Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen Talk to Handicap Children at the Krousar Thmey Deaf-Mute Foundation [Unofficial Translation]


Meeting Again After Two Years

It is a good thing that I have chance to meet today children, teachers and caretakers from four different schools. Since end of 2015, about two years until today, we missed chance of meeting each other. However, whatever as promised, I have delivered to you all every month on a regular basis […] today, I am so happy to return and meet you all to ask for your understanding that I did not have chance to come see you in person. You could have known already that my wife and I have been very busy with so many things. In fact, my wife, your grandma, was thinking of coming here since yesterday. I was so tired from my meetings in Singapore. I had to take some rest. I have picked this Sunday my best day to see you all […]

Disability Should Not Be Obstacle to Self-Development

As I am here with you all, I have not much to say except to advise you to make efforts in your studies. It was quite unfortunate that you were born disables but in this era, as long as you make efforts, disability is not obstacle to self-development to each and every one of you. We have way of touching and sensing letters and some of our mute and deaf children have received training through to graduate and postgraduate degrees. Some have been working in state and private institutions, and some have been pursuing works (self-employment) in their families. In this occasion, let me call on everybody involved to pay attention to providing care and counsel to these disable kids. Our responsibility is not just taking good care of them at this stage. We need to do it for a long time to ensure they receive good and high education by which they could depend on […]

Increase of Salary in January, and Again in April

I also learnt that teachers working here have now become formally staff of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports […] in more than a month time, civil servant salary will have first increase in January. We will exercise a second increase in April. For teachers working here, in addition to what the state pays you, you have income from working in this (deaf-mute) center. This should give you more ability to take good care for the grandchildren.

RGC’s Policy to Avert Malnutrition among Children

In this sense, we are in pursuit of implementing policies to provide financial supports for women in pregnancy, working in civil servant and armed forces. Policy are also covering  female workers who would have a three-month post-delivery convalescence with 120 percent of their salary […] we in the meantime are putting into practice financial support policy for women in poor families with financial support for their newborns until they are two years of age. That female in pregnancy has become the focus clearly shows the Royal Government’s social protection policy that is contributing one part to avert issue of malnutrition on our grandchildren […]

We also would like our people to have good physical buildup and be intelligent as they are going to be the ones to carry through progress of the country. The human factor will ensure materialism development. Concern on human resource development is relating not only to women in pregnancy, delivery and care for children or school building but also to their nutritional status […]

Boat Race to Take Place

On the full moon day of Kadek month, we are going to organize water festival, which includes boat race, eating flattened rice, and floating the light boats […] please allow me to take this opportunity to inform our people about our boat race event. Firstly, we were too concerned there would be too much water in the Mekong-Tonle Sap River that could be dangerous for boat race event. Later, we were concerned that the water would drop to a little over five meters depth. In this meaning, I wish to send news to provinces and pagodas to get their boats ready for the coming boat race event in Phnom Penh. It may be that the race would be hard because of the level of water is low, but we will celebrate this event […]

Be Prepared for Gradual Withdrawal of Assistances

I thank Benoit Duchateau-Armainjon (for the good job he has done for these mute and deaf kids). We are in the stage of transferring or integrating these schools into the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports […] it is now time for the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports to take up responsibility not only of this center but also of other centers in the future since the Cambodian economy is able to take over. More donors would transfer their aid programs from Cambodia to other places and we must step into take up such responsibility […] Donors need to divert their aid programs to other countries with less favorable conditions than Cambodia. The same is true about taking loans. When we are poor, we can take a concessional loan. When we are becoming a country with reasonably bigger income, we are obliged to borrow commercial loans […]

Continue to Provide Assistances

In this sense, we must be ready, both in social affairs and in education, to take over gradually our responsibility to carry them on. It is in this note that we have increased bigger budget for health, education, and social affairs. That is our responsibility for the nation […] though the centers have transferred to under the management of the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports I will continue to provide assistances to those of you who are still living here. Let me affirm that as of next year, our grandchildren will continue to have my assistance as always. The management and children should not have concern about this as we are transferring management to the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports […] Samdech Tia Ban will continue his assistance in Siem Reap. Samdech Krola Haom will continue his assistance in Battambang. HE Khieu Kanharith will do his part in Kompong Cham […] we will continue to have meeting next year and even if grandpa/I would not be able to come in person, grandma/my wife will come or any one of my children would […]./.