Remark at the Working Lunch of Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation under the Theme: Closer People to People Bond

  • Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen!

The “21st Century Maritime Silk Road and One Belt-One Road Initiative” covers over 60 countries with 4.4 billion people in Asia, Europe, Oceania and Africa. All the nations along this Silk Road used to have glorious civilizations in the world, sharing diverse histories, cultures, regions, traditions and languages. In promoting the spirits of solidarity, mutual-understanding and respect for cultural differences, aimed at strengthening people-to-people relations which is an important driver of the “Belt and Road Initiative“, I would like to highlight some priorities as follows:

1st. Exchanging programs between governmental institutions, students, professors, research think-tanks, civil societies with  focus on the potential of youth, intellectuals and technology: Strengthening friendship and relations among youths and scholars can be carried out in many forms such as through exchanges in social events, culture, art and sport, academic study and research, in particular through providing scholarship, knowledge-sharing on key best practices as well as the cooperation in terms of science and technology with the aim to promote mutual understanding.

2nd. Promoting and enhancing regional tourism: we need to seize the opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative” by harnessing the potentials of regional tourism supported by an inter-connected network of physical infrastructure, historical heritage, and rich cultural diversity. The growing tourist arrivals will significantly contribute to regional and national economic growth. In addition, tourists will play an essential role as information agents who would help disseminate and share our diverse traditions, customs and cultures.

3rd. Creating Regional Culture Day and Raising Wider Public Awareness: we should not overlook the importance of the value of cultural diversity. This recognition will further promote people-to-people bond. At the same time, recognizing this value can be achieved provided that there is a wider public awareness. Thus, we should strengthening cooperation in key areas such as in diversity arts, movies, exhibitions and cultural industry, as well as increased exchanges and cooperation among art museums, theaters, libraries, art fairs, radio/TV programs and printing houses, news agencies, and other art establishments.

Cambodia, as one of the oldest regional civilizations, has a variety of historical, culture and arts heritages that can be shared with other nations in the region, in particular, the friendliness and smile of Khmer people that would help enhance people-to-people bonds in regions along this Silk Road. Cambodia is always open and optimistic about development of people-to-people relations in the region, and is warmly welcoming all peoples to visit our Kingdom.

Thank you!