Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Launching the Constructions of the USD 294 Million 34 Roads/Streets in the Province of Preah Sihanouk [Unofficial Translation]


Reconfiguring and Reconstructing Infrastructures in Preah Sihanouk Province

[…] in general, we have noticed that old infrastructures are now unable to support our traffic needs. We need to reconfigure and rebuild them […]  I called Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance to discuss about the possibility of spending about USD 100 million to rebuild a number of prioritized roads. We are also discussing about this strategy of using “palm leaf to pack palm sugar” or to sell certain land property and with the money acquired would go into investment on the infrastructures projects […] we are no longer at the preparing stage. It is has now come to implementing stage as the eight construction companies are present at their construction sites already. We are spending USD 294 million on 34 roads/streets of just 84 Kilometres […]

Preah Sihanouk City/Province Development for Financial Hub and Tourism

The city of Preah Sihanouk is one with multipurpose or covering almost every fields. We have here transportation facilities, deep-sea port, industrial and service sector development. There is a possibility that it could become one of the financial hubs in the region as Hong Kong, Singapore, and/or Shanghai. We have such ambition […] we need to make sure that the city is safe and attractive for tourists – either Cambodians or foreigners […] there is now demand to extend the runway of the Preah Sihanouk airport by VINCI to 3,200 meters (for landing and taking off of larger aircrafts). We hope to finish the runway and put it into operation by 2020 […]

USD 2.5 Million to Dredge Canals, China’s USD 170 Million for Water Treatment

We are now starting this work to dredge waterways/canals to relieve water pressure from seasonal rainwater to sea. We are spending a sum of USD 2.5 million on the project that we hope will address issue of clogged water […] to end this issue of clogging we must dredge the system and improve drainages […] in 2006, I inaugurated the ADB assisted water treatment system. Despites so many had been done we still see that there are more to do. It is in this context that we are asking China for consent to allow Cambodia withdraw a sum of USD 170 million from her USD 600 million grant for wastewater treatment project here in the city of Preah Sihanouk […]

The Coup Plan Failed, Release on Bail Does Not End the Case

That I will have some fun swimming at the beach today. I do not know if I will post it on Facebook page. Today is 16 November. According to the coup plan by some, at this moment I could have been in jail or in exile. There was this person, whose spouse and children are doing business and enjoying profit making in Cambodia, demanding that Hun Sen should go into exile in Vietnam. It seems that they are practicing a policy of “having you without me, or me without you,” I would not back off and go all the way […] planning to overthrow the Royal Government, to arrest me and to force HM the King to abdicate is nothing but a coup and a regime change in action from monarchy to something else. As the plan failed, I have introduced this policy of clemency to release on bail 72 people arrested in connection with the planned coup. I wish to affirm that “temporary release on bail” does not mean the cases are closed. You are under courts’ parole and inspections […]

No Pardon for Coup Plotters

There are two court cases. Firstly, the case of arrest on people inciting unrest and armed forces to ignore commands. Those arrested faced with one to three-year imprisonment. Secondly, after the coup plan pronounced in August, anyone found connected to the plan would face sentences from 10 to 30 years’ jail terms […] they have tried to capitalize the Royal Government’s clemency by posting on social media that such release carried out because of international pressure […]. I hereby affirm that the clemency will be for those misled by those plotted the coup. The 18 coup plotters will not be subjects to this policy. They are still targets of arrest. Should anyone join them in such actions, as they did and failed, arrests would continue […] let us not talk of international pressure here. We have affirmed already that we will not trade national sovereignty for favour or assistance […]

Pardon to Go Through Prime Minister

If they say Hun Sen offered clemency because of international pressure, I may arrest them back. I still have (executive) power to do so. Why a temporary release on bail? It is because if trial proceeds, some may send for jail term right away. We cannot pardon them too because the cases have been charged. There is a need to go through legal processes or trial. I have no right and power to interfere […] they have to seek pardons from HM the King. In that case, their requests must go through the Prime Minister. If you do not behave, I will not forgive […] some said there was this arrest at will. Spokesperson of the Ministry of Justice already clarified that, in Cambodia, arresting someone at will, without court warrant, except in flagrante delicto, is committing offence […]

Preah Sihanouk Province to Contribute to National Growth

After we finish this project, I am sure people are going to come to the city to see large roads/streets and the number of tourists would increase. I thought to host the 2022 ASEAN Summit in the city of Preah Sihanouk […] however, because of concern about moving the summit secretarial facilities around and logistics, let us host the summit in Phnom Penh instead […]. Let us must work together to make this city named after the King Father Norodom Sihanouk become a city that will open for economic growth. It has been my vision since 1990s to establish the three-pole growth fronts for Cambodia – Phnom Penh, Preah Sihanouk province and Siem Reap province […] we have gradually implemented the plan to locate factories along the National Road 4. In Preah Sihanouk province, alone we have up to nine industrial zones, where five are in full operation already. The province of Preah Sihanouk will certainly contribute to national economic growth. It will absorb and contribute it to national fund. At national level, we will be able to share it to other sectors and respond to demands for national development […]

Discussing Cambodia-China Free Trade Agreement on 4 December

Some said the province of Preah Sihanouk becomes a province of China […] there are China towns in the US, France, etc. why Cambodia cannot have investments from China? Some has even said that by working with China, Hun Sen has been playing with fire. Let me tell you, Hun Sen not only attracts investments from China, but also on 4 December 2019, the free trade agreement negotiation between Cambodia and China will take place. I am sure it will not take long for us to get to a deal. The agreement will open up China market for Cambodia’s goods […] some have been suggesting unpredictable foreign policy to be friend with the US and foe with China on one day, and on a reversal order on another day […] I think the taped voice in English should have the attentions of concerned foreign embassies […]

Bring No Children into Government

In one of our Party meeting, someone commented – “Hun Sen’s plan to have his son replace him failed,” while I was giving a lecture on general situation. I do not understand them. As I am the Prime Minister now, how could a son launch a coup to take power from his father? […] in my speech to the police academy, I suggested that whoever to become Prime Minister in the future not to divide the Ministry of Interior into two. In 2006, because of certain (administrative and political) constraints, some suggested to me to create the Ministry of National Security. I disagree. My vision is to empower the provincial authorities with police under their commands […] they can twist that saying effort to reduce power of Sar Kheng (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior) did not succeed […]

They talked about Hun Manet (the eldest son) to take over as Prime Minister. I am still the Prime Minister; how could he be one? […] I have declared that I will [run my candidacy] until 2028. They said I have made Hun Manet commander of the army. Well, I have sent him for education and training, should I let him be a thief? Some have not had power yet but husband and wife are in the National Assembly, some not only his first but his second wife too, why did they not say anything? Why can I not have one son as commander of the army and another as a member of the National Assembly? […] I will not bring my children in as members of the Royal Government. That is one side. On another side, I will not allow my son to involve in economic and financial management, though I have full right to make anyone of them as a Secretary of State, a leader in custom or tax departments. You may see that none of them is. I think my children understand me […]./.