Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Inauguration of National Road 6 Renovation and Enlargement between Thnol Kaeng of Kompong Cham and Angkrorng of Siem Reap [Unofficial Translation]


About 300 Km of Roads Inaugurated Last Year and This Year

I have a great pleasure to be able to put into official use a segment of about 250 Km, to round it up, of national road 6 between Thnol Kaeng of Kompong Cham and Angkrorng of Siem Reap. I must apologize the fact that we have to reschedule the inauguration from June last year to this year. Secondly, I also came late by half an hour but there was a big rain back in Phnom Penh and the helicopter was unable to take off […] Let me take this opportune moment to express my sincere thanks of behalf of the people of Cambodia through HE Xiong Bo, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, to the government and people of China for their supports to the progress and development of Cambodian economy, in which more necessary infrastructure will be coming along.

Going back to its background, I discussed and reached an agreement on the renovation this road with the Chinese leaders when I attended the 8th China- ASEAN Expo in Nanning, Guangxi province in 2011. We launched the construction in 2013 […] as is mentioned by HE Ambassador, last year we also put into official use the national road 6A segment between Phnom Penh and Thnol Kaeng. Today we finished the part between Thnol Kaeng through to Siem Reap […] altogether, last and this year, we have inaugurated roughly 300 Km of road.

National Road 6, 62, 9 Serve Socio-economic Development, Reduce Poverty

China has been doing a great thing by connecting Cambodia internally. Not far from here, there is this national road 62 connecting national road 6 to Preah Vihear province, and run through many districts. There is also another road that links up with Siem Reap on the way via Koh Ker. There is also another road that links up national road 62 to national road 9 to Stuoeng Treng province, from where people can go to Kratie, Ratanakiri, Mundulkiri, etc. […] these serve the country efforts to put in place connectivity for the benefit of developing its socio-economic development, and reducing poverty. This is all thank to our friend China for its assistance to Cambodia’s infrastructural development […] for our people who are in their older ages, 50, 60 or 70, could have remembered how bad it was the road connections between Kompong Thom and Siem Reap in the time that our country went through war and destruction […]

Between Kompong Thom/Storng and Siem Reap/Chi Kreng Was Never Safe

In the district of Storng, there were hot battles throughout and was not a safe place at all. It was since when HE Nguon Nhel was governor […] because my wife had to be in Vientiane (in 1989) and I had to take care of my children. In this situation, when situation in Kompong Thom was of concern, I had to come and bring along with me my children to review and evaluate the (Khmer Rouge’s) threat to Kompong Thom […] People could remember that the section between Storng district of Kompong Thom and Chi Kreng of Siem Reap, traveling was always in danger. The (Khmer Rouge) guerilla frequently attacked in this area and there was a time that we lost the district of Storng […]

Ending War by Win-Win Policy, Transforming Battlefields into Markets/Development

There was a time that I traveled from Stoeung Treng through national road 9, the Cambodian-Chinese Friendship Bridge, and via the districts of Rovieng of Preah Vihear province through to Baray district to have lunch in a hotel in Kompong Thom [...] I instructed construction in all 123 classrooms on nine buildings […] Cambodia has put behind the war by proudly implementing a win-win policy and is transforming the country from battlefields into markets and development areas […]

Two Roads to Ask for Help from People’s Republic of China

While talking about thanking our China friend for their help in constructing about three thousands Kilometers of road – some are still under construction, and various bridges over the rivers, I wish to remind our people about two other roads that I used to mention and nurture intention to have them built. One of them would be running from Kompong Thom through to Kratie, where we are going to build a bridge. That road would link Kompong Thom and Kratie together by over 100 Km distance […] another road that I also mentioned already in the past is the one that will run between Kompong Chhnang and Kompong Thom’s Kompong Thmor […]

Taking into Considerations Impacts on Daily Life and Aquatic Flora and Fauna

However, for the second road, I am inviting you all to think about it together with me. The construction feasibility study has already completed and it would cost a little over 100 million USD. However, we have unbeknown impacts to carefully think about. Should there be any problems, people depending their lives on water of Tonle Sap Lake and River would be unhappy. For example, we build a bridge at every five Kilometers, people who use open waterway throughout the lake would be unhappy because they would have to seek for space under a bridge which would be five Kilometers a part to pass from one side to the other […]

