Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Inauguration of Phnom Penh Safari World [Unofficial Translation]


Private Investments Contribute to Developing the Country

[…] There have been some propagandas that whatever we are doing is only serving private interest/sector. Let us think together. If we do not have contributions from the private sector, would the state be able to do such thing […] even in one-party states under the leaderships of communist parties also draws assistance from private sector to contribute to development […] let us think about this (Phnom Penh Safari World) investment, what kind of interests they give to our people? Every private sector operation pay tax to state. State uses those tax incomes to reinvest to serve people’s general interests through public service. That has something to do about salary for civil servants. We should look first of all at the armed forces who defend our nation and national security. We also have medical staff and teachers who provide their services for people […]

Cambodian Locals and Overseas Invest in National Capitals and Knowledge

Fifteen years ago we inaugurated a safari world in Koh Kong. Now we are having one in Phnom Penh […] I must say that I am proud to see that local companies are doing business inside the country. They keep their money in the country. They invest and reinvest, and keep their profits in the country. This is a point that is different from what happened in the past, when Cambodians with extra resources would send them out and invest abroad. They sent them to banks in Switzerland, to buy homes in France, UK, etc. They brought money from Cambodia to invest abroad. After the fall of the Pol Pot’s genocidal regime, we encouraged Cambodians in and outside the country to bring in and invest their capitals and knowledge in the country […]

Infrastructures in Place for SEA Games 2023

It has always been my intention to host SEA Games in this area. As planned, today we have a large zoo of Phnom Penh Safari World. We started firstly with the Garden City Hotel, and its golf course. There is also this sports complex center Morodok Techo and more facilities undergo constructions for hosting SEA Games in 2023. We will need more infrastructures, including also residences for sportsmen/women. In addition to those, we also make this one of our historical icon. Samdech Pichei Sena Tia Banh is overseeing the speeding up and finishing touch of the construction of Win-Win Palace. We will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the day when we ended war in the whole country on 29 December 2018. We will launch a big holiday. We now can make fireworks ourselves. We will fire many of them […] the big event will be a restatement of Cambodians’ own efforts to end war through the win-win policy, and there is no recurrence of a civil war […]

Blamed as “Burners” After Giving Him Life and Knowledge

Some have insulted me to be (a man who) would burn things with every turn I make (in comparison to other person who would) give knowledge at every turn s/he makes. I said the other day (it was the state/government under my leadership in those days) that sent him for education abroad. He replied saying “it was because I am aware of Samdech’s grace that I carry out political activities for peace and development.” He correctly put it but he resorted to making a comparison that I would burn things with every turn I make and he would give knowledge at every turn he does. At the end of the day, he in fact has to be aware that I was the one who gave everyone, even him, knowledge through schooling, reviving from death, and sending him to study abroad […] he now insulted me to burn things at every turn and he was the one who gives out knowledge […]

Claimed a Knowledge-Giving Person, Act Likes One

I am grateful that he places himself as one to provide knowledge. It is true that such thing is generational. The former generation would do things for younger generation. The younger generation would have to carry on with this heritage for every succeeding ones to come. Why would they just like to insult other people? I think the police force has identified who actually posted that message […] I am not disturbed by it but I wish that we do not insult each other […] when one presents oneself as a knowledge giving person, why would he not do so and why would he insult other people? It is contrary to the theory he advertise […]

Only 20 Full Years of Peace for Development

We are a country that is moving away from poverty to become a lower-middle income, and with ambition to be a higher-middle income country by 2030, and a high-income country by 2050. Average per capita income of Phnom Penh people, reported by Khuong Sreng, Mayor of Phnom Penh, is 3,800 USD in 2016. Figure for the whole country would be 1658 USD. We are not going to stop here. Let us look for instance to how slow do we have to develop our country. We started to have full peace in 1998, and it has been only 20 full years of peace that we fully develop the country without being destructed. Twenty years is a short time but it is this much that we have achieved […]

Changes and Transformations on Going

Some talked about changes and they do not care to which direction they really mean it. We have done those changes and transformations. We have changed from people being killed by Pol Pot’s every day to normal civilized life. We are putting on clothes and shoes instead of having no decent ones […] we have changed this particular area from shelter of the Khmer Rouge to shell into Phnom Penh to a place of development. Would they look for changes like those happened when Lon Nol overthrew Samdech (Preah Norosom) Sihanouk? Or the way Pol Pot overthrew Lon Nol? We must keep peace so that we can continue to develop our country […]

7 July – Elections Campaign Opens

[…] We are now drawing closer to the elections campaign period. In just 37 days, the general elections will take place. Only days away from today to when we are launching the elections campaign on 7 July 2018. In that campaign period I will not give any speeches except my speech to launch the campaign […] after the campaign is over, I will go on with giving out speech again. I may do things like visiting markets. I hope everyone will take parts in the elections. The best choice to keep peace and development is to vote for the Cambodian People’s Party […] I will stay on with you at least ten more years. Small or big, I invite all political parties to join the journey together […]

CPP Members/Supporters Think of National Interest as a Whole

I may remind that the Cambodian People’s Party members and supporters must think of national interest as a whole. As a ruling party, we have responsibility to ensure free, fair, just, and credible elections. We must provide a wide space for democracy to all political parties and defend them […] the value of democracy at this moment does not lie on the Cambodian People’s Party being the winner only but for everyone to win through this free, fair, and just elections. We are not running alone in his race. There are 20 political parties to contest and they also have freedom to exercise their political rights in Cambodia […]./.