Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen Get-together of Workers/Employees at the Commune of Khmuonh, Khan Sen Sok [Unofficial Translation]


CPP Wins the Elections, Meetings with Workers/Employees Continue

I have a great pleasure to meet you all as I have promised from before the elections. I said to workers and employees that should the Cambodian People’s Party win the elections, I would continue to meet with workers/employees once the elections were over. Should the Cambodian People’s Party fail, I would not be able to continue to do so. It would be the new Prime Minister who decides what he would do with it. We are waiting for the official final results and seats allocations to be announced by the National Elections Committee at 7:30 pm. However, people know that the Cambodian People’s Party takes the lead in achieving seats in the National Assembly and will proceed to forming the new Royal Government, for which Hun Sen, who has been bestowed by the Cambodian People’s Party nationwide congress, will continue to be Prime Minister […]

Accused Me of Hiring a Killer

The figures have confirmed. One remaining issue has been that he declared the figures were fraud. I challenged him to swear […] he resorted to stir opinion that I hired killer to seek his death in France […] Let me leave the following message. The man has never understood Hun Sen’s heart. Should I want him dead, when he was in the country, he could have been dead only with a throw of guava. Why should I hire a killer? I have no intention whatsoever to have anyone losing his/her life. You may see that even the former Khmer Rouge leaders came to my house and I dine with them […] that this person has been so unpredictable, I started to feel that there is no point in talking to or with him […]

About 77% of Workers Voted CPP

The people of Cambodia have shown their maturity and wisdom in making their judgment in every problem. They are mature in carrying out their rights in making decision whether or not to go to vote. I thank the Cambodian people in the whole country in general, and our workers in particular, about 77% of whom have voted for the Cambodian People’s Party. It is a high rate. It has brought the Cambodian People’s Party a great victory. The Cambodian People’s Party is sure that it will be the party to form the Royal Government in the time to come. I am taking this opportune moment to convey through you to your grandparents, parents, and other members of your families for going to vote, and voting for the Cambodian People’s Party.

Post 2018-Elections, There Are Joys and Cheering

You may have noticed already the difference and what happened in 2013 does not take place again in 2018. In 2013, from before the elections, people in Phnom Penh already went into turmoil. After the elections, some had even filled their cars tanks and cashed out money from ATM. Some voted for (other party) and felt intimidated […] people could not do business as usual. As for this elections (in 2018), people continue to do business and land and property have even gone high in prices […] let me remind the Ministry of Economy and Finance, according to my source, we seem to continue to exercise ownership transfer tax system from three or four years ago. They are not applicable to current market price for land and property […]

We Have Made the Country Healthy

Before, during and after the elections, state income has not gone down but continued to grow big. That has allowed state to be able to ensure its ability to carry out its role. Some have calculated that after the elections there would be this or that problem in the economy. On the contrary, this year inflation rate has stayed below 2%, lower than last year. This has clearly indicated that without those thugs, and it was correct that we got them off and away, we have made our country healthy […] in agriculture, people cultivated 95% of land already even before the Projum Ben (Khmer traditional flood season Buddhist ritual for the dead) comes. This year we may exceed our plan. Industry and handicraft have also made progresses. So has tourism. In this sense that I am saying our country’s health is still strong […]

People Voted in Great Number for Peace and Development

Participation of people in the elections has on one part been a participation in process of democracy and liberal pluralism, and on another an indication of people’s recognition the value of peace and development […] they voted in great number for the Cambodian People’s Party because the party is the only actor capable of keeping peace. With peace comes development. The Cambodian People’s Party has every ability to do it. The people of Cambodia clearly know about how important peace is. Peace will allow them to keep their trades and jobs, and incomes […]

More Investments in Health and Education

People’s health is indeed our national health. We have the need to increase our efforts to see this issue (of implementing social protections) through […] let me tell those who go around lying people that I will speed up works (of the Royal Government) in the new term and invest more in health and education. We will make sure that our people are in good health on one side, and knowledgeable on the other. I will send message to political parties and talk about some political concepts. Please allow me to send from this meeting what I have in mind about possibly political parties working together to continue process of democracy and liberal pluralism, and to allow people to have chance to help build our nation […]

More Bus Lines, Free-of-Charge Rail Transports on Khmer New Year and Projum ben

The Municipality of Phnom Penh must figure out providing more lines of city buses to allow commuting by workers to their workplaces. The other day I talked about discussing with Oknha Kith Meng about allowing workers to commute by rail to/from their hometown free of charge on Khmer New Year day and Projum Ben day […] In just two more months, the Projum Ben Day will come and discussion should commence. I hope by doing so, we will be able to help workers save on transportation expenses […] these are objectives and policies we already set out. The forthcoming Royal Government will continue to pay attention even from today to strive better, deeper, more effective, and wider than ever […]

