Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Workers/Employees in the District of Sa Arng and Koh Thom, Kandal [Unofficial translation]


… First of all, allow me to express my warm welcome to nephews (workers/employees) for participating in this gathering event. I thank the factories managements for giving permission to workers/employees to take a break from work for the meeting and an evening off thereafter […]

Financial Advancement to Resolve Bankrupted Business Owners

… I have instructed financial advancement of a sum of 4.6 million USD already to resolve accrued remunerations and benefits of workers when the business owners abandoned them. However, there are still issues occurring in Chak Angre and areas nearby. Please give me your reports. Why have they not been resolved? Some of the workers/employees were attempting to bring a petition to my house. You need to let me know what the problem was. I said on numerous occasions that you must perform your duty according to law and not wait for my order […] it is my intention to extinguish the fire as soon as it broke out. The smoke, however, seems to be indicating the fire is still there […]

I am seeking resolution to issue of accrued benefits of abandoned workers/employees […] crisis of holding seniority money too long and the business owners had used them for own benefits. (According to a new law) business owners can hold workers’ remunerations and benefits for only up six months. They must release them to workers. They must not neglect this obligation and leave this burden to the Royal Government (to pay on their behalves). Very often, owing lots of money in remunerations and benefits business to workers, business owners abandoned business leaving their invested capitals […]

A Cement Factory in Battambang

I am asking you to continue to make sure that you keep your jobs and incomes. Last night there was rain in Phnom Penh and here too. The weather seems to be hot indicating that there could be another rain coming this evening […] I will have to fly to Battambang province to inaugurate a cement factory, which produces 1.7 million tons per year. We have three cement factories in Kompot. The one in Battambang will make four of them with combined annual production of 7 million tons […] it has been a popular trend to using cement to build road than to using tar […]

It Is Not Necessarily About Changing a New Leader

I thank your parents and grandparents for sharing a journey with me for the last thirty or forty years. We have made our rise from ashes to get this far. We made joined effort to overthrow the Pol Pot’s regime and to prevent their returns. We worked together to make and keep peace, and with peace, we have attained chance for development. We have now come to a time when there are more senior secondary schools in one district compared to having only one before […] everything has transformed almost completely. Change is not necessarily about changing a leader. We have transformed this country from everyone did not even have things to put on in 1979. We have changed from lighting houses with torch, or kerosene lamp, to doing that by electricity. There has been great changes in our people’s living conditions. We must keep our hard-won peace […]

Promises Making Season, Wooing to Pay People’s Micro-financial Debt

The season of making promises seem to have started. Some promised they will offer so much of salary if they get elected. Recently, to my surprise, there have been promises by some that they would pay people debts (to micro-financial institutions). It is a shameful deception. Someone has written weeks ago to seek loans from me and now they promised to pay debts on people’s behalf. Has there been any country able to do that? If we can do that, why do we need to borrow money from other countries to build roads, water canals, hospitals, etc.? […] it is beyond imagination that they make such empty promises […]

Some promised people that they would pay senior citizens this or that much per month. They keep deceiving people when they themselves do not even know the ability of national coffer […] money does not come magically. I could not pull myself to believe that in this era already some have continued to deceive people (for political gains). Their topics of interest are nothing new […] come on, let us make a good campaign and not deceive people. After making promises, some by whispering and some by talking out loud, people continue to be in debts […] with their moves to deceive people for votes would lead to people turning to more loans and how could they repay on their behalves?

CPP Capable of Defending Constitutional Monarchy

It is not a good way (to seek people’s support). I should have their attentions that that would bring about more problems for people […] in round table discussion of the Royal Academy of Cambodia, some have considered monarchy their exclusive right. I wish to affirm on this pint who has the true ability to defend the monarchy, even the royal families would not be able to protect themselves. Only the Cambodian People’s Party has the ability to defend the constitutional monarchy. Some attach their political parties to the throne and monarchy as their campaign capitals. It is not a good thing […] the monarchy cannot be protected by only one political party. Doing so is naïve. They should mobilize political parties and people to join together to defend the monarchy […]

Stand Defending the Throne and Constitutional Monarchy

The monarchy is a common property. It does not belong to anyone group of people of political parties. I am one those who stand defending the throne and the Constitutional monarchy. I took an oath to Preah Borom Ratanak Kaod when he passed away. We have here three flags of the three mottos – Nation, Religion, and King. Who have initiated all this? There could be no one else but the Royal Government […] it is not certain that the royals are able to defend the Constitution. Take for instance, Prince Sisovath Sirikmatak, a royal, and he launched the coup. Many royals took to Lon Nol to destroy the monarchy.

I am not a royal but I have proved to truly defend the monarchy. I reported to the Marquis in 1970 in response to the appeal of the former King and head of state. I am calling on people, whoever they may be, not to play with commonly sacred institution […] I have said it more than one if anyone wishes to bring down the monarchy, they have to step over my dead body first. Our country is following democracy, liberal pluralism, and constitutional monarchy. Not even the National Assembly has right to amend this point. Let me remind those people who claim exclusive right to defend the monarchy […] warning you, if there is no people’s participations and the Royal Government’s firm stand to defend the monarchy, would they think that the royals would be able to do that? […]

Ballot Slot Position 20 for CPP

… After the two Buddhist sects head monks publicly drew slot positions for political parties, CPP has had its position number 20 on the ballot […] some have made jokes of it. I wish, however, to tell people that number 20 is easy to remember, to think and to tick on. It is the last one on the ballot and our people would not have difficulty to find it […] in addition to this, Cambodia will gloriously celebrate its 20th anniversary the day that war came to a complete end in Cambodia at the win-win palace […]

In 1998, we ended the war through the win-win policy. This year is its 20th anniversary. We will celebrate on 29 December 2018, on which day twenty years ago, Khieu Samphan, Nuon Chea, and other Khmer Rouge leaders came surrendering to my house […] the slot position 20 on ballot is easy to remember, to think of and to tick on. It comes last on ballot. It is like the family’s last child, who, in the Cambodian tradition, would be the one to take care of their parents […] symbolically, the Cambodian People’s Party continues to take care and serve Cambodia […]./.