Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, to Factories Workers/Employees in Krokor District, Pursat Province [Unofficial Translation]


People of Pursat, Especially Krokor District, Support CPP Always 

As I am here in the Korkor district as well as in the province of Pursat I would not forget to convey my sincere thanks to our people and our workers in the district and province for always voting in majority to choose the Cambodian People’s Party. In 2008, the Cambodian People won a clean slate – all four seats of Pursat. In the last elections, Krokor district has continued to stay ahead compared to supports from other districts. It is in this development, through all of you please allow me to send my sincere thanks to your parents, grandparents, families, etc. for their decisions to continue supporting the Cambodian People’s Party. Voting for the Cambodian People’s Party is voting to support Hun Sen for continued position of Prime Minister […]

Whenever You Need Me, I Am Here

Should the Cambodian People’s Party lose continued support for the country’s leadership, I would leave (the job of going around talking to workers/employees) to the Prime Minister to be to see what s/he would do about it. That the Cambodian people give the Cambodian People’s Party their confidence means that they approved me as the man for the post of Prime Minister. In this development, I get the chance to come around and meet all of you. It is a reciprocation. Whenever you need me, I am here present. Once you no longer need me, we cannot carry out such a meeting and not in position of Prime Minister I would not be able to help you […] I may be able to do something small things in my personal capacity as a citizen […]

Voting to Keep Democracy and Pluralism, and Peace and Development

The Constitution stipulates that the Prime Minister is to lead both domestic and foreign policies. This means that the Prime Minister is involved and responsible in every sectors. That I have come here today to meet you, I thank you all for two major tasks you have fulfilled by taking parts in the elections. Firstly, by casting your votes, you have contributed to process of liberal democracy and pluralism defined by the Constitution […] secondly, your actions have clarified that you are keeping peace and development through your decision to choose the Cambodian People’s Party. You may agree with me that in the present stage the role of the Cambodian People’s Party is indispensable. No political party is able to do the job. Some of them have opted to provoke the armed forces to wage war against the Royal Government […] (if they were to succeed) a politics of revenge as what happened under the Khmer Rouge would return.

May Not Retire in 2028

In the circumstance that there continues to be crook people, it is not yet exact that I would go into retirement in 2028. Let me just make it clear to the world. The Constitution has not defined how long a person could seek his Prime Minister position. They have time limits for President and/or head of state. People do not vote to choose Prime Minister. They vote to choose members of the National Assembly who may choose anyone (elected member) at their free will to be Prime Minister […] it is my message to those crooks that as long as they continue to be poisonous I would keep going to stop them […]

The country is now in peace, how could we neglect it and let others to take it away? We do not allow that to happen. They may seek refuges wherever or whatever country they wish. As far as matters in the country is concerned, Hun Sen will stand resolving them. It has been a few days now they make noises about sending someone to talk EBA (with us). Let that person come. Hun Sen will tour and talk to workers. Farmers will continue to be farmers. Everyone will continue to perform works routinely. No matter with whom they talk to, at the end of the day, no one else but Hun Sen who will made the decision […] as long as you continue to have jobs and to make incomes, there is nothing to be concerned about what they talked to you […]

Politicians Asking for Political Rights – Goods to Purchase

I have seen someone posting from Montreal, Canada, politicians requesting to resume political rights sold their dignity for USD 100,000 or 200,000 USD. Anyone who could talk into other politicians to request for political rights would earn an additional USD 20,000 or 30,000. It seems they have valued their former colleagues as tradable goods. They give them very low consideration. Those who do not stay with them in politics and request for political rights and freedom have become, in their judgments, goods for Hun Sen to buy. Un Sen has no need to purchase anyone. They are human beings. They are not animals or things for sale. We give everyone respects to their freedom no matter what political party they may serve. I give those who requested for political rights my respect for their decisions […]

With Them – Patriotic, Not With Them – Traitors

Some have gone around bragging their political parties founded by intellectuals. They should have asked how many Ph. D the Cambodian People’s Party has. Some political party may not have highly educated people as in my house. I have five sons and daughters and their spouses who are holding graduates and post-graduates degrees […] CPP has thousands of them. However, we learn to treat with respect political parties – no matter how big or small they may be. We uphold their values. Some people have left CPP to join other political parties but CPP never chases them with hatred and bad words. We give them rights. However, from 2008, when some politicians left their former parties to join the Cambodian People’s Party, it is a pity that their former parties consider them rotten flesh. Everyone, local and foreign, may have their judgment on this fact – only those stay with them they call them patriotic and those who are not with them, they call them traitors […]

