Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​ Sending off 276 Sportsmen/women to 30th SEA Games in the Philippines [Unofficial Translation]


20 November – Mourning the Late HRH Norodom Bopha Devi

[…] hours ago, at 12:30, we have the sad news that Samdech Preah Ream Norodom Bopha Devi passed away at her 77 years of age. I invite all of us to stand up in meditation to the soul of Her Royal Highness. Thank you. It is a loss to our nation of a human resource considered living heritage. We are sharing the grief and thoughts of Samdech Mae – the Queen Mother – on this moment of sadness over the loss of the eldest daughter. We are sharing this grief over the loss of HM’s elder sister with HM the King. We will memorize what the late HRH did in 1960s and later (for Cambodian culture, arts and civilization). Wherever she was, HRH never forgot to work on the Khmer ancient (performance) arts, the Preah Reach Troap classical dance, for instance. (It will always remind us) of heroism and contributions that HRH made to culture but also her special and respectful quality for royal dynasty […]

The Royal Government determined 20 November 2019 – the day of mourning. Every state and private institutions staff to mourn HRH death – a big loss of the nation. On 20 November 2019, I will lead a delegation of the Royal Government to pay last respect to HRH’s soul at 1600 hours on that day. Every institution is also sending delegations to pay the same respects […]

In 2023 Cambodia Hosts SEA Games

Once again, I have this chance to see you off to 30th SEA Games hosted by the Philippines. (SEA Games) meets every two years. In 2021, we will see our sportsmen/women to Vietnam. In 2023, we will have you all together hosting SEA Games in Cambodia […] I am glad to have noticed remarkable progresses made by every sports federation. Sports has become a major national movement. Every contest or match draws crowd of spectators – especially youth. Football for instance has always had so many supporters and they have been a source of inspiration and encouragement for our footballers. We see boxing has been quite popular […] it is my suggestion before you go for this event losing or winning is a normal issue in sports. Please do not overstretch your wish to win to tarnish our people and country’s image […] you are going in Cambodian uniform and with national flag […]

Respect Rules of Sports

I am asking you firstly to respect rule of sports. Please do not infringe upon rule of sports that would lead to sending off the competition […] do we send more boxers to the event? We should send them. We may win more medals. We should not be too discriminate about things (like which sports belong to which country) […] that would not be good. Please find a way to ease things up […] three neighboring countries – Cambodia, Laos and Thailand – have had more or less similar traditional boxing sports. It is hard to say who has one end and who has the other end […] for instance, Ram Vong, Saravan, Lam Lao (dancing patterns) are not Cambodian. We must respect and accept the truth. Saravan is a province in Laos […]

As for Pin Peat (the Cambodian symphony orchestra) belongs to Cambodia but some have called it the Siam band. Take this story Ka Kei – according to research, was written by Samdech Preah Baat Ang Duong (one of the Cambodian Kings). Thais have said it belongs to Thailand. Cambodia says it belongs to Cambodia. Going deeper, we shall see that Preah Baat Ang Duong was the author and he wrote the novel while he studied and was under the rule of Siam […] the Constitution stipulates throne accession only to those of the dynasties of Preah Baat Ang Duong – Preah Norodom and Preah Sisovath. In this reason, I always ask why else there are no records of other Kings […]

Refrain from Prohibited Substances

Secondly, I am asking you to refrain from prohibited substances. (Please do not seek to increase your strength/power) with prohibited substances or being found using it would tarnish not only sportsman/woman as an individual but the country too. In many major sports events, many try to accuse Cuban sportsmen/women who happened to be tough of using such substances. Such protest and test of urines never proved so any way. However, we must take it seriously when there is such accusation. We must investigate. It damages reputation of sportsmen/women as individual/s and the nation […]

Losing or winning, we must protect national image through sports. We must have good communications with sportsmen/women from other countries. In the last year or so, I am so happy to see that sportsmen/women accepts arbitral decisions without protesting them or showing their arrogant behaviors […]./.