Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Congratulatory Ceremony of Cambodian Taekwondo Athletes Winning Medals at the 9th Asian Taekwondo ITF Championships in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia [Unofficial Translation]


Meeting for Congratulations and for Rewards

Today we are meeting here for two things – to welcome and congratulate our Taekwon-do athletes who returned with medals from the 9th Asian Taekwondo ITF Championships in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; and to present them with rewards and other supplements for our world class champions of Petanque team […] today, you will take rewards from state and from me personally, and my rewards this time seemed to cost more than those you will get from the state. When more athletes and/or sportsmen/women earn more medals from regional and world competitions, I might have to pawn my house […] some of you have won gold, silver and bronze medals altogether, while some earned only gold or silver or bronze medals alone. That is one fact that there is a big reward for them […]

Train Well in Club to Win in Competition

As Cambodians, me as Prime Minister included, as well as our people in general, are proud of you, for not disappointing us, especially when they put on this national anthem for the first winner, among the three medal reapers […] in military, they say if you do not sweat in your training ground, you can bleed in battle. As for sports, if you do not train well in clubs, you will fail in competition. This is a general theory. The same is also true that if you do not learn hard you will not pass exams […] it is on this note that I am calling on athletes and sportsmen/women of every subjects to keep up their training efforts […] I am so happy to see that our sports has moved from one level to the next. I think we can keep them up when we are making efforts altogether. Once again, allow me to express my sincere appreciation for every sports federations for their good jobs in training and practicing. I also thank concerned national institutions and private entities for providing supports to sports […] we cannot make it happen depending on national financial ability alone but togetherness will further our sports to make their ways in regional and world competition events […]

Today’s Victories Propagate Athletes/Sportsmen/women for 2023 SEA Games

We are grateful and encouraging you in Taekwondo team. We still have five more years to get to 2030, when we will host SEA Games. Some of you won medals today at your age of 13. In another five years you will turn 18 […] one of you continued to compete with only one arm and scored the points. Let us congratulate him. In this age, you are in propagation for SEA Games in 2023. We also have more sports events and contests along to test and evaluate our skills […] I wish to appeal to every sports federations to keep up their trainings and practices as we will throw the opening ceremony of national sports in the afternoon of Friday (this week) in our hope to promote our sports to a national level with more people to participate […]

We Do What We Say We Will

We have given out a big sum of money as rewards about 800 million Riels. We are determined to do it. We must do what we say we will. We fail to do it, people will say we lie. It is in this sense that as a ruling party, we cannot go around and promise people that (when elected) senior citizens will be given so and so. The reason is if we declare that we will do something, we will have to get on to it immediately. Parties out of the government may say whatever they like, but the ruling party has the duty to make what it says happen […] (on the sports achievements and prizes) we must make efforts to realize victories to ascertain that Cambodians are one human race and we did many stark things like the temple of Angkor Wat, an ancient civilization […]

People’s Dynamic Ways of Life

… There have been stories about technical assistance that I am so frustrated and would not wish to take it. Some came just to lecture us […] some assistance had recorded on paper but we did see anything left. They hired an expert to lecture us, sometimes the persons did not even know about Cambodia […] well, I just brought this up for us to raise our awareness and understanding on our long haul journey so far. One day we will get to a level appreciated as others. In 1979, we were left with nothing. Now, we have come this far and some would not even know what happened to Cambodia in the past […] our people’s ways of life have been so dynamic that some outsiders would not even notice what could have happened to this country and people. Everything in the city, among our people, and their socio-economic activities are lively. This has been a screen that block vision to the country’s past […]

Sports – A Competitive Topic

At present, sports have become a topic of strong competition. Take for instance, countries compete to win hosting of sports events […] expenses on sports have increased. In Cambodia, we even have factories that manufacture sportswear for instance for Arsenal, Real Madrid, etc. The world has spent so much on sports, and most of it goes to football. The second in the list is perhaps golf, since its tools are so expensive, but many people are buying them, though there are not many players yet. Soon, there will be more […]./.