So Called “Ad Hoc Commission” to Stop at Once …

There seems to be some in Veal Veng (district) working together with some in Kompong Cham to set up an ad hoc commission by recruiting certain number of people in communes (as a mobilization of force). The one in Phnom Penh had escaped to Anlong Veng and returned two days ago to Kien Svay. They are their main force. As far as this ad hoc commission is concerned, I must warn them not to get it off (or we will) take actions. It is nothing to do with EBA as long as what they are doing is illegal. A mobilization of force for what purpose? Are they going to launch terrorist acts? […] my message is that they stop at once their efforts to get together the so-called ad hoc commission in Phnom Penh and in Anlong Veng or anywhere else […]

With EBA – Not Rich-Making, Without EBA – Not Dead

As I have said on various occasions already. In circumstance that they are to keep us the favor (of EBA), it would not be making us rich. If they remove it, we are not going to die without it. The major issue here is to continue with reforms. On 29 March, I will proclaim a package of reforms to guarantee that the Cambodian economy is resilient to changes of external factors […] if they keep the favor for us it is a good thing. However, favor alone cannot make us rich. We must make own efforts. The same is true if you look at the family economy. Should you depend on anyone outside your family, you would have limited your scope of independence. One is always in worry of losing assistance. However, when we have independence with enough food to eat we could level up equal right and footing […] in family-to-family relation as well as in matter of independence and sovereignty between and among states.

Turkey Power Ship to Address Shortage of Electricity

As for shortage of power, we are calling on companies to use their generators to address their need for power (when the state line is temporarily off). HE Keo Ratanak of the Electricite du Cambodge will go to Turkey soon to negotiate purchasing a power ship of 200 megawatts and bring it to Phnom Penh to address power shortage while we are waiting for more power generation on our own […]

Let me affirm that prices of electricity consumed in industrial production, agriculture, and households will not change to higher […] the state will pay for loss in operation. People will not pay any higher prices than they are now. Our workers and people in the whole country should not have concern on prices of electricity. We have declared prices of electricity for 2019-2020 already. To make our economy even competitive and resilient to external impacts we will conduct thorough study on how much we could bring the prices of electricity down […]

Cambodia Does Not Belong to the Hun Family

I have make this point for you about what a nation should be. You may remember that Cambodia does not belong to me or to my family – the Hun surname […] some have gone around fooling people that Cambodia has become a country belonged to the Hun family […] to destroy me, they have gone from me alone to attack the whole Hun family. They may remember though that this family has done a considerable share for the country. We will continue to do so […] we all must think of what peace is worth. Whoever wishes to upset it would have to meet with our people’s rejection and standing up […] 18 March 1970 – the day the coup brought Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk down, war raged in the whole country. I was not even 18 years of age […] I have become the one to extinguish the rage through win-win policy […]

29 March – A Solution for Railway

We are going to inspect reforms in packages to respond to demand of our economy […] it is a long-term future of our country. We must take more actions concerning reforms, including even the national railway. On 29-March (meeting) I will take a decision on that. It seems to have stuck somehow. I cannot let it go on this way. I make a sign now that I must seek a solution. Land transportation is a good thing but we would be saving more if we transport by rail. We will leave no stone unturned. We would be improving our good scanning procedures too […]

Would Spend Money on Schools and Football Fields

They may not talk more about buying so and so. They may just respect rights of those who wish to restore their political rights. The Royal Government respects their wishes and rights. Even though they are not yet in power, they scold people to betray their parties because they requested for their political rights […] countries calling themselves democratic look at this former political parties or outlawed groups of what they are doing […]. Should Hun Sen have that much money (that they said buying former opposition politicians to request for political rights), Hun Sen would use the money to build schools and football fields instead […]

Returned Calling Me a Traitor …

Someone has posted in his/her Facebook whether he should or should not oppose Hun Sen since Hun Sen sent me for further education abroad […] as foreign minister to start, and even later holding both posts of Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, with it was my job to go around asking for education assistance and scholarships […]. Some in the end have returned and called me traitors […] while they did not even have thongs to put on in the past, at present they have cars and motorcycles […] one may take a look that Cambodia is now worried of traffic accidents. I urge you workers to be careful with traffics […]./.