Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of the Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE) [Unofficial Translation]


State Universities Still Attracts Students’ Interests

I wish to take this opportune moment to sincerely appreciate the Ministry of Education, Youths, and Sports regarding its efforts to manage tertiary education, especially those belong to the state, to attract interests and to keep going in a sustainable way, and ensuring quality of education. Though every state universities are providing on the sideline their fee-paying programs, they still maintain their supremacies in attracting students […] in this relation, as I always say it, local and foreign enterprises/companies are looking for local human resources, which, however, are not yet available in abundance. It is in this context that they have to bring in technicians and experts from abroad […]

ASEAN Focuses on Institutional and Human Capabilities

To step into ASEAN, what would be the first criteria for them to evaluate? First of all, they would look into institutional and human capabilities […] it is in this reason that ASEAN has set up an adhoc commission to help Timor Leste to prepare for accession to ASEAN. The primary objective among ASEAN – old and new members, was to reduce institutional and human resource gap. Mature members and partners of ASEAN focus on ASEAN integration through human resource training […] developed ASEAN members also do their parts to help on this matter – either offer training in their countries or sending professors to respective countries […]

Rectangular Strategy – Phase IV Gives First Priority to Human

… The elections preparation is well underway. The National Elections Committee are working on registration of political parties, which as of yesterday officially accepted 16 of them, and four more political parties to go through. Though we do not know what the elections results will be, I have been prepared and organized already the Rectangular Strategy Phase IV, in which, we continue to focus on giving first priority to education and training (of human resource) among the four prioritized areas. In 1987 or some 37 years ago, we have made water/irrigation, roads, electricity, and human resources four priorities to attract investments. Since 2013, we moved human resource to priority number 1, making the four priorities go – human resource, irrigation, roads, and electricity. In this efforts, we have reorganized our budget allowances three times bigger for education, 2.5 times bigger for health, and about 2 times the amount on social protections […] all related to human development […]

Hostels for Female Students

… Particularly in Phnom Penh, we must focus on issue relating to female students’ hostels so that they would be able to continue with their education. Taking figures provided here, we noticed increased number female students, but we should look into the whole issue. At primary and junior or senior secondary schools, there may be still equal number of male and female students. Once reaching tertiary education foundations, the difference in number between them appears […] there may be many factors to think about and one of them was the fact that female students are getting married. There could still be this objective decision based on custom and tradition and personal efforts. One more issue that the state must try to resolve would be to provide female students with hostel, through which they would have a secure residence in their endeavors for education. Female students cannot stay in the Buddhist pagodas like male students do […]

No Third Choice for Youth of Previous Generation

Looking at choices available to youth in our country now and those of former generations, there was a clear difference. There was no third choice for youth of the previous generation. In the war, after the coup (in March 1970) between 1970 and 1975, where would the youth go in that time? Those living in areas of the Lon Nol’s administration must answer to military obligation. Those living in the liberated zones also enjoyed no third choice but to serve in the military. That was what choices were for a country at war. Under Pol Pot, there was no choice whatsoever and would be answering to death ordered by Angka (the organization) without objection.

Leaving and Organize Resistance – Fourth Choice

On 20 June, we will celebrate the 41 years anniversary of the day that I left the country to search for ways to overthrow the regime of Pol Pot’s genocide. We celebrated the 40th anniversary last year. We also made a documentary, which the Ohio University has requested for further use in the benefit of their students’ research and studies there […] there were four choices for me to make back then, and the very choice that I made helped us come this far. In those days, I have roughly a thousand soldiers under my command. We might be able to launch attack and capture two or three districts. However, that would be a death wish choice. It would increase chance to die because in the end, Pol Pot would crush the rebel cold bloodedly. A second choice would be to live and die at the hand of Pol Pot. A third choice was to commit suicide. A fourth one was to leave and organize a resistance […]

Youth of Present Day Leave Universities Looking for Works

I was not even 25 years of age then […] I am sure when it came to the Pol Pot’s regime, we did not have that many choices. I had made myself a fourth choice to leave the country and to organize resistance […] as for present day, our youth would leave universities and be looking for jobs, with some may continue to look for more ways to further their educations […] it is in this understanding that we must try to keep peace that we have won and secured through uncountable difficulties. We must not allow anyone to destroy it. I will talk about it wherever I may go. It is a fact […]

Democracy and Human Rights Survive in Countries with Peace

Democracy and human rights are not taking life in countries of war. Look at Lon Nol, who even had assistance from foreign countries believed to be ones of the best democracy in the world, he could not make them happen […] wherever they went, Lon Nol’s soldiers had even decapitated other human beings, for which there are photos left till these days. Were those human rights respect? Now in Iraq, they are gearing up for elections. However, there are democratic and human rights concerns there. What about Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Sudan – where there is fighting between President and Vice President. How about what happened in Somalia, Central African Republic?

There Could Be 20 Contesting Political Parties

Anyone has a way of knowing how they go about achieving democracy and respect of human rights? We must keep on defending peace and continuing with democratic system of liberal pluralism. There could be twenty political parties to contest in the elections. Some said that Hun Sen created those parties. Some said those parties have got only heads and/or existed like fireflies […] for us, big or small, every political parties have rights in a democratic system […]

Protectionism and Unilateralism on the Rise

We have many burning issues in this world that we are living in. Protectionism and unilateralism are on the rise. There are also efforts to shape alliance in so and so free-trade cooperation zones to shield against protectionism. We must keep our eyes open and monitoring it. We also have to do what we can and be prepared for whatever consequences that may come out of this […] we had experiences from economic crisis – for instance the Asian financial crisis in 1997, economic downturn and financial crisis in 2008, from which the world has just started to recover, but with so many risks. We must figure out our mechanism to cope with this world recovery with uncertainty […]

Keeping Macroeconomic in Check and Ensuring Purchasing Power

… We must take synchronous actions. We must do what is necessary to keep our macroeconomic intact, because any upset happened to it, people’s living condition would also be affected. We have increased salary but should we not keep macroeconomics intact, inflation would have the play and the purchasing power of the salary we provided for our civil servants, armed forces, and workers, would dwindle […] it is a national matter. To resolve these we must give determined role to peace […]

HM the King to Light the Torch for Second National Games

… I must save some strength for more coming events and the opening of the second National Games. We do not have parachutes jump this time because of the weather. For this time around, HM the King will offer to light the torch and sportsmen/women will run carrying it to the National Olympic Stadium. We will keep doing it for the third and fourth time to get to hosting in 2023 the South East Asian Games (SEA Games). I will meet with our sportsmen who competed and won medals in Mongolia. It is our obligation to promote further our sports sector […]

Elections to Go According to Law

I hope that we will be able to achieve a 7% economic growth but we also must be prepared for the fact that there could be a flood situation. We must keep abreast with weather condition. Our people also started rice cultivation season. We will continue to work together for peace and democratic process through the national elections on 29 July 2018. Cambodia is no hostage to anyone person, group or political party. Elections will take place without delay. Everything is in the hands of the arbitrary institution, the National Elections Committee, who is processing registration, preparing for upcoming campaigns, and the voting itself […]./.