, on what ground to pardon so and so […] the person is not in absolution. The court already charged the case. It is the court competency as to when there will be trial. As of now, they have ended their investigation on the case. Trial is the court’s competency and no one has right to interfere […] we have made it clear and public by every media means but those people naively rebuked our explanations […]

At Whatever Price, Safeguard Life, Avert Destructions and Turmoil

Last 9 November 2019, our campaign to eat Ambok (flattened young and newly harvested rice) in defense of our nation, religion, and HM the King, according to reports on major gathering places consumed 223 tons of Ambok, more so palm sugar, coconuts, bananas, etc. The campaign clearly showed national united force in solidarity to keep peace and political stability for the sake of national development. Without peace, in war, we would only face with deaths, wounded, destruction, etc. at whatever price, we must not allow anyone person, group or country to interfere and destroy peace of our country.

Actions Taken When Political Disagreements Turned to Violence

Any political disagreements are just a fact in multi political party system. Should they resort to violence to solve problems, they have to stand before law. How could their calls for the army to turn their guns at the Royal Government a peaceful means? […] the Royal Government has no other choice but to make sure that at whatever price it must safeguard life, avert destruction and unrest in the country […] during the recent issue (that the country faced) prices of consumer food and goods in markets did not surge. Some might have bought some rice and dried fish for long-term consumption. That is fine. They could still use it. Exchange rates stabilized. No forceful withdrawal of money from banks. Unlike on 27 July 2013, people drew money from banks and filled their tanks with gas. That was what happened because of incitements […]

Natural Resources Revenue for Hard/Soft Infrastructural Developments

While I attended (the ASEAN) Summit in Bangkok, (the Summit secretariat) used economic data of Cambodia from 2018. Then, the Cambodian economy was at 24 billion USD, while in fact, as of present, we are running a 30 billion USD economy […] according to the financial management plan for 2020, the per capita income will move up from over USD 1,600 now to USD 1,800 […]

I would not reveal now the exact date when we will have our first drop of oil, as I would not want to repeat a mistake as we did in 2012 (about when exactly the company would extract oil). We will have it in 2020 and I will reveal to you the exact date later […] (I am raising this matter to prove to you that) we have not yet had revenues from natural resources such as oil, gas and coal. We have coal in Uddar Meajei province and we will operate coal power plant there. We also have gold mine invested by Australian company that brings in a sizeable revenue. My expectation though is on oil […]

The other day I told Vice President of the World Bank that even without revenue from natural resources, Cambodia has had the ability to support its current expenses and reinvestment between 600 and 800 million USD per year. Should the revenue from natural resources come, my main objective is to use them for soft and hard infrastructures […] as of now, we have over three billion USD cash at hand […]

Trade No Sovereignty for Favor

ASEAN and Europe has been at odd on issue of human rights with Cambodia, Myanmar, the Philippines, etc. With Malaysia and Indonesia, they have issues concerning environment causing uncertainty about whether they continue to purchase palm oil from Malaysia or not. The ASEAN-Europe relations are not in rather good term. Europe wishes to be strategic partner with ASEAN. ASEAN says will continue to negotiate to reach strategic partnership […] Cambodia will host the Asia-European meeting next year. Heads of States and Governments from 52 countries will come to Cambodia. We are working with partners to ensure successes of the meeting. We will not be hostile to any country but we are not placing ourselves under anyone’s command. I already said – “we trade no sovereignty for favor or assistance”. The Cambodian laws must be of value in Cambodia. We will not abide by laws of other country in our land […]./.