Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen at the Meeting with Factories Workers/Employees in the Kob Srov Area

CNV: Disables in Private and State Sector Jobs

I am so surprised that this is my first time to have met with disable workers. It is an indication that the Ministries of Labor and Vocational Training, and Social and Veteran Affairs, have taken actions in incorporating 2% of disable labor force into the state sector jobs and 1% disable labor force into the private sector jobs […] we have seen some progress today. I have checked with them about their income. They earn roughly two hundreds USD. It has indicated the Royal Government’s care and consideration for the disables […]

Three Angles in Industry

… We are implementing the 2015-2025 industrial policy. We have three angels here that I have considered them angles of safety, of income, and of economic growth in industry. You workers are actors in one angle. Investors are one other angle. Without workers, they would not be owners of factories. Without factories, you would be staying home with families and working in agricultural sector. There is one other angle though and it is the state. The state plays a role that determines destinies of the previous two angles […] the state plays a critical role in bringing about everything that you have today. It also created favorable conditions for private sector (to invest and create jobs) and you workers to find jobs and earning annually increasing incomes […]

CPP Has Done Three Things

… We may look back a bit. In order to have what we do today, we had to fulfill so many works. The Cambodian People’s Party made great sacrifices – firstly, we overthrew the regime of Pol Pot’s genocide to save people’s lives, including those of your parents and grandparents, for instance. Secondly, we prevented the return of the genocidal regime of Pol Pot. Thirdly, we have sought national reconciliation and made peace through the Paris Peace Accord. We put out win-win policy that unites the land for the first time ending a chapter of our history of divisions. We have realized a national unity for the first time in our history and brought to Cambodia gold and diamond opportunity. We have made use of those opportune moments, thank to peace and national reconciliation, to issue policies by sectors and sub-sectors for national re-development […]

Financial Institutions Predict Optimistic Growth

… It has been days now that the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have continued to be optimistic on strength of Cambodian economic growth for this year and the year to come. We have been able to keep inflation below 4% or even 3.5%. This has caused no trouble to the market. Look at our exchange rate, throughout a 12 months period, only for two months that the Riel currency depreciated. As for ten other months, the Riel currency increases its value to below 4,050 Riel per USD […]

A good macroeconomic management has guaranteed purchasing power […] some asked why Cambodia allows use of many currencies. According to our unique experience, it is better than having only one currency in the system. It was a special case too that in late 20th century Cambodia was a country without currency of any kind at all, no markets, no schools, no hospitals, and no exchange of goods.

After the liberation in 1979, people bartered. We printed money in 1980. Cambodia was the only country in the world that suffered a tragedy in the 20th century, in which 3 out of every seven people died. People massacre and cities destroyed or left empty. Even in the year 2000, I came along this place. It was a remote area […]

Opposition Groups Tell Foreign Country Not to Help, Buy or Invest

… Factories have in fact reached some provinces and our young workers do not have to stay away from home. They do not have to travel to work in Phnom Penh. We have factories in Svay Rieng, Preah Sihanouk, Banteay Meanjei and more. We have factories in Kandal where they employed tens of thousands of workers. They provide jobs for our people. The Royal Government of Cambodia, led by the Cambodian People’s Party, has made tremendous efforts, and you could remember, to make things happen, to offer you jobs and to earn income. It was not because anyone else as the opposition had said. The opposition groups tell foreign countries not to help, not to buy, and not to invest in Cambodia. They did it in the past. They are doing it today. They even try to cause us destruction by putting into operation a color revolution. We have caught them. Unforgivably, they have to be responsible.

No “Big Brother” in Factories

I have noted with pleasure that day after day involved stakeholders – owners of factories, workers, and management, have worked out their differences in a civilized manner. This is a victory we have secured from implementing policies relating to jobs, improving productivity, and promoting exports. I am taking this opportune moment to express my sincere appreciation for factories owners and management at every level, trade unions for such endeavors and achievements. We must not allow anymore “big brother” gangsters in factories. What is the “big brother gangsters”? It happened before and it no longer exists now. We must not allow its relapse.

