Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Graduation and Diploma Presenting Ceremony of the Asia-Europe University [Unofficial Translation]

CNV: 27/03/2018

Studying Jobs Market and Orienting Training

[…] We must make further efforts to attract investments to serve human resource training and development to serve requirement of human resource in investments. Take for instance, we are now stepping into this stage of mineral exploration and exploitation, and first of all relating to oil. How many engineers do we have concerning oil? This is our challenge. In some factories, we have noticed that many foreign technicians have been replaced these days by locals. They retain some only in areas that there is a real demand. Investors would not want to bring in experts from outside because they would have to pay them very high salary. They would prefer local resource and we have to make effort to answer to this call […]

We need to study our jobs markets and orient human resource training. It is now high time that every university – state and private, must look into demand in the jobs market to provide appropriate training modules and responsive to those demands not only for local market but also jobs demand in the region. As far as the ASEAN Economic Community is concerned, there is a great deal of thinking about flow of labour and investments. In some instances, our people may find jobs in other countries in the community, while other (ASEAN) citizens may also find jobs in our country. That would depend on companies with which they are working. We must see it as a competition to transform the region into further integration, where we are serving a new and central architectural role for regional integration and solidarity […]

Respect the Supreme Court’s Decisions

Today, I have to deliver a clear message. There have been some talks these days about (a possibility for) a negotiation. In my meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister’s envoy, we talked about a range of issues – free and open Indo-pacific, the Mekong-Japan, ASEAN, and in the end he tried to feel if there was going to be a negotiation. I asked him a negotiation with who? He dared not say who because he already said that Japan respects Cambodian law. Instead of mentioning the “National Rescue Party,” he said a group of people. I told him, I do not have right to negotiate with them. I must respect the Supreme Court’s decisions. Anyone to abide by no decision of the Supreme Court would face a two-and-a-half year jail term […]

No Law to Pardon Those with Political Rights Stripped Off

In legal aspect, I am not required to negotiate. He also mentioned about the possibility for the 118 persons (stripped off their political rights) to return to politics. I told him that in Cambodia, there is not yet a law to pardon that kind of wrongdoing. We only have a law of imprisonment that allows Prime Minister to request pardon for those who have served sentences in jail. We do not have the law to pardon those with their political rights removed […]

Insult – A Major Issue Leading to Parting from Dialogue Culture

… There is this monk who said it twice with Loeu Lai Sreng […] that he is extracting my soul. That would be even better. Why would they need a negotiation? They insulted my wife and my eldest son. They now talked about Hun Sen placing personal matter before anything else. I am a human being. You branded my wife and my eldest son as wife and son of a Vietnamese leader. What are you going to say about this? This is part of the whole thing that was leading to parting away from the dialogue culture. Again and again, you never deny what you did on me. You burned my effigy. You keep on talking about army are going against me. In light of all this, why do they need a negotiation? It would be better to leave me to fall down myself. They talked about oppositions in the party, in the government and among the people. I am already in my weakest state then. Why a negotiation?

No to Negotiation, to Pardon and/or to Sentence Reduction

Concerning this problem of negotiation, let me resolutely clarify two points. Firstly, there is going to be no negotiation with traitors. Secondly, there is going to be no pardon and/or sentence reduction for traitors. I do not care what they would say. How come they did not stay quiet and behave? They incited violence through burning of effigy and extracting soul of Hun Sen […] there are many who have now disappointed and turned back […] at the beginning, they never believe that a party would be dissolved. And even so, it would be revived. They should keep waiting […]

Japan and Australia Discussed About Assistances

You have lost your chance. I am telling you that next week the Japanese foreign minister will come and I will have a meeting with him. However, we are not going to talk this issue. The two foreign ministers will sign papers for Japan to offer assistance to Cambodia. I will have a meal with him. We will talk on things but not about you. He has been telling people a lie all around. When I headed to Australia, he told people about Australia and/or ASEAN were going to pressure me. On the contrary, Australia offered 87 million dollars in assistance […] I had a chance to meet with my people in those countries. The Australian police were startled when they I left the convoy and walked to our people […] now their made-up story about Australia ended. They make up another one about Japan […] how could he think that Japan would do such silly thing? Clearly, Japan recognizes Cambodian independence and sovereignty […]

No to Two, Yes to One

The government of Japan is doing their good deed for the 15 million population, not for a few of you […] (now, we are putting into practice a theory of) “No to Two Things and Yes to One.” What is it? (When I say) no to two things I mean (1) to offer no chance for negotiation and (2) give no pardon. That I say yes to one thing is to organize elections. The rest of them who still have their political rights would wish to decide whether they join with others or to create a new party to contest in the elections. Law allows me no rights to negotiate […]

… I just ordered to police to take phone away from Meach Sovannara. Why was he allowed to be on phone every day? He had the one to spread lies. In one hour, take the phone away from him […] his boss has been recalcitrant […] may the prison management see to that? It is the Prime Minister’s order now. Take away the phone from him […] when you planned to overthrow me, did you think about this? Now you are asking for compromise. It is too late. You may say Hun Sen is a quick tempered but that is politics […]

I do not believe that the Court of Appeal will release the traitor. It is a treason. However, I will respect the decision of the court should they let him out. I have no way of knowing or doing anything. I believe though that the court would not release the traitor. The one who ordered his arrest was Hun Sen. There was no one else […] when it comes to a treason, all, arrest must be made even at night. It is in the court’s hands and it will be up to them to do their jobs. Meach Sovannara said (from his cell) that it was a good sign that the Supreme Court passed the case back to the Appealing Court. He said it was a sign that there could be a release […] well, among all lies, the person would be escorted back to (prison at) Tropang Thlong […]

No Foreign Intervention

I already said it that at whatever cost, we must keep peace. That you destroyed peace, I had no other way of dealing with your actions except taking legal measures […] I think I stop exchange words with you. You may go on telling things you wish. Go on deceiving everyone. On 29 July, however, Cambodians will go to vote. It is not my problem that you did not make it in time for registration […] many political parties are ready to contest […] just do not hope for a political solution. They talked about international help. There is no need for that […] anyone committed guilt must be on trial and responsible for whatever s/he did […] it is a legal matter. It is not political […]

Mobilizing Army Rebellion Is Tantamount to a Coup

Now they talked about negotiation. Let me tell them again, there will be none. You are on the right track now. You burned effigy, you keep talking about the army turned against me […] “Excellency, what does it mean to mobilize the army to rebel against government?” I told the Japanese Prime Minister’s advisor. “It is a coup.” If the army come out and overthrow the government, it is nothing but a coup. Your other charge. It is not only to incite the army to rebel but to incite a coup. Well, let perhaps end here. This year we are going to have a wonderful Khmer New Year dance […]

No foreigner would order Hun Sen around. They thought Japan would apply pressure. I know Japan rather well. They never worked the way you thought them to. They have always been respectful and their choice of words have always been careful […] he did not even mention the party’s name […] why? It is because he said he respect the independence, sovereignty, and principle of no interference in the Cambodian internal affairs […]./.


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