Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Ground-breaking Ceremony to Rebuild the National Road 11 [Unofficial Translation]

National Road 8 and National Road 11 – China’s Financings

I am so happy today to be here to offer the people in Prey Veng and Tbong Khmom provinces the reconstruction of the 96-Km NR 11. It has taken a bit too long to happen. In fact, we have noted its deterioration since the flooding in 2000. We have been trying to repair it with our coffer for it to be provisionally passable. There were discussion back then whether we should build the NR 11 before the NR 8 or vice versa. We decided to build the NR 8 first because we had to wait for feasibility study of the NR 11 in relations to other roads projects connecting the province of Kandal to Prey Veng and on to Kompong Cham. They are major parts of China’s financings.

Once again, the People’s Republic of China provides financing for the reconstruction of the NR 11 that connect the NR 1 through to the NR 8, and NR 7. This project will be of interest not only for the people in own provinces but also those from Kratie, Kompong Cham, etc. who are travelling across the country. People from Northern provinces may choose in their journey to the southern part of the country either via NR 8 or on to NR 1. I am taking this opportune moment to express on behalf of the people of Cambodia our greatest thanks to the Government and people of China for their assistance in the field of infrastructural development.

In his speech, Ambassador HE Xiong Bo mentioned that where there is road there is hope for Cambodia. In Chinese they also said to earn wealth one has to build road first. It is a true analogy. I think that in these last years, the Royal Government of Cambodia led by the Cambodian People’s Party hung on to correct thought and mobilized every efforts for the construction of necessary infrastructure to strengthen Cambodia’s socio-economic development, for connectivity of internal Cambodia and with neighboring countries. We did whatever we could to bring new progresses of socio-economic development for the country […]

Aiming for 2 to 3 Million Chinese Tourists

I brought this up to show that the two countries have developed deeper relations. Progresses made in the People’s Republic of China not only provides for the Chinese but also assists people in other developing countries, take for instance Cambodia. I wish to remind that in 2001, there was an international conference. A question raised to me about whether there should or should not be concerns about China’s accession to the World Trade Organization. My response to thousands of audience was whether everyone should look for Chinese tourists or refugees? In the past, when China was in turmoil, millions of Chinese fled their country to countries in Southeast Asia, Cambodia also included […] were there be only 30 millions of Chinese become refugees and fleeing, many countries would be in difficulty to resolve their arrivals. Now that China is developed, last year (2017) we already welcomed the arrival of some 1.2 million Chinese tourists already to Cambodia […] I think that we need to readjust the figure to two or three million in the years to come. It would not be difficult because there are more and more flights between China and Cambodia […]

A Rich, Good Neighboring Attitude, Respect of Sovereignty, and Helpful China

We must see that when China becomes a wealthy country with good neighboring attitude, respect of sovereignty and independence, and helpful to other countries’ calls, we would be reaping benefits for its development. In the history, we did not see China bring its troops across its border. We should not have baseless concern regarding development in China. On the contrary, in comprehensive strategic partnership, we welcome development in China to not only help themselves but also other countries’ socio-economic development as well. In other word. When the world economy was in crisis, including those of the US and European Union, China and India had been firm buttresses of economy in Asia. Should they not be strong, messed up by the crisis too, the world could have been unstable […]

In Crisis, Chinese State and Private Projects Continued

In time of world economic crisis, Chinese projects in Cambodia continued. In 2008. The world plunged in to a crisis and as of this moment, it is still in its recovery mode. Projects administered by some countries in Cambodia suffered impacts from it. However, projects from China, state and private, continued without delay. I am so proud that we now have continued the role charted by Samdech Preah Norodom Sihanouk in fostering relations with the People’s Republic of China. As of present, under the royal leadership of HM the King Preah Borom Neat Sihamoni, and my premiership, the Kingdom of Cambodia has observed and elevated this relation regularly […]

Chinese Assistance Helps Cambodia’s Socio-economic Development, Political Independence