The big brother gangsters are those, despite their small in number, who agitated other workers to go on strike or demonstration. We must not allow that to go on. Everyone has to respect the right of some 50 people who wish to go on strike. However, the 50 on strike must also respect rights of thousand others who want to work. We shall not allow that to happen again. Make no mistake the gang of big brothers in factories always has someone behind their backs, including also trade unions with opposition tendency […]. I would continue to call on factories owners and management to seek understanding and find a solution together. That is the better way than expelling workers. Workers also have to apply peaceful means resolving problems with them, rather than going on strike […]

Female in Pregnancy Policy Applied to Village/Commune Levels

… Once you are married, female workers, your pregnancy time will arrive. You will benefit from the Royal Government’s policy for female workers in pregnancy. I also need to convey today to female workers in commune and village Administration concerning our decision for them to have access to similar benefits as those we have decided and implemented for female workers and female civil servants, in army and in sports. We have in all some 60,000 villages/communes administrators who will benefit from free medical checkup and treatment in state hospitals. It is the same policy applied for workers. Female workers at village and commune administrations will also benefit from pregnancy and delivery policy as well […]

No Peace, No Development

It has now come to what I wish to tell you. In order to guarantee that you have jobs and to earn income, we have to make effort to keep our hard-won peace. Should there be no peace, there would not be development. I talked about process of democracy and human rights, social development, poverty alleviation. They all are born only in countries of peace. They are not born in countries at war. Cambodia’s past showed clearly and sufficiently how people ran away from their homes, lands, factories, schools, in time of war. There was no peace of mind. Teaching was impossible and if it was, there were trenches dug around their classrooms […] Let us see what war caused in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan, etc. Would any tourists wish to visit them now? When Cambodia was in war, the Japanese government allowed their people to visit only Phnom Penh and Siem Reap […]

We must keep peace and we must continue to work together for socio-economic development with the growth that we are sure to run around 7%. We will continue with our determination to move our country from lower-middle income country to higher-middle income country in 2030. We have 13 more years to get there. Some may brag that they would do it sooner if they were in power. I just reminded them that it had taken China a hundred years to get to a target. They said a dream of the People’s Republic of China started in 1949. China has now set its goal to be a developed country by 2049 or 100 years after that.

Cambodia has just secured peace for 19 years, counting from 1998. With countless consequences left by the regime of genocide and war, with so many UXOs and ordnances have yet to clear off our land, it is not as easy as one moves one’s tongue. I am calling on our workers and people to make efforts to keep our country at peace, political stability, and guarantee work stability and safety. Without peace, political stability, social order, there would be no work safety for you. No factories, hotels, restaurants, or any other productions would survive under shelling and bombardments. Factories would also not be safe with big bother gangsters and their clashes […]

Democracy and Liberal Pluralism No Hostages of Anyone

We continue to provide jobs for our people. We are asking our people to keep what they are having and keeping peace. We are maintaining democracy and liberal pluralism because in 2018, we are going to have the Senate elections on 25 February, and the general elections on 29 July. I hope you and your parents and families will continue to vote for the Cambodian People’s Party so that I will be continuing to lead our country. We have shared hardships and peace together from the most difficult time until the present. It is time that we must hold on to this gold and diamond opportunity to advance further. We allow democracy and liberal pluralism no hostages to or by anyone. Though there would be no participation from them, the elections would carry on […]

Voters registration lists updates have finalized. Elections will proceed as planned, no matter how many parties there will be. Law has forbidden some (form contesting in the elections) but not other people in general. Some countries have just reviewed their law on political parties and they have taken a more serious stand than Cambodia. A country ruled by law only would be a real democratic one and would ensure a democratic process. Exercising democracy without rule of law would be more of uncontrollable anarchy, and finally, would bring more devastation and sufferings. We are determined to carry through democracy, liberal pluralism, and rule of law altogether in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

We are going to vote according to schedules defined by the Constitution and electoral law, which stipulates that one a Sunday of the fourth week of July, every five years, there will be general elections […] Taking part in the elections or not would be up to them. Not going to vote is also a right. Going to vote is also a right. We are implementing true rights in the Kingdom of Cambodia […]./.