Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Workers/Employees in the Prey Tia [Unofficial Translation]


Are you all fine? (The Khmer New Year is approaching so) anyone of you who are in your five-month pregnancy could still dance. I heard a moment ago that there will be the Best Women in their 60’s contest on 30 March […]

Resolve Problems of Employers Abandoning Workers

I am so grateful for employers for allowing workers to this gathering and also an afternoon off with full pay […] Just now I came across a niece who told me with tear that her employer abandoned workers in her factories and they have not been paid yet. She does not know that we have released a sum of 4.6 million USD to resolve her factory problem […] Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, HE Ith Sam Heng, has just offered measures to take in future along with the recommendations I made. It is not a big problem to cover the workers’ salary (in case that employers ran away). However, there are more advantages to cover and it is a big amount. Take for instance in Kandal, there was a closing-down factory case in which a worker had an accumulating sum of twenty thousand USD advantage. That was clearly the case in which employers embezzled the money and used it for other purpose that in the end led to loss of workers’ advantages. The burden has befallen on the Royal Government […]

Triangular Angles – RGC Policies, Private Sectors’ Investment, Workers

Please allow me to thank you all for doing your parts in national development. To take a jobs and be serious with them is first of all for the benefit of yourself and family. No one in this world is well off because s/he does not have a job. In the course of our efforts, there are three angles that are interdepending one another. The first angle to start with is the Royal Government who would be responsible for policies […] the second angle was private sectors’ investments […] and the third angle was participations of workers in taking up jobs in factories and enterprises […]

Among the three angles, which are equally important and complementing each other, the Royal Government’s policies has been a responsible factor to whether there would or would not be rapid investment, jobs creation, labor-related laws, and markets for exports […] I am so happy to see there is progress in our effort for our country to become a low-middle income one […] In 2004, our national income was between 400/500 USD […] as of present our per capita income has reached over 1,500 USD […] you all are benefiting from a basic wage of 170 USD/month, which makes it roughly over 200 USD/month including other advantages. In this development, you would earn over 2,000 USD/year […]

In the world, (according to the United Nations) the poverty rate had been set at one USD. Anyone earn more than one USD would be considered living above poverty line. It has been readjusted to 1.25 USD lately. Taking your basic salary/wages into consideration, you in the industrial sector earn more than six USD/day. This has indicated that you are moving away above the poverty line […] in the course of implementing the 2015-2025 industrial policy, currently we have seen that industry already contributed a share of 30% to the GDP, while in the past it contributed only 4% or 5%. Agriculture has lowered to 25% and service upped to 45% […] increasing shares of industry and agriculture clearly indicate progress of our national economy […]

Supporting CPP Is Making Peace

… That you have jobs and incomes, which are increasing, you may ask why do you get all that? Surely, they are not from either from war or preaching of the opposition. They all are possible because of the Cambodian People’s Party, which overthrew the regime of Pol Pot, prevented its return, and secured peace through its win-win policy, which transform Cambodia from a divided country with many rulers to a unified one under one King, Constitution, Royal Government, and armed force. It is a gold and diamond opportunity for Cambodia to make effort for its socio-economic development […]

We have laid out necessary infrastructures ranging from roads, bridges, ports, airports, electricity, and required conditions to attract investments to Cambodia. Should we achieve no peace and war continued, who would have brought their investment to Cambodia? Who would bring themselves to tour Cambodia? The past experiences have taught us. Your parents and grandparents understood this better […] they have supported me, a leader of the Cambodian People’s Party, to resolve every issues happened in Cambodia since its hardest time […]

Those Committed Crimes Face with Legal Challenges

Cambodia is no longer a country at war. It is neither a country of political crisis as some have said it. Cambodia is in no political crisis […] workers are working in factories, farmers are cultivating, and traders also are busy with their businesses. Where is the political crisis? The elections will take place on 29 July 2018. To say that Cambodia is in crisis is only a story in the minds of some people, who have committed crimes. They have to face legal challenges. It is not a problem to be resolved by political means […] what you have achieved comes from peace and stability that we scored through the implementation of the win-win policy.

We must be determined to defend it and make sure the bad past will not come back […] you may wonder why Hun Sen appears in 2017/18 with workers. You know that in time of war, I was at the forefront to overthrow the genocidal regime of Pol Pot. When I became a country’s leader, in army uniform, I visited troops and helped resolved people’s hardships at the frontline. People also saw me in negotiations for a political settlement of the Cambodian problem. No leader in this world has involved more than I do in negotiation […]

Workers’ Wage of 250 USD by 2030 Predicted

We are in the process of inspecting more issues related. Wage increase is not only for 2018, 2019, 2020, but every year. In the Cambodian People’s Party’s political platform discussion the other day there was a suggestion to implement this policy between 2019 and 2023. Real figures were also suggested. I requested removal of figures because I wanted to give us an opportunity to negotiate on a yearly basis. According to predictions by economists, by 2030, workers’ salary/wages will be no less than 250 USD/month. There will be increases by stages. However, we must take into consideration a competition factor. On this note, in order to ensure your growing incomes, the best way for you to do is to take part in keeping peace. Peace will ensure development, jobs and incomes […]

Developing Countries Produce and Export More of the Same

Economic development will lead to increase of incomes […] farmers would also benefit from it too. In the whole world, who would go without eating? Our problem here is that we in developing countries are producing more of the same for exports. We are competing with each other. Take for instance, we in ASEAN are competing to export more of similar products. (Developed countries) import planes – airbus, Boeing, etc. which there is no competition as such. They sell those planes at a price they fixed. When we sell them our goods, we face problem of price and some countries even apply subsidy policy, though it is not in conformity with the WTO principles, for their farmers. They just keep doing […] though it is a violation on free economy principles […]

Three Days of Free-of-Charge Bus Service

… Normally, during the Khmer New Year, transportation service increases its cost. I am calling on all doing this business to not jack up the price. I also request for the city bus service to offer a three-day free-of-charge service for our people […] who may not be interested to leave the city, or those living in the vicinity of Phnom Penh, to go around taking its sightseeing tour […]

1 May – Take a Meal and Dance with Workers in SEZ

I will join our workers in their final beauty contest on May 1. I think I will go to the Minebea factory (in the special economic zone). I am declaring that I will join our workers to enjoy the day. I will deliver no speech but to have a good time with our workers. I used to spend my 1 May labor day with workers at the Seaport of Sihanoukville. This year, I will have meal with the Minebea workers before returning […] thank you very much for today’s meeting […] this Sunday I will meet with factories’ foremen and administrative staff from Kompong Speu. After that I will meet and have meal with the Japanese Foreign Minister […]./.