Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Gathering of Workers / Employees in the Area of Samraong Tong District of Kompong Speu​ [Unofficial Translation]


From Feed 4 or 5 Persons to 5,000 People

Please allow me to warmly welcome excellenices, ladies, gentlemen, and especially our nieces and nephews workers/employees … After my trip the a gathering in Khsach Kandal of Kandal province to meet our workers, today I am here to meet you all in the province of Kompong Speu. This week, I also have scheduled to head for Kompong Cham tomorrow, and on Saturday and Sunday, I will go to the province of Preah Sihanoukville for a gathering with workers too […] Let me remind you about this thing in 1995-96 when there was some exchanges of words between some members of the National Assembly and myself. They criticized the Royal Government for letting our farmers to sell land along the National Road 4 between Phnom Penh and Kompng Speu […] and some parts of the NR 3. I was adhering strictly to a position that we should not be afraid about that because it would bring about an opportune moment that from that land many people would be fed. When factories and/or enterprises occupy those lands, we would be able to feed more people than continuing to do farming […] farmers who sold lands could use some money to buy more lands and even saved some too. My vision from nearly twenty years ago has now become a reality […]

The Fourth Economic Pole to Come

I used to talk about three economic poles of our country – the first one is Phnom Penh, the second one is Siem Reap, and the third one is Preah Sihanouk province. I hope that the fourth economic pole will come soon in the northeastern part of Cambodia when we ensure connectivity and agro-industrial development. We have now achieved our goal to provide jobs as close as possible to nieces/nephews. I asked some over there where are their home villages. They told me they come to work during day time and to return home before nightfall. This has been our medium and long-term vision. Previously, we pursued this policy to relocate schools to rural areas to allow more students to study. However, in the last 15 years, we have commenced this initiative of relocating factories closer to local people. Concentration of factories in Phnom Penh also caused problems to urban settlement, and difficulty to get a jobs for our people living away from the capital […]

Kompong Speu Ended War in 1996

You may not forget that Kompong Speu province was one of the toughest fighting front. War ended here in February 1996. There was this pilot implementation of win-win policy […] Starting in February, some people asked me if (Gen.) Keo Pong (of the Khmer Rouge) who was allowed to come to Phnom Penh did not keep his end of the promise and never return. My answer was that would be no minus or plus to the overall situation. If Keo Pong did not implement what he had discussed with us, we would not lose anything and the Khmer Rouge also would not gain anything at all. However, should Keo Pong do it, we would have the whole area of Oral. It turned out that he did it as we wished. I went there for integration. Impact resonated to farer places. Later, Ee Chhien and Sok Pheap (of the Khmer Rouge) rebelled in August […]

As we wished, the whole country united and on 29 December 2018, we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the implementation of the win-win policy as we would have by the built a win-win statue to remind us all about how the win-win policy ends the war. It was because of such policy that we are able to establish this factories zone in Kompong Speu. Should we not implement the win-win policy, not only that we did not end war or establish the factories zone here, no one would enjoy their sound sleeping. People in rear would have assist in any way they could to help with the war activities like transporting food to the front […]

Current Development Arisen Because of Support of CPP Policies

We must connect between peace and development. Cambodia had gone through so much sufferings as you may know. Your grandparents and/or parents shared the journeys with me in the liberation of our country from the regime of Pol Pot and the prevention of its return. They supported my policies or those of the Cambodian People’s Party, especially in implementing the win-win policy to realize full peace, a foundation on which we embark on development to respond to demand of people’s livelihood. You have chance to get jobs because of peace and established necessary infrastructures. In this area of our country, if we do not maintain NR 4, improve our blue-water port, build and secure production of electricity, and its transmission, NR 3, NR 42, NR 44, NR 51, etc., when do you think that people in Kompong Speu have what they earn these days? […]

Protect the Hard-Won Peace

The Royal Government under the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party reserves no efforts to build every necessary conditions and foundations in response to national developments’ demands. We ensure strengthening of peace and political stability, obstructing destruction by criminals for the sake of keeping time for the country to continue to develop. Some may not like it this way. It is up to them but for us we are doing everything to satisfy the fifteen million people. We dare to scarify for people’s peaceful life. Millions of us Cambodians died in the period between 1970 and 1975, in the reign of Pol Pot, and also in internal war between 1979 and 1998. People suffered more than enough. In this note, we allow no one to harm peace that we have in hands. It is with peace that we have chance to develop […]

Instead of Effigy, They Should Get Rid of All Dragon Statues in Pagodas

… Let other say whatever s/he likes to. I wish to send them a message too that burning Hun Sen’s effigy would not do me any harm. I may tell them one way of doing it right. Hun Sen was born in the year of dragon. If you wish to harm him, you have got to remove and destroy every dragon statues in the Buddhist pagodas […] remember, dragon statues in the pagodas or it would not do me any harm […] well, when a dog bit your leg, you would not bite it back, would you? […]

Well, in Kompong Speu, please allow me to keep one son here with you. Hun Mani is my youngest son and he is a member of the National Assembly representing this constituency. He always reported to me about what is happening in the province […] Last night I sat having dinner with my youngest daughter and a daughter-in-law. Hun Mani went to a wedding of A Joi – a comedy actor […] later, there was some social media postings that Hun Sen’s son – Hun Manet, is a great drinker. My youngest daughter said at our dining table that it was not right. In fact Hun Sen’s son is not good at drinking, his daughter is. It was just a joke. None of my children are born a drunkard. However, people should not do drunk driving and beware of traffic accidents […]

A Country Has To Have What It Needs for Defense

… I still have one more event to attend this evening, the closing of annual conference of tourism and the bestowments of Awards for Clean Cities. I will have one even to attend tomorrow morning in Srey Santhor district of Kompong Cham province. On Friday, I will have a meeting with factories foremen, employees, and managers at Koh Pich, after which I will leave for Kompong Som (Preah Sihanoulkville) province to meet with some 40,000 workers on Saturday and Sunday […] last night news came in about our special cargos […] it was not drug. It was tens of thousands of tons. A country has to have what it needs to defend itself. Samdech Tia Banh took care of this matter. Well, you understand that. He is the Minister of Defense. He would not transport flowers, would he? […]

Go to Vote and Vote for the Cambodian People’s Party

I am calling on nieces/nephews, and bring along your grandparents and parents, to go to vote on 29 July 2018. I hope that you and your families will vote for the Cambodian People’s Party to continue to lead the country. On this note, I think that those who are calling on people not to go to vote are making a strategic mistake. If they would do so, it could mean that everyone going to vote would only be those who support the Cambodian People’s Party. Do they not think that they make a wrong calculation? In fact I should let them do whatever they wish to […] your strategy was to ensure low voters’ turnout. Look! what happened in France lately, only 50% of voters exercised their rights. President in the US never received more than 50% of votes because only 50% of voters went to vote and they voted for two candidates […]

Go to Vote and Do Not Go to Vote Is One’s Right

… There would not be a problem if one go or not go to vote. It is one’s right. There are many countries in this world where only 50% or 60% of voters exercised their rights. Those heeded their appeals would not be the ones to vote for the Cambodian People’s Party. It would be fine if they would not go to vote. Only those voting for CPP would go, would it not? […] It is good that they are calling on people to do so. As for us, we just let our supporters to go to vote and vote for the Cambodian People’s Party. Why do I say so? (I said so because) the Cambodian People’s Party appeal to them to go to vote and vote for it. Those who would answer to the appeal to not go to vote, let them not vote […]./.