Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​ at the Meeting with Mention-A High School Graduates for the 2018-19 School Year [Unofficial Translation]


Gifts from Their Majesties, New Banknote 15,000 Riel

It is a magnificent day for us to meet today after the high school exams. Firstly, allow me to share with you all blessings and congratulations from their Majesties for the graduates, their families and teachers here present since I had just had an audience with them on 3 October. Their Majesties are proud of you and through me offer you all – students and teachers the souvenir coins in commemoration of the fifteen years of coronation […] at the same time, today, the Royal Government has put into circulation a new banknote of 15,000 Riel […]

Before I give my talk on other points, please let graduate Te Hengli, 17 years old, whose father died a few days now and is to be have a cremation today to come and take a picture with me. It was her father’s wish, upon knowing his daughter passed the high-school exam with mention A, before he passed away […] please allow me to contribute a sum of five million Riel (1,250 USD) to the funeral and cremation […]

Positive Gender Results in Locating Schools Closer to Homes

This year we also noted a remarkable development that there are more female graduates than male ones. Among the 443 mention-A graduates, 223 of them are female students or 50.33% of the total […] one must see such positive results of our efforts to implement policy in favor of gender by moving schools closer to people’s homes. We know that in the past, Cambodian families would not allow daughters to learn far […] from 2002, in what we called the Santuk District Declaration, I set out a goal to have at least one junior college in a commune. While achieving this goal of allowing female students to finish primary education, it has offered them chance to study to secondary school education in their college. They do not have to go far that usually caused concerns to parents […] this has asserted that to achieve successful implementation of gender policy, the question does not rest on paper but in actual implementation […] such policy is not new to the Cambodian People’s Party or Hun Sen. We started it since over 30 years ago […]

Education Reform’s Repercussion on Students, Parents and Guardians

(That we have achieved higher percentage of high school graduates) is not because we have tempered with (exams) but a show of growing quality in education. This high-school exam results have assured that education reform has positive interactions with efforts made by students themselves. They have made efforts in their studies from the beginning and lower grades. Parents and guardians have advised and provided favorable conditions for their children to concentrate efforts on their studies from before […] I would take this opportunity to congratulate the roughly 80,000 high-school graduates in the whole country. While I am so sorry for those who have failed, I would encourage them to continue with their studies to redo exam next year […] or to take up training for a degree in technical school […]

I am taking this moment to express my sincere appreciation to the efforts made by the Ministry of Education, teachers, authorities of every levels, Buddhist monks, working teams at national level in collaboration with the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia in making respective contributions to helping candidates to better prepare for the exams […]. I call on provincial authorities to continue paying attention of this issue and to consider works relating to education a priority as we have now moved to making human the first priority, followed by water, electricity and road. We have put into operation the policy attached with funding aimed at fostering human capital development, in which case education and health play very important roles […]

Tertiary Education Graduates to Stand for Commune Head/Councilor Positions

We have made tremendous efforts since 1979 and up to this moment, the World Bank placed us above Myanmar […]. Should we have no interruption by coup and of war in the past nearly forty years, from 1970s, we would have a solid number of intellectuals […] in my discussion with the World Bank, I have had his attention on how we started our journey from 1979. As of now, only 10% of leaders at subnational levels have not had their higher education. They will retire soon. Those with tertiary education will take over from them. I am sure that soon we will come to a time when people with tertiary education will run for commune/communal councilor positions […]

Without People’s Supports, Would Not Be Prime Minister for Forty Years

You may ask your grandparents and parents how hard their lives and efforts had been. I am so proud for having joined with/by your grandparents and parents in the past nearly forty years up to the present […] they have supported me always in my endeavors to remove Pol Pot, to prevent Pol Pot’s return to power, and to implement win-win policy as well as Cambodia’s socioeconomic development. If I had no supports from them, I could not be able to sit here for forty years. If there were only me myself, and a few leaders of the Cambodian People’s Party, we would not be able to do things. The key foundation for our successes were your grandparents and parents who supported this long journey.

