Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen,​​ at the Groundbreaking Ceremony to Build the Cambodian-Chinese Friendship Hospital

An Area of Lots of Memories

Please allow me to pay my respect to brothers and sisters who have known me from over forty years ago and come here for this event. Please forgive me that I could not stand chatting with you at this moment […] this area has been historic for me. I have a lot of memories. I had been welcome and taken care off by our people in this region in the most difficult circumstances – the time when we fought against the aggression of the imperialists and the Lon Nol regime. I was wounded, I lost an eye and later I also got married at a place not far from here […]

President Xi, Premier Li Are Positive for the 50 Million USD Hospital

I am so happy, together with our people, to come here with Ambassador Wang Wentian of the People’s Republic of China for this groundbreaking ceremony to build the Cambodian-Chinese Friendship Hospital at Tbong Khmom. This is a second hospital project after we launched the groundbreaking to build in October 2018 the Cambodian-Chinese Friendship Hospital Preah Kosomak in Phnom Penh. The hospital here in Tbong Khmo costs nearly 50 million USD […] as is reported by Minister of Health HE Mam Bun Heng, and said by the Chinese Ambassador, I have chosen this place for the Chinese assistance […] I talked to Samdech Krola Haom Sar Kheng about seeking support and assistance from President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang […] they have responded positively to my call and we are making it happen here today. The construction will go on for 40 months, however, China’s construction companies always finish their jobs before schedules […]

Thank You for Three Things

I would take this opportune moment to express my sincere gratitude to our people in this region. Firstly, I thank people who are living from Snuol of Kratie to area further downstream of the Mekong river for rescuing my life on numerous times and allowing me to take shelters at the time when we fought the war against (imperialist) aggression and when I led resistance to overthrow the regime of Pol Pot […] secondly, I thank people in this area – those who already died and those who are still alive – for supporting and taking parts in national liberation movement from the genocidal regime of Pol Pot and also for preventing its return to power […] and thirdly, I thank you all for always voting for the Cambodian  People’s Party in every elections, especially the July-2018 ones […]

Thank You for Making Two Decisions

Our people have made two important decisions – firstly, they took part in the July-2018 elections to show their supports for a regular (implementation of) democracy through fulfilling their tasks and use of power in choosing party and leaders whom they think would serve them best. Secondly, our people have voted to keep peace and development. It is true that by voting for the Cambodian People’s Party, our people are voting for themselves because what it will do is the Cambodian People’s Party will keep peace and development […] I thank you for giving me the support to continue leading this country. Though I have been holding this position (through elections) for over 34 years, I have said it that I will continue not fine but ten more years because of the fact that there are still poisonous circles attempting to overthrow and cause turmoil in Cambodia. Administering a state is not a simple matter. A slight miscalculation would cause a turnover […]

Good Relations with Neighbors and Countries in the World

We have maintained a friendly relation with China encouraging and improving comprehensive strategic relation with one another. There is nothing wrong that we are seeking good relations with neighboring countries and countries in the world irrespective of political tendencies. What we really need is friends to help each other in times of need, and respect independence and sovereignty. Standing firmly on ground of tie knotted by the late King Father Samdech Preah Borom Ratanak Kaod with leaders of China in over sixty years ago, HM the King and me personally have maintained and promoted this relation. We have seen with our own eyes that the relation has brought our people and country numerous infrastructures in need to serve for national development […]

China Companies Offer No Less Than Half a Million Jobs

Our people could have seen overwhelming aid and investments flowing in from China. According to estimates, China companies provides jobs to no less than half a million Cambodians. Our people make money and support their families’ living conditions […] take for instance electricity, about 70% or 80% of current electricity generated in Cambodia is from the China companies’ investments of billions of USDs. They also are putting up transmission lines from Se San II hydroelectric station in Stoeung Treng through Tbong Khmom and Kompong Cham to Phnom Penh […] and in another instance the Special Economic Zone in Preah Sihanouk province gives jobs to over 30,000 people […]

Everyone Wanted FDI and Chinese Tourists

As a country we are in search for aid, assistance, and concessional loans to build infrastructure and we wanted investments too. Every country is looking for that. Everywhere they talked about FDI or foreign direct investment […] it is a strange thing, though. When China brings in investment in Cambodia, some people are talking about expelling the Chinese. I made efforts to talk to them to come and invest in Cambodia so that there is money for building skyscrapers in the country […] where would they go after that? Would those Chinese bring those buildings back to China by planes? Remember, in business, we have the gives and takes. If we are living in thatched roof, how do we attract tourists?

In 2018, we recorded arrivals of 6.2 million tourists – 2.2 million of this figure are tourists from China. I wanted more – five to ten million of them to come to Cambodia. I have made it my buzz term about exporting locally or on the spot. It is not necessary to export them across the border. Tourists coming to Cambodia – Chinese, American, French, British, etc., would consume food produced, prepared and cooked in the country. Our farmers continue to grow fragrant and good taste rice. They also grow vegetable and raise animals to supply to restaurants and hotels. It is also a kind of export and an attraction of investment for Cambodia’s development.

