Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Solidarity Dinner Honored by the Cambodian-Chinese Association [Unofficial Translation]


Cambodian-Chinese Association Contributes to Political & Macroeconomic Stability

I have a great pleasure to be able to meet up again with everyone here in the Cambodian-Chinese Association (CCA) before we say good bye to the old year and welcome the New Year. I am so happy to see real progress as presented by Oknha Pong Khieu Se, president of CCA. In the last one year, I am so pleased to see that CCA has played an active role in driving for Cambodia’s socio-economic development. Please allow me to take this opportune moment to express my sincere appreciation to leaders of CCA as well as everyone on their personal capacity for their efforts to achieve and maintain political and macroeconomic stability.

Establishing School Teaching in Chinese

As was proposed by Oknha Pong Khieu Se, I wish to convey my agreement to the three-point plan of CCA that he just mentioned. Among them, first of all is the establishment of a center to train teachers who teach in Chinese language. It seemed that they already have 55 students in the training course. On this very point, please allow me to stress that there has been increasing demand for Chinese language while more and more Chinese investors and tourists are coming to Cambodia.

The Royal Academy of Cambodia established its working relation with Universities in the People’s Republic of China to provide senior level training for those who would pick up a career in Chinese language teaching, including those in the Royal Academy. I hope that Oknha Pong Khieu Se and Academician Sok Touch of the Royal Academy of Cambodia would seek ways together to provide speedy training courses in response to rapidly growing investments and tourists from China to the Kingdom of Cambodia […] while in 2017, there were 1.2 million Chinese tourists coming to Cambodia, for which I always asked to former President Hu Jintao and current President Xi Jinping that I wanted to have 0.01% of the Chinese population to visit Cambodia, I think we may have to rectify our demanding figure to 0.03% or about over three million in the years coming.

Establishing Scientific and Technological Institute

Simultaneously, we noted a growing size of bilateral trade between Cambodia and China and we are putting our major objectives to expand trade further. I am hereby supporting the point 2 relating to establishing a scientific and technological institute to train human resources in science and engineering for Cambodia. I strongly hope that CCA will play a critical coordinating role to realize this plan […]

Establishing Humanitarian and Social Youth Program

I hereby support the idea of promoting youth working group to establish humanitarian and social program and youth to succeed in taking over the jobs for next year […]

The Kuntha Bopha Foundation Needs the Cambodian Chinese Contributions

… I have something to ask for help from CCA in implementing an important program which I will announce tomorrow. I understand that CCA can make such contribution in relation to creating and putting into operation the Kuntha Bopha Foundation, which will be commencing officially as of tomorrow. Among you here, I am sure many are of ability to help […] the Kuntha Bopha hospital play a critical role in providing healthcare and treatment for children for free. The hospital has a big expense. While there had been financial supports from the Kuntha Bopha Foundation abroad and those provided by the Royal Government, we also have contributions from private capacity.

To further support the growing demand of the Kuntha Bopha hospital, we decided to set up the Kuntha Bopha Foundation to accumulate funding to support the hospital activities. We do not have ambition to build a new hospital but to strengthen the hospital’s existing ability and capacity […] we will be welcoming contributions from founding members, honorary members, and supporting members, besides our call on CCA, and every institution to respond to the need to strengthen capacity of the Kuntha Bopha hospital to provide healthcare and treatment for our children. Though the Kuntha Bopha Foundation abroad raised less amount of needed fund, we would not leave this hospital in limbo and inaction.

Oknha Kith Meng Contributed Land and Its Ownership

I am taking this time to express my sincere thanks for Oknha Kith Meng. I asked to borrow a piece of land about 1,300 square meters, whose current market price would roughly be eight million USD. This evening, Oknha Kith Meng will offer the land as his contribution to and will be recorded as the Kuntha Bopha Foundation’s property. He will also transfer ownership title to the Kuntha Bopha hospital […]

Peace – a Fundamental Factor for Development

I will clarify issue relating to the Kuntha Bopha Foundation and hospital further tomorrow […] I wish to see local businessmen possess bigger ability and capacity to become rich in Cambodia. I will defend them as I have done from the beginning until now and continued to do so through maintaining peace, political stability, security, and social order to guarantee more progresses and development. Peace, as we all are to understand, is a fundamental factor for development […] I hope that every one of you here and those who have not been present will take parts in keeping peace, political stability, security and social order. As you are more of businessmen, let me share with you that macroeconomic stability is no less important than political one. We must hold in on one hand political stability and on the other hand macroeconomic stability to guarantee Cambodia’s progresses […]

Uphold One China Policy and Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

Finally, while hailing once again progress realized by CCA, I ensure that there will be such gathering throughout my next ten years of power. I hope that you will support my policy on one-China and our comprehensive strategic partnership with the People’s Republic of China. I am of the opinion that the Cambodian of Chinese origin understand how important it is to continue my position of supporting the one-China policy. The Royal Government of Cambodia and the People’s Republic of China have been working together to foster and ensure a firmer comprehensive strategic partnership. Let us continue to support this policy for the sake of the two countries’ friendly relations […]./.