Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Fifth Ramadan Ifta Dinner Ceremony [Unofficial Translation]



Harmonization among Religions and Races – Top Priority

… Our joy has been on harmonization among religions and races. There is no religious and/or racial conflict in our country. I have said it on numerous occasions that Cambodia places religious and racial harmonization one of its top priorities. We never neglect it. All we do is to ensure that our country will not experience such conflicts. It is true that our past had been full of sufferings and tragedies. It had left us with so many lessons. Learning of what religious and racial conflicts in the region and in the world could cause to a country, we are making them our lessons to achieve religious and racial harmonization in the Kingdom of Cambodia […]

Muslims Voted for CPP

As the Royal Government of Cambodia is throwing this Ramadan Ifta dinner for our Cambodian Muslims, I wish to take this opportune moment to express my sincere thanks to the Cambodian Muslims in the whole Kingdom for their positive responses to the Cambodian People’s Party and the Royal Government under my leadership. In every elections, national and subnational, especially those in 2013 and the communal council elections in 2017, in communities where reside the Cambodian Muslims, percentage of votes for the Cambodian People’s Party were high. On behalf of the Cambodian People’s Party and the Royal Government, I wish to thank you profoundly for your trusts and hope that you continue to keep your trusts and turn them into votes for the Cambodian People’s Party in the time to come.

20th Anniversary of the Cessation of War

Our country is in its process to implement democratic rights regularly. This morning there was this event to pick ranking number for political parties to contest in the coming elections. Among twenty political parties, the Cambodian People’s Party got the number 20. It was so coincident. It has been twenty years now that the war ended in Cambodia. It was an historic event in the last 500 years that Cambodia was in division, under many rules, and armed forces. In 1998, for the first time in its long history, the country has only one rule, Constitution, HM the King, Royal Government, and armed forces. The number 20 seems not by accident. It seemed that Buddha, Allah, and Christ have made it happen (for our people to easy) remember, think, and tick on the ballots […]

Ramadan Ifta Every Year

… Ramadan is a custom of the Muslims not only in Cambodia but also in the world. I already gave a message on the day that the Muslims started their Ramadan. I am thinking now where and which Mosque will I go for Ramadan dinner. In the last two years, I have chosen certain locations for the Ramadan Ifta dinner, for which Deputy Prime Ministers, Senior Ministers, Ministers also attended. I am sure that this year our Muslims are celebrating it with more joys because their living conditions have improved. That happens every year. We have made joined efforts to achieve a 7% economic growth with a low inflation and higher people’s incomes, we are in the stage of being one of the lower-middle income countries. Ambitiously, we have set out our objective to get to high-middle income in 2030. I hope that the Cambodian Muslims will make further efforts to contribute to socio-economic development and to realize poverty alleviation goal […]

More Students and Highly Educated Muslims

… After the Royal Government recognized status of teachers to the Muslim communities, we have noticed proudly that there has been progress in the field of education among the Muslims communities. The Royal Government has relieved financial burden raised by the communities and families for those teachers. As a result, we have noted that there are more students and highly educated Cambodian Muslims. I am calling for more efforts placed in training not only in religious matters but also technology and skills so that they can find proper jobs to improve their living conditions […]

Observing Member of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)

It is a great pleasure that we have made this journey together in peace and development. The speech of HE Osman Hassan has reflected high thought and evaluation […] we also heard the General Secretary of OIC mention about Cambodia’s wish to become an observing member of this organization. It is truly the Cambodian wish. I wish to relay through the General Secretary of OIC to other members the Cambodian intention to be one of its observing members. Cambodia is a small country and there is a small Muslim community but our Muslim community has a wider relation with other countries […]

Wish Some Would Not Repeat Past Mistakes

We are ensuring peace and development through a liberal pluralistic democracy with regular elections. This is not a political speech or an attempt to respond to anyone anywhere. I just wish that those involved do not repeat their past mistakes. They created war in our country causing deaths of so many people, and they continued to recognize those killers under the pretext of human rights […] together, we, combining every races and religions, have stood up to rebuild our country while they continued to allow Pol Pot’s killers sitting in the United Nations. Countries placed embargo on us politically and economically. Have those people/countries ever regretted in doing so? Some have till this time tried to inflict us with more damages […]

Self-Determination Right as an Independent and a Sovereign State

… What I just said is no political message. I just brought it up to remind the Cambodian past in which there had been more than enough sufferings already. Please do not continue to inflict damages on us. Please respect our will. All we wanted is for Cambodia to have sufficient right to make its own decision as an independent and a sovereign state. Should I go around and beg for them? I would not have to do that. We need our self-determination right […] No one can decide on our behalf because they cannot die on our people’s behalf. I hope that the Cambodian Muslims and in the world over join us for Cambodia’s successful future […]

Political Parties to Respect People’s Decisions

… I do not wish to go on. I just wanted to reaffirm once again that in exactly two months from today, on 29 July 2018, the general elections will take place. No matter how many (National Assembly) seats ones may receive, all political parties must respect people’s decision. I am sure parties to win seats, to get no seats, and/or to get not many seats to respect people’s verdict presented through free, just, and transparent elections organized by the National Elections Committee. I firmly believe that the Cambodian Muslims who wish to keep peace and development will continue to vote for the Cambodian People’s Party […]./.