Remarks Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​ at the opening of the 16th Asia Media Summit under the Topic of “Media Digitalization Focusing on Developing Markets”


     Samdech, Excellencies, ladies, gentlemen,
–     Distinguished national and international guests,
–     All Participants!

Today, it is my great pleasure to deliver opening remarks at the 16th Asia Media Summit Under the topic of “Media Digitalization Focusing on Developing Markets,” organized by Ministry of Information of the Royal Kingdom of Cambodia in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) at this moment.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to the management of national institutions, government officials, development partners and national and international journalists as well as all delegates who are present at the famous land of Angkor of Cambodia.

On behalf of the Royal Government of Cambodia, I would like to express my high appreciation to AIBD that beefs up its efforts in broadcasting development in Asia to bring it up-to-date to the present technology advancement as to promote media broadcasting to be more potential and to inspire digital media developing in responding to the competition in press media market between traditional and digital press as well as the competition with social media, which are popular at present day. I also would like to praise the management and all level officials of the Ministry of Information for cooperating with AIBD to organize this important conference.

  • Samdech, Excellencies, ladies, and gentlemen!

Cambodia is greatly honored to host the 16th Asia Media Summit to exchange comments on present-day science and modern technology evolution for the Strategy development in information sector and for long-term perspective in future for the use of Digital technology and Industrial Revolution 4.0 aimed at encouraging Media Digitalization in the market to become more potential and to increase closely cooperation to share information on Media technology evolution, the fight against fake news and Cyber-crimes that are threatening and pose sever risks to individual’s right and security in the region as well as in the globe.

At the same time, the current of science and modern technology advancement has transformed Digitalization toward Industrial Revolution 4.0, which is the key factor in developing information communication technology and in other sectors with the opportunities and benefits as follows:

First, The potential digital technology had replaced the use of analog technology in order to increase quality and efficiency such as in sound, picture, speed of data transmission, data storage, usage saving, radio wave, reduction in production expenditure, and the increase in productivity abundance in the industry sector, media, entertainment, sharing, and the obtain of information. Along with these, Cambodia is transforming TV broadcasting system from analog to digital system, which plans to finish in 2023 in order to adapt to digital TV broadcasting evolution in the region and in the glob as well as conducting a study to avoid negative impacts as well as cooperating with neighboring countries to solve problems posed by the use of this new technology.

Second, the Digital technology had incorporated between Telecommunications and Broadcasting system creating potential Digital Information Communication and universal social media such as Facebook, YouTube, WeChat, Telegram, Twitter etc. that provide potential information communication and the connection of human network, trade facilitation, market barrier reduction, as well as allowing private sector and entrepreneurs to have ability to create new business innovations.

Third, the Digital technology has transformed the national management to be Digital Government by creating Digital Economy, promoting quality and efficiency of the public services along with accountability and transparency as well as increasing connection of internal and global networks.

With these positive impacts, the Digital technology of the information communication has posed various disadvantages that the world is challenging with fake news, incitement, hateful​ insults and Cyber-crimes such as hacking to destroy public documents, online blackmailing, and the violation of individual’s right are at present threatening to the regional and global securities. Therefore, all relevant entities must collectively increase close cooperation in bilateral, regional, and global frameworks to fight against fake news and cyber-crimes.

At the same time, during the Asia-Europe Meeting in Brussels recently, all of the European nations raised concerns about present fake news and cyber-crimes.

Therefore, in order to allow Industrial Revolution 4.0, which is the current of science and technology development, to increase confidence in Digitalinformation communication as well as providing benefits to eco-social development, networks, and security in the regions, I would like to give some initiatives to the conference as follows:

First, working together to forge cooperation in the region and the globe in order to share information and experience in technology development and build physical infrastructures to absorb benefits from Industrial Revolution 4.0 and create the opportunities of Digital technology.

Second, jointly enhancing cooperation in thwarting fake news and cyber-crimes in information communication through disseminating real news to counter fake news.

Third, collectively strengthening the law enforcement and professional ethics in order to avoid fake news dissemination, insults, hateful incitement, discrimination, conflicts between races, religions as well as exaggerating news from its real source, which could harm the social security.

Fourth, strengthening a close cooperation to solve conflicts of information dissemination that could cause chaos and impact to the use of Digital technology.

Fifth, collectively paying attention on increasing understanding capacity both in technical and professionalism aspects in order to keep pace with market demands, media technology and global events evolution.

Sixth, transforming traditional broadcasting to smart and flexible systems to adapt real situation and the evolution of modern technology in order to face market competitions in the Digital era.

Seventh working together to formulate policies, strategy framework, laws and regulations on information dissemination, Digital safety standard, which are the key factors for securing trading data, electronic payment, and internet security in order to fight against fake news and cyber-crimes.

  • Samdech, Excellencies, ladies, and gentlemen!

I hope that this summit will actively discuss about opportunities given by Digital technology, challenges, forging a close partnership, measures fighting against to fake news and counter-measures to the impacts stemming from Industrial Revolution 4.0 so that we can jointly address with the spirit to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development in the region and the globe for now and in the future.

Finally, with the opening of the 16th Asia Media Summit under the topic of “the Media Digitalization Focusing on developing markets,” I wish the conference a fruitful discussion that will contribute to the development of science and information technology in the region and the globe context and I wish Samdech, Excellencies, ladies, and gentlemen the best of health, good memories and pleasant stay in the well-known land of Angkor of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Thank you!