Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Workers/Employees in Daunkeo City, Takeo Province [Unofficial Translation]


Takeo Has Got More Potentials

I have a great pleasure to note that this policy of localizing schools to provincial students and factories closer to people for jobs and incomes has made good progress. I hope that Takeo will receive more investments after we finished improving the national roads 2 and 22. By then, transportation into/out of Takao, and from Takeo to international border crossing for export […] we will also resolve issues relating to price of electricity which will attract further investments to Takeo. My advice for investors is that Takeo has got untapped potentials, one of which is land availability for them to build factories. Land is still available along the national roads 2, 22, and the national 3 that is partly running through Takeo. In addition to this, Takeo also has the benefit of infrastructures and connectivity – roads, electricity, and especially labor […]

The 41st Anniversary to Trade Life for National Liberation

Today is the 41st anniversary of the day that I traded my life for national liberation. Thinking of that sad experience and life, I could hardly hold back my tear. In this instance that I have said that youth of later generation is luckier than those in mine. I started my struggle life from 18 to 25 years old under others’ command. I implemented their orders. Starting from 10 June 1977, I determined to listen to no one but to master my own life. My life has in fact been attached to lives and revivals of the Cambodian people, who were in danger. I had at one point made a difficult decision […] should I make a wrong decision, Cambodian politics could have gone in an unknowingly different direction […] with about 2,000 soldiers under my command, I could have ordered armed rebellion on the Khmer Rouge and occupy Mehmot, Tromoung, Snuol, a part of Punnhea Krek, and Tam Bae districts […]

Leaving Country and Family for Resistance

However, my calculation was no longer than one week, the rebellion would be crushed in blood by the Khmer Rouge’s army of 18 divisions. The remaining choice was to evade death of soldiers and people. I decided to leave the country in tears and sufferings, while people were suffering and my wife was in her five-month pregnancy. That was hardship that youth of my generation, including your grandparents and parents, had had to go through […] as I decided to leave the country and people to organize resistance, I had difficulty to finish a letter that I wrote to my wife. I did not know where I was and could be, and what could have happened […] I told my wife I had to go far and away that even I myself did not know where it could be […] meeting again would be indefinite […]

With People’s Support, I Did It

Today, 41 years ago, I started managing my life and that of the country. I did it successfully thanks to our people’s supports and those assistances provided by Vietnam. I built up an army taking parts in liberating Takeo, Kompot, Kompong Som, etc. Initially, it was to cause trouble to the Khmer Rouge force in the southwestern part of the country to prevent them from mobilizing forces to the eastern part of the country. Later, my army had pushed through and captured Takeo […] thinking about all this, yesterday, on my way home from the Council of Ministers, I tried to put together a lyric for a song “Trading Life,” and tears came into my eyes. I could not finish it. (It is because I cannot hold back my tears and emotions that) no one has seen anything written about what happened on 20 June.

20th Anniversary of Ending War

Today too, Samdech Tia Banh, Minister of National Defense, is in a ceremony to commemorate the march for national liberation, which I am sure national TV will broadcast some documentaries relating to it […] things have now changed. We were not the ones to hatch wars. However, the youth of my generation, when I was 25 years old, continued to extinguish the wars flame, to work on national reconciliation and to reunite the country, for the first time in its history through win-win policy. This year is the 20th anniversary of the day that we ended war and divisions, and set up Cambodia as one-rule state.

People Make Decisions in 39 Days

Whether we would be able to keep these advantages or not will depend on you. You will make decision whether you wish to continue to keep what you have in hands – jobs and incomes. It will be an important decision to make on 29 July 2018, which is 39 days away. To secure jobs and income, first of all we must keep peace. Should we fail to do so, the country went into turmoil, enterprises/factories left the country, and we would lose jobs and incomes. It is therefore important to make good decisions to guarantee peace for development, jobs and incomes for you […] the Cambodian People’s Party has had its slot position 20, last one in the ballots […] it is a good number because there are in all 20 political parties to contest, and it falls in the 20th anniversary of the day that I embarked on struggle movement to liberate our people from the genocide […]

Making Cambodia a Fully Democratic Country

It is not time to launch an electoral campaign but every political parties have started already, only they have not got TVs channel to broadcast activities […] I am taking this opportune moment to appeal to authorities in local and district levels to provide and ensure favorable conditions for political parties to perform their actions, for instance to meet with their members/supporters. We must ensure that every parties can do what they needed to do to contest […] we must make efforts to do this job well.

We should not think only of way to win but be conscious that as a ruling party, we must look into one common goal – to launch an elections that is free, fair, and just, and acceptable to all. We must provide whatever is necessary for parties, not only the defined 21 days of campaign, but from now, as to where parties’ candidates and leaders may wish to go and organize meetings with members/supporters. If they wish to do it in public places, they may ask for permissions and concerned authorities must respond to their requests.

We must make this country a fully democratic one and one that reflects our people’s will. It is true that there have been efforts to destroy the elections. There has been calls for people to exercise no voting rights. Those calls may not be fruitful. People will exercise their rights […] a political party had died. No one would embrace a corpse. Even in real life, about 70% of men, and 50% of women, would remarry after death of spouse […] in Cambodia there are more than 30 political parties and 20 of them contest in the coming elections […]./.