Orientating Fruit Crops for Export, Improving Price of Rice

Every time I visited China, I always asked China to open its market for the Cambodian produces […] I would not talk about rice as Tbong Khmom and Kompong Cham do not have much surplus of rice like Battambang and other provinces […] importantly, crops, vegetable and fruits – corn, banana, mango, etc. are going to become targets for exports (to China). When we secure markets for them, our farmers must orientate their produces for the Chinese markets. China has the most tourists going abroad […] we must make efforts to open more markets […]

Price of rice has dropped currently. I told the Ministers of Agriculture and Trade to best use the markets we have secured – 400,000 metric tons in China and 300,000 metric tons in Vietnam – to prong up price of rice for our farmers. For 700,000 metric tons of rice, we would have resolved nearly one million tons of paddy. This year, we have a surplus of about six million metric tons of rice. We have been successful to transform our country from rice and food shortage for 7, 8 or ten million people to feeding roughly 16 million populations and has about six million metric tons of paddy or roughly four million metric tons of rice in surplus. I would challenge those malicious circles to swear with their lives (when they keeping talking about Cambodia was becoming poorer) […]

Chinese Assistance in Social Protection Policy’s Effort

Please allow me today to express my sincere thanks to the government and people of the People’s Republic of China for providing their support and assistance to build this 50-million USD hospital. This assistance will assist us to realize our goals for social protection development that I set out in the fifth legislative term Royal Government and reiterated in the electoral campaign to offer medical examination free of charge and to give priority in healthcare for women in pregnancy […] I sincerely hope that referral hospitals – here or in other places – would assist the RGC to implement and realize its social protection policy for projected healthcare objectives – such as to eliminate malaria by 2025, etc. Getting RGC’s wellbeing and social protection polices implemented is for the sake of progress and benefits of the Cambodian people […]

Shoes Cleaned of Stone/Sand to Walk in Comfort Further

To continue our journey energetically, we need to clean stones/sands in our shoes so that we can further walk in comfort or we would either lose our pace or suffer blisters. What I mean is civil servant officials would receive expulsion or heavier judgments by law […] at this juncture, I will not hesitate to hit either a snake, a mouse, a grasshopper, or even a fly who disrupt people’s interests. I have come to the fifth approach (which is operating) now. Many listened to what I said in the meeting (of the Supreme Council for Consultation and Recommendations) […] I have no time to waste or to educate any more no matter who the person might be – civil servant or in the armed forces […] I needed to do this to maintain steadfast development to reflect people’s admission that they voted for the Cambodian People’s Party to achieve real development and free of disruption from RGC paid officials […]

No to Chinese Control and China to Control No One

We have made great efforts to build up the country and some have gone around saying the Chinese are here (in Cambodia) to control. I may have to make it clear before the Chinese Ambassador, the public in the whole country and to the world that – firstly, we Cambodians would accept no Chinese control. We will not agree to such control. Secondly, it is the Chinese foreign policy that China wishes to Cambodia would agree to no control from China and China would not wish to control Cambodia […] China has her policy to not control or interfere in anyone’s affairs […]

Taiwan Companies Ok, No Flag and/or Office of Representation

I am aware full well of the Chinese policy. They wish to exert control on no ones. China wishes to defend her independence and sovereignty. They would not want anyone to break Taiwan from China, to cause trouble in Tibet and/or Xinjiang. That would satisfy the Chinese wish. It is in this note that Cambodia is implementing its One-China policy always. Taiwan – to us – is a province of China. We allow Taiwan companies to do business but not to establish embassy or office of representation in Cambodia. They cannot raise Taiwan flag in hotels or any place they do businesses. It has been my order and commitment since twenty years before. I am resolute on this matter.

Let us think about this. If anyone separate a province from Cambodia, would we be angry or not? We will be. China is as too. We would not stay calm if someone takes Stoeung Treng from Cambodia […] if or instance Koh Kong declares independence and make itself a part of so and so, would we allow it? No, we would not. It is in this understanding that I respect the Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan, Tibet and to do so is to respect Cambodia’s own sovereignty […]

One-China Policy Gives Fruits

In 1980s and 1990s, there were people who asked me to establish relation with Taiwan. I did not agree to the idea. It has been my policy. (I am sure) China recognizes the Hun Sen’s policy. In one of my meetings in 1996 in Beijing with HE Jiang Zemin – former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China and former President of the PRC, he said to me “HE Hun Sen is an old friend of China.” I was sure that he referred to the Hun Sen’s policy and commitment from the beginning to the One-China policy. That is basically the foundation. As we can see today, we are now reaping fruits from our commitment to the One-China policy […]./


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