Since 2010, the two countries’ relations have entered a stage of comprehensive strategic partnership. I wish to affirm that the many Chinese assistances for Cambodia have not only provided for its socio-economic development but also strengthened Cambodia’s political independence. This is an important point. I also need to affirm that leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party have had consensus on fostering relations with the People’s Republic of China. It is true that we must have relations with every country in the world irrespective of political tendency but we also must know who would help us when we were in difficulty? Politically, every country maintains similar pattern of thought. A true friend is a friend in deed. Should we have no good relation with China, you may wonder if we could achieve these projects? […]

I understand that it is not wrong to implement policy of partnership of cooperation with China. We are following the path chartered by our King Father since when China was not yet a member of the United Nations. It is a far-sighted vision of the King Father to foster relation with China since the time of Chairman Mao and Premier Zhu En-lai. HM the King Preah Baat Preah Borom Neath Sihamoni has taken part with the Royal Government in continuing and elevating this relation […] in a political framework set out by President Xi Jinping regarding the “One Belt, One Road,” Cambodia will benefit from infrastructural development conducive for its economic development […] Chinese assistance has not been meagre but it is the Chinese way of speaking less but doing more […]

More Inter-Provincial Connectivity Needed

… Talking about infrastructure in Prey Veng, we can say that there are many roads and bridges serving connectivity compared to other provinces. In and from Prey Veng, there are many feeder roads/routes to national roads. However, we are in demand for more inter-provincial or between-districts roads. We need to find more investments. Some people have mocked me up about my term of a “frock-leap efforts” in the infrastructural development front. Some said it should be a giant leap. If they could do it, let them. As for me I am of my efforts to secure a frog-leap development, a leap of which gives 100 Km or 200 Km of roads […] or a 1,000 meter bridge, etc. Remember, what the great leap forward of Pol Pot brought us? […]

People in Prey Veng Support the Cambodian People’s Party

It is 23 March today or five days from the 18-March coup in 1970 – 48 years ago. What had people in Prey Veng received from the coup? Our suffering started on 18 March 1970. Prey Veng turned to be one of the fierce battles […] we made joint efforts to stand up together. It is in this note that I am thankful to people in Prey Veng for supporting the Cambodian People’s Party ever since the beginning – from saving the country from the genocide, preventing the return of the regime of Pol Pot, national reconciliation, win-win policy through to current socio-economic development stage. Our economic growth is in a progressive momentum and transforming our country from lower-middle income to higher-middle income country by 2030 […]

Another Attack on Peacekeeping Troops in Mali

… Please allow me from this event address to families of soldiers and officers whose sons/daughters or husbands are serving peacekeeping missions in Mali. Yesterday at 1:55 pm, there were mortars attacks by the guerrilla troop into the Cambodian peacekeeping troops leading to barrack on fire. However, none of our personnel was harmed. Five French soldiers were wounded though in their swift intervention. Some of them may have watched this speech live on Facebook and/or TVK […] I am calling on all of you to keep up strong spirit and take up responsibility in the Cambodian participation in world peacekeeping missions. We condemn the guerilla who continues to cause troubles not only on their people but also the UN peacekeeping troops. I am taking this opportune moment to express my sincere thanks to the French Government […]

With former President Francoise Hollande, including the many discussions with its embassy in Phnom Penh, I was able to establish a relations with France on issue of exchanging information in time of emergency between French and Cambodia (in their peace keeping missions). It is true that the United Nations is the one to take responsibility but we as French speaking countries – such as Mali, Central African Republic, Sudan, together with France, could have more information to share with one another over there […] I told the Secretary General of the United Nations, when he bemoaned the deceased Cambodian peacekeepers in an attack last year that Cambodia would not step back on its commitment but further step up its participation in the peacekeeping mission under the UN umbrella […]

That I Am Lighter Now, Will Have Wonderful Dance

This year there will be Sangkranta event in Siem Reap and there will also be one in Prey Veng – starting in the evening of 13 March. Let us dance to welcome the Khmer New Year […] we will have a wonderfully joyful Khmer new Year event while civil servants and armed forces will also receive their salary increase. In just seven more days the salary will increase for the second time in this year. Starting from 23 March, civil servants will receive their pays. On April 1, the salary will increase and payday will be even before the Khmer New Year days. I will also go to Siem Reap. As my weight is lighter I think I will have a wonderful dance. Last year I was a bit heavy so my dance was not that perfect. I could not stand long hour. This year, I will have a dance I wish […]./.