Hacking Facebook – a Cybercrime

… Having no way of hurting me, the man has turned to my Facebook page. It was a bad thing no one could have imagined. I hope such cybercrime would meet with condemnation in the world. They tried to hack page of the National Elections Committee and they did so too with mine. They deleted whatever I posted from 10 August back to 30 March […] we reposted. It was a crime for what they did. I would not say how we go about dealing with this. I would leave this to competent authority […] firstly, they wish to turn upside down the announcement of elections results. They posted that the Cambodian People’s Party would share two seats to Funcinpec and two for the League for Democracy Party. It was not difficult to see who would have done this […] secondly, they fabricated this news about me hiring killer to go after his death in France. The person wrote he had this news from French intelligence. I would leave this to President Emanuel Macron to figure it out which French intelligence would have shared such information […]

Facebook Cooperates Well and Fast for Safety

I thank Facebook for a good and timely manner collaboration which ensure (the country’s) safety. What could have happened if they posted in that page order to move troops from one place to another? Luckily, we also have other media and network to counter their ill intentions and plans. Beside Facebook, we also have other means to get to the people and the world. They would not just let themselves believe whatever (you may have do or say) in the Prime Minister’s page […]

There May Not Be Many Parties in National Assembly, We do in Society

Now I wish to talk to political parties who contested in the elections and also wish to contribute to construction of the country. I have followed up with pleasure in the past days that certain political parties have committed to resume their political life without having to wait till 2022. They will continue to strengthen their parties and will get themselves ready for the elections in 2022/2023. Many have decided to keep their votes. Some have received thousands, tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of votes […] some even have resorted to create new parties after the one they were in fail to get to the people. It is in this note that I conclude that though we do not have many parties in the National Assembly, we still and always do in society.

A Consultative Forum between Political Parties and Royal Government

As for me, no matter how many parties will there be in the National Assembly, I wish to create a consultative forum between the Royal Government and political parties contested in the elections. It will be a new forum in the sixth legislative term of the National Assembly. It will be an informal consultation forum, through which inputs from political parties could feed into the Royal Government for purpose of making their contributions for national construction. Through his means, those political parties could also keep their actions and voices close to the people. They would even use this opportunity to gain more supports in the following term elections. It will be a forum that yield interests – about peaceful and harmonious social cohabitation, a culture of dialogue between the Royal Government and parties that are not in the government and/or parliament […]

Meeting Political Parties in Capacity of Prime Minister

… It will be up to the National Elections Committee to say how many elected political parties will there be in the National Assembly […] some would certainly not be able to join political life in the national Assembly. I have one choice which I think is the best. I am ready to create a forum of consultation with contested political parties […] I will not meet them in my capacity as President of the Cambodian People’s Party but as Prime Minister. I will invite them to the Peace Palace for dialogue. I am thoughtful on this possibility. I will write to invite them. Each political parties can send two or three of their bests to meet me before we form the government. Those who like the idea come and those who do not like may do whatever they wanted.

Political Parties Could Help Draft, Monitor Policies

We can sit down altogether and discuss what we have in common and/or that are different from each other. For instance in agriculture, what we have in common […] carrying out organic farming, what have we in common and what we think differently on the matter. We should try to find a way to work together. There is now this law relating to food safety putting together by the Ministry of Industry and Handicraft. We also have more draft laws to which political parties can generate their inputs […] they can also help monitor policies and implementations. For instance, policies regarding female workers’ and females of poor families’ deliveries, has it been properly implemented? Political parties can monitor and share their opinions what need to be done? This could ensure that the ruling party will not be unaccountable in what they are doing […] I even think if it is required, we could also invite designates from political parties to hold advisory position according to their expertise to ministries […]

Inviting Intellectuals, Not Policies, from Other Parties

There seems to be two political parties to run errand for positions in exchange for money. First, the Khmer United Party, and second, Funcinpec. Let me assure them. For the first cabinet lineup, there will be only the Cambodian People’s Party in the Royal Government. There will not be anyone from any political parties. In later instance, we will consider parties with reasonably good human resources. I may invite them to hold positions of State Secretary or Under-Secretary of State, or advisors. That will follow. However, I must declare that I will go for this only to implement entirely the political platform of the Cambodian People’s Party, for which the people voted in landslide to support it already. I cannot implement political platforms of other political parties […] I would look for their inputs to improve and promote implementation of the Cambodian People’s Party’s political platform.

To Gather Human Strength, Intelligence, and Property for Country’s Development

We used to have consultations with non-governmental organizations on various draft laws, why else we could not do so with political parties who had contested in the elections. I wish to gather as much inputs as possible. I have said on various occasions that I wish to gather together human strength, intellects, and property to develop the country. I wish to use this sixth legislative term Royal Government to gather the country’s brain power resource. In the course of campaigning, I have seen and listened to many of their ideas and wishes too […]./.