Take for instance, for three million students, what could we do if we were to have no schools, or to have schools but there were no students, or to no teachers? Your grandparents and parents contributed to making revival possible. On this remark, you, my grandchildren, must take parts in keeping achievements that your grandparents and parents worked so hard for you so far. Voting for the Cambodian People’s Party means voting for your grandparents, parents and yourselves […] I could not attend the celebration of the Day of Gratefulness to Teachers. Samdech Krola Haom Sar Kheng, in his capacity as acting Prime Minister, took part on my behalf. Please allow me to take this opportune moment to express my sincere appreciation and gratefulness to efforts made by teachers in the whole country […]

Recruits for Education and Health

This year we will allow recruitment through exams some 3,000 more to take up training to be teachers. We have allowed two sectors to recruit more staff – education and health. I may bring up a story for you. Former UN Secretary General’s Personal Representative to Cambodia came to my house and told us that (the Royal Government of) Cambodia must downsize by reducing so and so number of staff. I made a point with him then that we cannot just pull them off like spinach. Moreover, in education and health, we will not observe the word “reduction” but “increase” of staff […] salary for the two sectors – teachers and physicians – are higher too […]

Late October and Early November Foreign Trips

On 4 November 2019, we will start a new school year. As for the message on the school year, we may wait until I come back because I will conduct official visits to Europe starting from this coming Sunday. I will visit Czech on 14 October, Hungary on 15 October, and 16-17 October in Bulgaria. Upon my return, we must wrap up works of budget law, which we will discuss in the Cabinet meeting in 25 October before I will leave again for the ASEAN Summit. We may have a visit of President of Hungary in late October too […]

Raising Armed Forces, a Reason for Action

Last night they declared again raising money to feed an army. That is the reason for us to take action. I am making clear that once they have arms, I will take action wherever they would be. There would need to have no court order for an arrest. I will allow military to take actions. The army must know their roles. In normal circumstances, troops would not take parts. Only police and military police will. As they declared setting up army as such, we have reasons to mobilize troops and use whatever weapons the situation requires. It is no longer a demonstration or protest but an armed struggle. Let their supporters remember that we have leave this matter in the hand of law already […] should we neglect defending peace we could not expect any further development.

On 9 November, the national independence day and the foundation of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, they should not make that day their time to overthrow the legal government and to arrest Prime Minister. They have said that according to census, they have 65% support in the armed forces […] they may want to come early. Given the “Techo” title by HM the King, they should learn about the meaning. They said they would come in millions from Korea and Thailand. How would they get them in? […] about 500 airplanes perhaps […] the other day he said about him holding French passport. He just had made know that he is not a Cambodian but a French […] as far as the guerrilla leader is concerned, there is nothing to talk about but Samdech Tia Banh’s task to take action since the person stepped over the red line.

A Regime Change Aimed at Ending Constitutional Monarchy

Insult on HM the King was not a simple matter. He named HM the King with derogative term and compared him to be King in theatre, while calling on him to abdicate the throne […] and they would choose another one. The Constitution clearly stipulates that the period in which the country could go without a King would be for seven days. Based on this reason, (we could understand that) their real goal was not to remove Hun Sen but to have a regime change to put an end to the Constitutional monarchy. The country will no longer have King. It is a coup d’Etat and we will not forgive it. Those of you who may have involved yourselves in that campaign of nine fingers may not judge the government as infringing upon your rights […]

let us now make 9 November – the national independence and the army foundation day a day when we all will eat Ambok (flattened newly harvested rice) for the sake of defending our nation, religion and King […] their supporters inside and foreign circles must understand this is nothing but a plan to launch a coup. Such a plan to bring about state collapse through means of arms will not allow. Posting messages in Facebook joining the campaign would also face arrests. It would not be a freedom of expression but participation in treason to overthrow by means of arms […] they have insulted HM the King that we in the whole country placed high in our respect […] they said they have raised lots of money to raise an army. I would just ask in this epoch which country would assist someone to build an army […]

Students and teachers could take their times to see the building and even to have a look at the Prime Minister’s office. Make no mistake about it this place has the power to make people living in peace or to cause heinous destruction. It is a place where the executive power makes decisions. A slight mistake would cause crumbling in policies. A wrong decision made in a family level would cause disaster only to one family. In the Peace Palace, one wrong decision made would cause destruction to the whole country. I have doubt what mistake would so and so who dreamed to be Prime Minister would make for the country since s/he already made tremendous one by declaring to the world s/he is going to arrest Hun Sen and bring to trial […]./.