Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Inauguration of the Cambodia-China Friendship Overpasses Sen Sok​ [Unofficial Translation]


The Fifth, Longest So Far, and China-Financed Overpass

I have a great pleasure to join with our compatriots to put into official use the 942-meters Cambodia-China Friendship overpass – the fifth, the longest so far, and financed by China – 18 million USD, together with the counterpart funding of the Royal Government, after I launched the ground-breaking last Friday the construction of overpasses and underpasses at the former roundabout at Chaom Chao.

Let me remind us all that the construction of this overpass was signed into operating project during the visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping to Cambodia. The overpass helps not only solve traffic congestion along the Russian Federation Boulevard but also serve connection, traffic and transportation from Phnom Penh’s north – Tumnub Kobsrov to its south – Takhmao […] as is mentioned by HE Sun Chanthol, Minister of Transports and Public Works, we still need another belt-road – the third one, to relieve and improve traffic […]

China for Itself and to Other Countries in the World

I wish to take this opportune moment to thank for the support our people have made for the Cambodian People’s Party, and my leadership role to bring progresses to the country. We have lots of works to do and ground to cover. China liberated in 1949, 69 years ago. It opened up the country’s economy in the last forty years for development. What China has achieved not only solved problems in China alone but also contributed to helping other countries in the world, including Cambodia, thanks to President Xi Jinping’s initiatives of “one road one belt” and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which becomes a strong point for China but also for China’s neighbouring countries […]

Promoting Cambodia-China Relations

This evening, together with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, we will celebrate the (60th) anniversary of relations between Cambodia and China, one inscribed in history of the world’s cold war era. China was not yet a member of the United Nations and/or one of the permanent members of Security Council of the United Nations. Taiwan was. Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk Preah Borom Ratanakaod granted recognition and support to the People’s Republic of China […] China becomes member of the United Nations and a permanent member of the Security Council. Taiwan was just a province of the People’s Republic of China […]

A small country, Cambodia had far-sighted vision in the role of China and was courageous to choose to recognize and support China. In those days, how many countries had helped China? Many countries were under pressures of wars […] it could be a cause of a coup that brought down Samdech (Preah Norodom Sihanouk) to put an end, they believed, to Cambodia’s China policy […] together with Preah Karuna Preah Boromneat Norodom Sihamoni, HM the King, son of Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk, I have led the Royal Government to continue to promote relation between Cambodia and China since 2010.

Cambodia and ASEAN Benefit from China

Cambodia and China have already developed relation into a comprehensive strategic partnership. In his visit to Cambodia, President Xi Jinping said that Cambodia is a firm friend. It is truly remarkable. Cambodia wishes to have nothing but friendly and cooperation relations with every country in the world. Cambodia has nothing to lose from strengthening relations with China […] not only Cambodia, every member countries of ASEAN have enjoyed great benefits. The free trade area relations between ASEAN and China has brought about real interests […] looking at the volume of trades between China and ASEAN, China exports to ASEAN less than ASEAN exports to China. More tourists from China come to ASEAN countries … Cambodia is also expecting increasing arrival of Chinese tourists because of increasing number of flights to the country […]

While Other Countries Do Business with China, Why Cambodia Can’t?

Let us be realistic and see with our own eyes, were there no investments from China, who would have put their money in hydropower development in Cambodia? Some countries, having been envious with China’s development and ability to do things, resorted to picking on Cambodia. Let us just ask a question on one fact here which country could have had invested in producing thousands of megawatt of hydroelectricity in our country? Some had said things but never tendered the projects. China has got financial ability to make it happened […] in time of financial crisis, many countries tried just to help themselves from falling down and reduced their investments to foreign countries. China not only did not cut down its investments in Cambodia but also expedited them further […] this has clearly reflected our relations with China. It is a geopolitical matter. While other countries can do business with China, why can’t Cambodia?

Hun Sen/CPP Safeguard ASEAN-China Relations

Together with Deputy Prime Minister Hor Nam Hong, I have made relentless efforts to safeguard relations between ASEAN and China. It was not a simple matter […] that has brought about interests not only for Cambodia alone but also for stability in Southeast Asia, as well as for development of strategic partnership between ASEAN and China. People should see this interest. It has stemmed from Hun Sen’s policy or the Cambodian People’s Party to foster good relations between ASEAN and China […]

To Arrest Anyone Lying About Death of Indelible Ink

There is one thing I wish to speak to our people in this moment. This morning I received an information about an attempt to cheat, which we cannot forgive. They have spread news that in the forthcoming elections, there would be two kinds of ink – one would be normal ink and another would cause death 24 hours after dipping fingers in. It has come from the same group of people who caused same trouble about indelible ink five years ago, in 2013. They now have a confidential plan to do things like I mentioned above. We must take them down, should they dare to do it […] I have such information accessible to the Ministry of National Defence, the Ministry of Interior, and we already know who they were. I just warn them not to do it or they would risk being arrested and placed in cells. That would not be a freedom of expression. I would seek the National Elections Committee see to this issue.

The administration would not allow them to carry out this trick. They still have vandalism of indelible ink from 2013 to deal with. Now they hatch up this two different inks issue […] They should be clear of their actions that that things that they talked of carrying through is to destroy own nation and I will not let you go free […] it is a treacherous act of some kind too. That you told people not to go to vote is one thing […] authority will have to take counter measures. We will set up machines to detect location of social media’s postings of such slanderous messages. We will be able to locate them right where they are […]

23-July Plan and Brad Adams

I am warning them not to carry through their 23-July plan. Their plan would be dangerous but we have been prepared to foil it. It is a matter of national security and leaving it to take its course would bring about instability and death to people. Whichever country would be behind such actions should not call themselves democratic anymore. As far as the 12 military commanders, I wish to send a message to Brad Adams […] not just the 12 commanders who are faithful to Hun Sen, or to the Royal Government. It would be military commanders in the whole country […] should they wish to do so […] Cambodia would not have to bow to foreign pressure for their improper actions on us. We lost millions of lives for that matter. The coup on 18 March 1970 caused us annihilation. We need to remember. Whoever serve foreign interest would be traitors to national interests […]

Keeping Independence, Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity, Development – No Mistakes

I have committed no mistakes when I led the people to stand up for independence, safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and development. I am making no mistakes though I have to use force as a last resort because it will be a mission to save human lives, to keep peace, and to continue to ensure national development. It will be no mistakes at all […] whatever they have been cooking, let me stress again, has already come out and we have discovered it. I will take measures against those who spread such messages around and posted on social media […]./.