Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of the Phnom Penh International University (PPIU) [Unofficial Translation]


Widening Capacity to Participate with International Institutions

The more competitions we are in and the more works we are involved the better. We have not made active participations in international institutions yet for instance UN, UNESCO, ADB, World Bank, etc. Our military officials have been working closely now to affiliate not only as operators but also as parts of the commanding and chief of staff positions […] especially after there was that incident that happened to the Cambodian peacekeeping troops in the Republic of Central Africa. I have made a suggestion to the UN commands in place to reorganize forces […] to amend the shortcomings.

Last week, I gave my signature to release a sum of 15 million USD to equip the Cambodian peacekeeping troops with armoured vehicles. We request the UN to finance the need but we find out that the UN is in financial difficulty. We cannot withdraw our troops (dues that shortcoming) irresponsibly. We cannot leave our troops without equipment to protect them at works too […] Samdech Pichey Sena Tia Banh will attend the UN meeting in New York with the Secretary General and countries who have involved in peacekeeping troops […] this has clearly indicated our military capability in taking parts in the world peacekeeping missions […]

Military Police Head in Kratie Must Convince Son to Report Himself

A son of the head of military police in Kratie had used his gun to point at someone. The court of Kompong Cham has now summoned him. The head of Kratie military police must convince his son to report himself to the court of Kompong Cham. If you are to let your son go off on that, you will lose your rank. I would just strip your rank off. Where does the son get the gun from and has he the right to hold one? […] do not attempt to use your position to conceal your son’s actions […] I also send my condolences to victims in another case shot dead while accused of being thieves […] Samdech Krola Haom Sar Kheng ordered arrests and one of them has been caught […] an armed operation must not use arms to decide the case […]

Issue 1 – Authority to Distinguish Rehabilitated Political Right from None

Besides what I have to talk concerning education, I have three issues to bring to your attentions as well as to our competent authorities of every levels. Firstly, I have talked about persons who have accused Hun Sen to purchase politicians at 100,000 USD or 200,000 USD even. I said to them already that if they allow their organizations and men divided by others, it should have proven that they are incapable […] my topic today is about authority at every levels to distinguish between those politicians who have their rights rehabilitated and those who have not requested for ones. Those with rehabilitated right must be entitled to a full right to carry out his activities […]

I am encouraged that many political parties – those members and non-members of the Supreme Council for Consultations and Recommendations, have registered for the Senate elections and get themselves ready for the communal elections in 2022. Let me remind you that a political party dissolved by law and political rights of 118 politicians banned for five years. We have later amended the law on political parties to allow rehabilitation of political rights prior to the five years mandated by the Supreme Court […]

  • Authorities to Facilitate Resumptions of Political Rights – through their conventions of meetings of their supporters […] HE Real Khemarin (of the dissolved party) arrived at the Phnom Penh International Airport yesterday and said something on Facebook […] indicating that he is back to his full political rights. He may go wherever he needs to. It is his decision. It is a democratic process in Cambodia. Other like Kong Korm and Kong Bora have already done that.
  • No Activities Allowed Under Dissolved Party – I reckon there would be another group of politicians to receive their rights and will launch a press conference. They have rights to meetings and gatherings with supporters. I just have to confirm that no activities allowed under the banner of the dissolved political party. They may meet their former supporters under whatever form they may choose to but not under the name of banned political party […]
  • Activities without Political Rights Rehabilitated, Illegal – I wish to clarify that anyone without his/her political rights rehabilitated tries to carry out political activities, s/he will be treated as violating law. Actions taken. Those with rights restored and those who have not had ones […] if you do not take the chance, you must wait until November 2022 […]
  • Do They Want Cambodia to Follow Thailand or Myanmar? Cambodia has dissolved a political party committing mistake one year before the elections. Thailand just had their elections yesterday […] in Thailand, they dissolved a political party during the elections campaign. What do they think about that? […] I do not mean to interfere in other countries’ affairs. I have made my points to some people and asked their opinions if they would like Cambodia to follow Thailand or even Myanmar? In Myanmar, they have set a 25% quota of seats in the parliament. In Thailand, 250 senators have rights to vote choosing a Prime Minister. A country has had its own particular context […]
  • (Foreign) Concerns Expressed Are Not Law (for Cambodia) to Implement – I read a report yesterday […] about all this and I wrote back “their concerns are not law for us to implement. Some countries expressed their concerns on this or that issues on Cambodia. Have you in fact listened to our concerns? Our needs? Please do not use this or that to threaten us” […] I met elder sister Eva (Mysliwiec) who had lived with us since 1979 before she left a while ago back to Mali, a country she worked before coming to Cambodia […] with her, I built a school in Bamako, Mali. It has closed down now not by the government but because there was a demonstration against the government and demanding closure of the school […] there does not seem to be justice in this world. Everyone accepts there is a special model for every country. Why do they not think Cambodia also has one? […]
  • The Person under House Detention Warns Others to Reclaim Rights – someone is still under house detention and comes out warning others for reclaiming their political rights. You will not get yourself freed. We are waiting for the court’s trial. The person scolds others requesting for political rights traitors, men of no conscience, etc. I just reiterate to the authority at every level that those with restored political rights must be entitled to full rights of political activities […]
  • Ad-hoc Commission to Disband Quickly – I am bringing this issue back up again. The ad-hoc commission that is looking to recruit five people from each commune to prepare for coming of someone, I must warn them to disband quickly. I long for him to try. He said he would come with the UN and/or foreign presences. Handcuff is waiting for the person with verdict of court not foreigners […] if he decided to come through land borders, he should know what we have there […] while he is not in good term with Vietnam or Laos, and would Thailand be so naïve to let him use its territory against another country? […]

Issue 2 – Factory to Allow Workers to Get Back Their Jobs

I am calling on a factory from where workers have gone into demonstration (concerning issue of claiming benefits) and after the matter is resolved, the factory decided to expel workers from their jobs. I have urged the Minister of Labour and Vocational Training to contact and work out with the factory to allow those workers returning to their jobs. I said very often that demonstration is not a good way to solve problem. While, expelling workers is not too. Let us come to mutual understanding […] I am calling on W&D factory to allow workers to return to their jobs and end their confrontations […]

Issue 3 – Local Authorities to Continue Addressing Need for Water

I continue my call on local authorities to focus on addressing water shortage. It was quite fortunate that we had just had a rather awesome amount of rain. El Nino and La Nina clashed and gave us water […] according to report of the water resource and meteorology there were heavy rains in Koh Kong, Pursat and Kompong Speu. This could trigger hope that we would have more water in the reservoirs in the three provinces. However, while rain has come occasionally like this, I am calling our people to make efforts to retain it for immediate needs […]./.