Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Ground-breaking Ceremony to Rebuild National Road 3 from the Chaom Chao to Kompot City [Unofficial Translation]

CNV: 07/05/2018

Rehabilitated and Widened by Korea, Now Building Wider by China

I am so happy that we are starting in this ground-breaking ceremony to elevate standard and expand the national road 3 which is linking Phnom Penh to the province of Kompot. I wish to take this chance to remind you about the visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to the Kingdom of Cambodia. We (Cambodia and China) signed an agreement of over 200 million USD for the construction of the national road 3, which HE Sun Chanthol, Minister of Public Works and Transports, and the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, HE Xiong Bo, have stressed its importance to you. Previously, we made efforts to negotiate with South Korea, who had helped in rebuilding the national road 3. However, in response to improvement of people’s living condition and demand for national road 3 to support the country’s progress, we have the need to widen it further […] we are working to expand infrastructure linking the rest of Cambodia to the south-western rising star provinces along the sea – Kompot, Kep, Preah Sihanouk, and Koh Kong, to serve not only tourism but its role as economic corridor with links to neighbouring countries […]

For Salt Transportation and Distribution

There is one important point that is not in the report of HE Sun Chanthol. I wish to stress that aside from serving tourism, hydropower, and future blue water seaport, Kompot is our only province that produces salt. The national road 3 is playing important role along with the province of Kompot to transport and distribute salt to other parts of the country. That was one very important point that I had attracted the Republic of Korea under the time of President Roh Moo-hyun to help us rehabilitate and widen the national road 3. We are working to address the country’s development requirement. The current condition of national road 3 rehabilitated by South Korea is great. People are happy with it. Compared to the past condition, it is a good road. However, based on long-term vision, it will be too small for our rapid growing economy […]

Thank China for Development of This Line of Important Road

Let me take this opportune moment to express through the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, HE Xiong Bo, my gratefulness to President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang as well as the government and people of China for financing the development of this important road. (It is a fruit of) what HE Xiong Bo said in this speech about the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the People’s Republic of China, laid under the leadership of Preah Borom Ratana Kaod Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk with the Chinese former generation leaders – Chairman Mao Tsedong and Premier Chu Enlai. We have also taken good care of this relation and elevated it to a comprehensive strategic partnership […]

Development, Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights – by Peace

I could continue to affirm that there would not be development or progress in a war-inflicting country. Development, freedom, democracy, human rights – all are happening only in a country of peace. Some country have taken stern measures to keep national order. Take for instance on May 1, there were protests in France and torching cars happened. The French police arrested over 200 protesters. What was that? This clearly indicates that every country makes efforts to protect peace, security, social order. This is a country, no matter which, has to do. However, what laid us in doubt is that why when Cambodia implements its law, some countries have tried to prevent our lawful measures? […]

Saving Up for Salary, Educational/Agricultural Infrastructures, and Counterpart Funds

The Royal Government has been saving up to meet the need for salary of our civil servants and the armed forces, the operation of state hospitals, etc., but also to invest in building schools, rural roads, hospitals, etc. We have used our savings. We do not use foreign assistance. Our saving also provides counterpart funding to resolve impacts of projects such as building national road, for instance this one. We use it to clear mines, and UXOs […]

Cambodia Is Not Stuck in Crisis

I am so proud with what is happening in the Kingdom of Cambodia. I said that some small groups of people have been preaching about Cambodia in crisis. Has Cambodia been in crisis? People continue to travel, to trade, to cultivate, and to manufacture. No one is running away from whom. It has reassured clearly process of progress in Cambodia […] some people questioned why are there so many Chinese? There are numerous investments projects, how could there be no Chinese? If any countries wish to have many of their people here, they could just launch as many investment projects as the Chinese do. They blamed Cambodia’s leadership to move closer to China. The Chinese have been very cooperative in our relations. Some countries have made it hard for us just to be friend with them. With China, a big country and one of the biggest population in the world, they never judge us by size. They maintain status of equal partnership and footing. I have a good working relations with former leaders of China who are older than I was. As of present, I am still working with the Chinese leaders whose ages are less than I am […] I have been long-serving Prime Minister and I will continue for another ten years, should people vote for me […]

Concerned Institutions Offer Chances for Political Parties to Contest

I am taking this chance to appeal to concerned institutions to ascertain chances for political parties to contest before and in the elections. Some parties have registered. The Local Democratic Party has just declared its readiness to contest. Not less than ten parties have prepared themselves to deposit the required sum of money in the national treasury. Some parties are in the process of seeking supporter’s thumbs. I am calling on local and concerned authorities to facilitate whatever those parties are seeking to fulfil procedures without discrimination. This is a space of liberal pluralistic democracy of Cambodia […]

This is a wide ranging implementation of right by our people to choose their leaders. Should there be only the Cambodian People’s Party alone, it would not be a liberal pluralistic democracy country. A political party died because its illegal actions. Some politicians were banned by the court (for reason that) they committed illegal actions. It is their problem. When a political party dies does not means that liberal pluralistic democracy is dead. Though you boycott the elections […] you should not forget about other parties’ rights to take part in the elections […] as Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, it is my responsibility to urge the competent authorities and concerned for political parties to contest in the elections defined by laws […]

Many Countries Continue to Work with the Royal Government

… Some have declared that they would not participate in the elections and urged people not to go to vote. It is a clear violation of people’s rights. People have rights to choose their representatives from political parties deemed to be their satisfactions. Some said that their parties are not taking parts, the international community would not recognize the elections. Let me ask what is the international community? What defines the international community? […] they have been addicted with threats of international pressure or dis-recognition by international community. Have they seen that many countries have continued to support and to work with the Royal Government? China, India, South Korea, Japan, and countries in ASEAN and others. Are they not international community? There are 1,350 million people in China, 1,300 million people in India, only these two countries there are more than 2,600 million people already. Are they not international community? […]

Some countries, including ones with some problems with us, continue to work with us. They have not severed diplomatic relation with Cambodia. Some have gone far to predict that the Cambodian UN seat would be stripped off and given to the opposition abroad. We have just sent out another batch of some 400 peacekeeping troops and we have many in Lebanon, South Sudan, Mali, Central African Republic, etc. […] the UN is demanding more peacekeeping troops from Cambodia. The seat belongs to Cambodia and not to your kind of people […] they even spread rumor that on so and so day, so and so person would come (to Cambodia) and Hun Sen would face an arrest […] who would arrest Hun Sen against people’s support. Without people’s support, I would not be able to stand in this position […]

The Elections Will Take Place According to Schedules

The elections will take place according to schedules defined by the elections law which stipulates that every five years, it will be held on Sunday of the fourth week of July. This elections falls on 29 July 2018. The elections calendar has not changed and there will be no prolongation of any sort at all. The Cambodian law requires no recognition (of its elections) from the United Nations or any country at all. The most important factor was that people take parts in the elections according to the process organized by the National Elections Committee […] In no more than sixty days after the proclamation of the official results, HM the King would convene the National Assembly session, and designate a person of the winning political party to form the Cabinet, which will seek the National Assembly’s adoption, followed by a Royal Decree before taking an oath before HM the King […] That so and so would not recognize the elections is a normal issue […] Cambodia’s internal problem would only stay a matter of its sovereign right […]

The Cambodian People’s Party Continues to Win the Elections

I hope that after the elections, sooner or later, I will be attending the exhibition in Nanning, China. I believe that the Cambodian People’s Party will continue to win people’s supports. I will continue for another ten years […]./.