We also have to think about impacts of aquatic flora and fauna as the road and bridge would have changed water current and upset them. We must ensure that there will be a reliably good solution to these problems before administering the construction of the second road and bridge […] there could be a good model for such road and bridge in China – the bridge that connects mainland’s Shenzhen and Hong Kong island […] if we can do it that way, we would be able to avert those impacts and people’s unhappiness […] well, that would be my advice should we wish to pursue with this vision of road between Kompong Chhnang and Kompong Thom […]

Connecting Koh Kong to Pursat’s Thmor Da and Battambang’s Samlot

Well, I wish to inform HE Ambassador that we are going to place one more road project as a candidacy for immediate consideration and support either this or next year. It is the road project to connect the province of Koh Kong to Thmor Da (of Pursat) and Samlot (of Battambang) at the Cambodian-Thai border. China has helped us built roads nearly around the country and we still have this chunk to link them all up. The road will be less than 200 Kilometers and cost about 200 million USD. They were former battlefields but now we have roads running in and through Pailin, Malai, Samlot, etc. However, we still need asphalted road between Pusat’s Thmor Da and Battambang’s Samlot, and between Thmor Da and Koh Kong […]

China’s Economic Growth for China and Other Countries in the World

I always say that China’s economic growth is not only for China’s progress alone but China has contributed to helping many countries in the world. Thanks to this “one belt one road” initiative of President Xi Jinping, credits given out by China in implementing projects relating to “one belt one road” is getting bigger. Cambodia is also benefiting from such initiative, and is proud to be a founding member of the Asian Infrastructural Investment Bank (AIIB) […] though we are not yet making use of credits from it. We have so far used only financial assistance from the People’s Republic of China […]

Thanks for Sharing Journey Together

Taking this opportune moment, I thank out people for putting up with impacts (of building this roads), and accepted payments as compensation for making way for the construction. It was true that out of over four thousands families, there were some 42 families to whom the Royal Government had had to exercise expropriation law for the sake of public interest […] I seek your understanding that implementing the expropriation law caused dissatisfaction among some of you. However, that the road is now in place, our people could reap its benefit – those who live along side and those who pass by […] I hope that you will continue to make this journey together with me […] I am taking this moment to express my sincere thanks for grandpas, grandmas, grandaunts/uncles, for their journey together with me in the last forty years. Without your supports, I could not have scored such victory and achievements to liberate the country from genocide, from war, and to make peace and to realize a complete national reunification […]

Making a Step-by-step Journey

You may ask yourselves and compare what did you have and do in 1979, and the same question now? You are the live witnesses. You may not be happy with this or that and/or satisfy your needs, but what have you got now compared to 1979? […] you are able to go to practice whatever religious faiths you may, for instance Buddhism. Teachers can now do their admirable work of teaching, take for instance in Kompong Thom, we have now 188 kindergartens, 470 primary schools, 67 junior secondary schools, and 24 senior secondary schools […] we have to make our journey step by step. We cannot make a swift pace for lack of financial resource. Some have talked of following countries with hundreds of years of development […]

CPP – Not Empty Promises, Real Peace and Development

… The country is in peace now. Please join together to keep peace and to guarantee continued development. Please do not let our country to fall into war like in 1970s […] were there no war in 1970s, there would not be genocide in 1975 through to 1979. It could have been peace for the country should they leave Samdech Preah Karuna Samdech Preah Sihanouk Preah Borom Ratanak Kaod lead the country. To assure peace and development, our people, especially eligible youth, could make a wise decision. It was to keep peace and development or not? If you choose to keep existing peace and development, you just vote for the Cambodian People’s Party which will be in position slot 20 on ballot. It will not be an empty promise. That people are currently living under the roof of peace and gradual development is not a lie … it is a reality […]

CPP Wins, People Truly Win

I have responsibilities before millions of people. Should there be a mistake in making decision, people would have faced with disasters. That would not be simple. I hope that those of you who have supported the Cambodian People’s Party will continue to do so. Voting for peace, for keeping development, one may vote for the Cambodian People’s Party, in slot 20 (on ballot papers) … it is a fact that CPP wins means people themselves win. People win because our people keep peace and prevent heinous war from coming back by hands of whoever or whatever groups they may be. People win because they build their own lives under no one’s order or command as in the time of war, genocide, and division […]