Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the​ Meeting with Sportsmen/women to Contest in the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta Palembang, Indonesia [Unofficial Translation]



International Standard Exists in Sports

Today we are meeting here to send off our sportsmen/women, leaders, and trainers to the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta Palembang, Indonesia. It is a good thing that regional and international events take places not on our elections day […] (I have said on various occasions that) there is no such thing as international standard in politics, but we can have one in sports. In ASEAN, for instance, countries do not follow similar political regime. Some go with presidential regime and some with monarchy […] more so, we have different elections systems – some follow first-past-the-post, some go with proportional representation, etc. […] in sports, there is an international standard […] especially in the recent World Cup in Russia […]

Swearing to Make Sure People Solemnly Speak the Truth

Today is 6 August or one week after the elections. There is a magazine that keeps record of world voter turnouts […] a week after the elections, it places Cambodia at second place after Belgium for high voter turnout […] as for those who have called it a referendum through voter turnout, they have not got anything else to say (with regard to Cambodian voter turnout) but (making accusation of) “fraud and inflated number.” This has been their nature ever since the beginning […] it is a tradition in Cambodia as well as in the world, that swearing an oath is one way of making sure if words or actions are true or not true […] Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, and Members of Parliament have all sworn an oath before they take office […] I am talking about swearing oath because I wanted to send a message to those who keep saying that the voter turnout has been inflated, voters have been intimidated, etc. I dare to take swear to die by any means […] and I challenge you to swear too […]

Challenge a Swear for Tricksters

They have called it a referendum. Before elections, if voter turnout is low, they said, that means they will have won. Now that there has been a high voter turnout, they resorted to talking about fraud and inflated number […] (in every previous elections) in 2003 and 2013, they brought elections cases to the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court asked them to swear and they never dare to […] I wish to sort this matter out with them and they may not say that I have chosen bad way of doing it. I have chosen this swearing thing because you have made yourselves the tricksters. The remaining option is to challenge you to swear […] more than 82% of registered voters cast their votes. They refute high voter turnout […]

Cambodia Vice-Chair of UN General Assembly This Year

I have a message for some in the country (who pass around rumor) about soon there will be a new UNTAC (United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia) and there will be (foreign) troops in Cambodia again. How could they have imagined and said so? This year, Cambodia will be vice chairman of the UN General Assembly and a member of ECOSOC. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been requesting for recruitments of certain diplomatic staff to fulfil this mission […]

If Cabinet Formation Possible in August, Go to UN to Give a Statement

I may add a bit more to this scenario. Should there be no elections issues to sort out at the Constitutional Council and there will be no legal barrier concerning this stipulation in the Constitution “The legislative term of the National Assembly shall be 5 years and terminates on the day when the new National Assembly convenes. The National Assembly shall not be dissolved before the end of its term except when the Royal government is twice deposed within a period of twelve months,” my original plan was that the first session of the National Assembly would convene under the presidency of HM the King on September 19, and the Royal Government will be created on September 20, which in the afternoon of the same day will swear an oath to take their posts. The first Cabinet meeting should be taking place in the morning of September 21 […]

If, however, there would be no legal barrier, we could form the Royal Government in August. There have been discussions around and there does not seem to be an issue with the Constitutional Council. Should we be able to form the Royal Government in August, I would have a chance to go and deliver a statement at the UN General Assembly to prove that as a sovereign state, the elections need no approval from anyone except from its HM the King […] if the formation of the Royal Government would go on September 21, I would not have the chance of going and delivering statement at the UN General Assembly […]

Countries Continue to Work with the Royal Government

Some have fooled people around that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will arrest Hun Sen. I will be somewhere near the International Court soon. I will be in the UN […] they may get their demonstration ready. People who wanted to meet me also are ready for it. There will be meetings in Europe on 17, 18, 19, and 20 (October) in Brussels.  From 20 through to 22 (October), I will be in Turkey. From 22 through to 25, I will be in Geneva. I am sending this message to clear up minds of some people who have been fooled by incitements from outside the country […] (internationally) we have our troops in Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, and Lebanon […] what have they said about it? We also have the seat at the United Nations. Not a single country withdraws its embassy from Cambodia. They continue to work with the Royal Government […]

Votes for CPP Traditionally between 47% and Slightly above 51%

The fact that you think so much of votes you used to have was yours, was a wrong thinking. Traditionally, the Cambodian People’s Party had had between 47% and slightly above 51% of the votes. In the recent elections, swing voters has added more than 20% to the traditional number. At one point in history, people voted 90 seats for the Cambodian People’s Party. I called that after a Khmer proverb “calling back after scolding.” What does that mean? […] parents from time to time have their hard times with children. They may scold them. Soon enough, they call them back (or reconcile). People do not detest the Cambodian People’s Party. Certain people, such as criminals, etc. do indeed and I know that, no matter what they will never vote for CPP […]

They may remember that the Cambodian People’s Party have more members, and their children are also many. They are a big family. When your field is small, you cannot produce more […] for the calling back after scolding that I said is because we have been living with people and sharing their grievances and happiness for over forty years. Some parents are angry with their children and scolding them. After a while, when they understand their children, they call them back. Customarily, the ones living with parents are not their satisfaction. Those who live far away and come to see them once in a while, they tend to like them better […]

New Royal Government Compositions and Procedures

As discussed previously, we would do it (forming the Royal Government in August) if there would be no legal barrier. I would seek HM the King’s approval to convene the first session of the National Assembly to allow such formation to go through. The Cabinet list is in fact in my hand. The mechanism of the National Assembly is also ready. The political platform of the Royal Government is also ready […] we will continue with the rectangular strategy, which I termed Phase IV, because it has not fully successfully completed yet. We still have to sharpen certain angles in the Phase IV […]

Change (of positions) or appointments in the time to come will be decreed again. We will end the previous Royal Government Cabinet from Under Secretary of State through to Prime Minister, before making a new reappointment list […] this is what is going to happen for political functionaries. For public functionaries, or people holding rank of General Director and below, they will be holding on to their posts […]

The Prime Minister alone will be appointed by HM the King. The Prime Minister will organize a Royal Government which will submit to the National Assembly for confidence motion. The approved list will then go the HM the King who will sign approving formation of new Royal Government that will swear an oath to take up positions and duties. In this case, not to count in Deputy Prime Ministers and senior ministers who do not hold ministries, the new Royal Government members will consist of 30 people – 28 ministers, a Secretary of State, and a Prime Minister […]

As for Secretary/Under Secretary of States, should you not see your names in the first list, you may wait for successive appointments by Royal Decrees. Previously, appointing a Secretary of State would need to wake up the National Assembly. From now, appointing Secretaries/Under-Secretaries of State will be by Royal Decrees […] in this development, there is no need for us to come up with one whole list altogether with members of the Royal Government […]./.