Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Talk to Workers / Employees in Punhea Loeu District [Unofficial Translation]


Workers’ Minimum Wages of 182 USD Starts in 2019

We are pleased to meet here today before end of this year. In just a matter of days, a new minimum wage set for workers to go up from 170 USD to 182 USD, the figure sought after by the Prime Minister, will commence […] I thank our workers for their presences here. I wish to take this opportune moment to seek your understanding for the fact that I have not been able to come see you earlier. However, you may have known already that over the past one year, I have met with over 870,000 workers in Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kompong Speu, Takeo, Kompong Chhnang, Kompong Cham, Svay Rieng, and Preah Sihanouk provinces. I still have some to meet in Kandal, Takeo, Kompot, and Koh Kong. I met some while I was in Koh Kong for the sea festival but I will have to return for an audience of over 10,000 workers […] for the coming 2019, about 80% of factories have prepared themselves to implement the new minimum wage of 182 USD and also to operate semimonthly pay. We are also implementing semimonthly pay for civil servants, the armed forces, etc. The Royal Government of Cambodia, especially the political platform of the Cambodian People’s Party, has endeavored to implement the semimonthly pay policy […]

Win-Win Monument Reminds End of War in Cambodia

In just three days from today, we will inaugurate the Win-Win Monument, which is standing not far from here. We will celebrate the event to bring us back to the memory that Cambodia ended war entirely and brought about reconciliation and unity for the first time in its long suffering history. To have achieved peace, you may be reminded that your grandparents and parents had given their best efforts to stand up in and from hardships and to get themselves out of the genocide regime. They had made efforts to prevent the regime’s return and to rebuild their families’ livelihood. They made efforts along with mine over the past 40 years […] were there no supports they gave, there would not be what we have today. Hun Sen alone would not be able to save them in the whole country and/or prevent the genocide from returning. Your grandparents and/or parents worked to liberated the country and contribute to ending the war and building peace for the past twenty years […]

No Golf for a Month

I will join our people to pass into New Year at the Win-Win Monument at 1200 hours on 31 December. We will inaugurate the Monument on 29 December but on 31 December we also have this celebration to pass the 2018 years and to start 2019. In this case, we will celebrate the two events together from 29 through to 30, and 31 December so that our people will be able to enjoy the festivities. I hope that Oknha Ly Yongphat will consider lowering ticket prices for people to tour the Safari World […] Doctors have prohibited me from standing and/or sitting for too long. It will last for about one month. I will not be able to play golf for one month. It was in this reason that I canceled my schedule to play golf on 30 December but I will be present to give rewards to winners […]

Banned Politician to Request Individually to PM, through Home Minister, HM

There is this political matter that think I should bring up. It is not a war of words with anyone. I just wanted to set light for some Cambodians before they are being deceived. People may have to leave matters in political parties to go the ways they are. It is obvious now that two persons cannot become one. What I needed to remind you now is the amended (articles in the) law on political party that bestows right upon Prime Minister to file for a pardon at the request of the Minister of Interior from HM the King. The Senate already passed the law. It will go to the Constitutional Council and after to HM the King for signature. Let me reaffirm that the law has been amended for the sake of all political parties and not for any specific group or persons.

After the law is signed into force, not everyone will be pardoned automatically. Politicians (banned from political activities by law) will have to file individual request for her/himself to the Minister of Interior, who will then send the request to Prime Minister. The Prime Minister will send the proposed pardon request to HM the King to seek a Royal Decree to repeal the (individual politician) prohibition […] second choice, a politician in prohibition may file a request personally to Prime Minister, who will send it to Minister of Interior to inspect it. Upon receiving the request back from Interior, Prime Minister will seek HM the King’s approval for a repeal. Thirdly, individual politicians in prohibition may write to HM the King to ask for repeal. In normal practice, HM the King will send those requests to Prime Minister, who will then follow the above stated procedure […] there will not be a package repeal request […]

Law in Place, Up to Concerned Individual

I have heard some to say they will not ask for repeals (of their banned political actions). I just remind them that if they do not ask for repeals they would not be able to participate in the communal council elections in 2022. They may have to think harder on this fact that they have to earn their rights in politics to get themselves ready for the 2022 communal council elections. If they failed to do so, they would continue to be banned from politics and would face further charges. They had filed for an appeal but the decision of the Supreme Court is final. On this development, I would thank them (for not filing for repeal request as by not doing so the Cambodian political arena) is free from a mess. They could be aware that without them, Cambodian has got twenty other political parties and they are active in Cambodian politics. They are preparing themselves to compete in the forthcoming communal council elections in 2022 […] I must advise them that they cannot suffocate the Royal Government as they wish to or by what they like to brag about “external pressure.” They may wait to see that they will not succeed. I have said it that they will have to wait until a horse has got horns. Cambodia at this moment is making its way for development. Having said this, I must reassert that we are not making enemy with anyone but we will not trade our sovereignty for assistance.

Communal, District, Provincial Councilors Joining CPP Continue to Stand

Secondly, they may not hope that a ghost would resurrect. I heard that there have been some efforts to reorganize, for instance in Kompot […] I wish to remind the person that he is cheating people with a hope that does not exist. You are destroying future of those people. I also learnt that there have been some money under the table involved. Those of you communal councilors who have joined the Cambodian People’s Party may see that you will continue to stand for the Cambodian People’s Party in 2022 and on. District and provincial councilors who will run in the forthcoming May elections, both those who already run and those who have not run yet, will continue to have their chances […] incumbent communal councilors will continue their posts until the elections in 2022 […] I discussed with Samdech Krola Haom Sar Kheng yesterday about a possibility of increasing number of seats in the District/Khan, Municipal and Provincial Councils […] let me assert to those politicians who daydream of returning as commune heads that it will not happen.

Thirdly, their efforts to get the sun rise at 1200 midnight is impossible. The national elections will have to wait till July 2023. Some nurture their wish to return to parliamentary seats. They may go on giving their lower ranks and files hope that is impossible […] those of them who have been dissolved along with the party will not regain political rights before 2022, if you do not ask for it […]

Let the Brave One Come for the Wrong He Did

On another note, the one claimed he would return to the country, I need to send him news too that I have prepared cuffs and prison. Let the brave one return to Cambodia either before or after the ultimatum on 1 March (2019). If he for any reason cancels his return, he would be nothing else but a beast […] (I) invite the brave man to enter the country to serve justice for the wrongs he committed […] I have informed the aviation to allow airline to fly him in. I wish to set the record straight with him […] we are after him for a long time now […] it would be easier now that he would come to us […] every time there is something wrong, big or small, he just ran away to cry foul from outside. I sought pardon for him on the day that my father died. This time around, I will not do it again. I will see that the authority is implementing the court’s decisions. I do not care who would say what […]

Fake News Loses Its Credibility

There have been analysis on everything now. The fake news they produced had been so nasty. One day they said Prime Minister ordered arrest of Khem (a pop singer), while I was downloading his songs into my phone […] the other day they said Prime Minister ordered arrest of Knhong (a comedy actress) […] because of her comments on guesthouse prices […] and lately, they said that Samdech (Prime Minister) arrested Kith Meng (a businessman). When they produced this frequently fake stories, they have in fact lost their credibility […] in some analysis they said Hun Sen offered money to staff of the CNC (TV) and Bayon (TV). Well, that is my money. I am a Prime Minister. In this position, do you think I do not have money? And how do you make money for yourself? As Prime Minister, I and my wife have been doing what we can to assist financially to some people in need […] that is an art of sharing […]./.