Selected Comments Samdech Moha Bovor Thipadei Hun Manet, at the inauguration of Khmer Fresh Milk Company’s Kiri Sour Dairy Farm [Unofficial and translation]



(1) Takeo well-known for fertilized eggs, lobsters, and now fresh milk

Previously, Takeo is well known throughout the country or even crossing the border only of its fertilized eggs and lobsters. In the past, there used to have eggs (of the chickens raised on the farm of) Samdech Vibol Panha (Sok An). We now have in Takeo province an additional product (of fresh milk), which is distributed throughout the country and making Cambodia even more famous […]

In Takeo province, 90% of the registered voters went to the polls, (of which) 86.67% voted for the CPP. In Bati district, 93.39% (of the registered voters) went to the polls, and 88.95% voted for the CPP […] thus confirming trust in the CPP Royal Government’s efforts led by Samdech Techo and its many leaders […]

The people’s supports provided energy and called for determination and commitment of the Royal Government of the seventh legislative term led by the Cambodian People’s Party to try to serve the people further. In fact, today we are here to encourage the production so that it will be able to distribute across the country, benefiting farmers in this area […]


(2) Skills transference helps develop continued sustainable development

Development needs to be planned, visioned, and guaranteed to be in continued sustainability through the transfer of skills. Out of the genocide in the 1979, we lacked real human resources. We rebuild the country from scratch. Building human resources is important […] whereas in the late 1980s, we switched from the planned economy to a free- market economy […] after the end of war in 1998 and until the Covid-19, we had led the country to grow by more than 7%, the fastest one among the 10 countries in the world, becoming a lower middle-income country in a short period of time thanks to our efforts to develop ability in planning, and implementation of the Cambodian officials. Most of the Cambodians younger generation officials have had training in the country […] and they now can do the job themselves […] – the brains of Cambodian children, as long as there are opportunities, are remarkably capable. Even cows from Australia can be raised in Cambodia for milk […]

(3) Increase agricultural productivity to improve domestic revenue

We need to further attract (investment) to ensure job creation, increase technology, increase capacity and self-ownership, especially in the agricultural sector […] Almost all ASEAN countries are agricultural rich. Therefore, exports are competitive. We need to increase (agricultural) productivity to increase domestic revenue […] where the (consumption) demand is higher, it needs more efficient production. We need to make sure that the production is of good quantity but also ensuring that their incomes increase […] our agricultural policy is not about what the farmer grows, but what (crops will help) them get more income and make more profits […] the Royal Government has been issuing numerous policies (including offering some discounts) on agricultural raw materials and no tax on farmland or reduction of electricity prices […]

(4) Four dairy farms contribute to the promotion of nutrition, healthy growth, physically and spiritually

[…] The milk production of the four dairy farms in Cambodia contributes to the promotion of nutrition, especially among children and students in need of nutrition for the growth of physical and mental health, as well as reducing imports of milk and dairy products from abroad […] the Royal Government, the Ministry of Education (Youth and Sports) and its partners have set out a nutrition policy for primary schools, for a few hundred schools in 10 provinces, to help redress lack of nutrition […] I think many parents can provide their children with nutritious and quality food. The food quality is important. What they have to eat from early childhood can affect them in their older ages […]


(5) Expand business partners to open channels to ensure more marketable products

In the seven months since the new government was formed, we have tried to encourage both private investment in the country as well as foreign investment […] worked to expand trade partners, negotiated free trades with a number of countries to diversify marketable and more lucrative productions […] globally, almost 90% of the countries in the world are engaging in agricultural exports. It requires us to work hard to find market and to be creative not only (in/for agriculture) but also in/for all sectors – industry and tourism included […]

In the first three months of 2024, the Cambodia Development Council (CDC) has approved 106 new and production expansion projects with a total investment capital of USD 2.2 billion and would create more than 107,000 jobs […] in order to establish a factory, let me stress here, each company has to conduct studies, the government must set policies, and encouragement, and create an environment of peace and stability […] whereas each province strives to compete to attract more investment for the benefit of the people in each of their province […]

(6) Economic development is to make people rich, have rights, opportunities and choices

What does the word economic development mean? […] let us not explain it in economic theory. In simple words, it means we are making people rich. People have the right to freedom, the opportunity to learn, to get medical treatment, to travel, to find a job, earn more, thus a better life […] the fact that we have been able to move factories closer to the people here is because we have other infrastructural needs in place such as electricity, water, and transportation, otherwise Kirisour factory would not be here. Dairy products need to be transported quickly and need to be refrigerated […] beef need to be frozen […] and as an agricultural province, in the time to come, Takeo will have had many options […]

(7) The Funan Techo canal would increase socio-economic feasibility of millions of people in the southwestern provinces but also has implications for other areas

We have here choices in industry, agriculture, and tourism […] we have a policy to expand the five economic poles – Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, Battambang and the Northeast. Each pole has its own potential […] I have seen endless debate about this historic (Techo) canal project […] in the Angkor Borei district area of the former Funan era […] the canal would increase the socio-economic feasibility of millions of people in the southwestern provinces but also has implications for other areas. Inland waterway transport from northeastern Kratie, adjacent to the Mekong River, and even Battambang, or, say, the provinces around the Tonle Sap, could later transport goods by water. It is not at all a threat to anyone even our friends in the area […]

(8) The Funan Techo canal is an existing natural waterway; EIA carefully conducted; and all is abiding by international law

The canal is 100 meters in width, and has a depth (for navigation) of 4.7 meters, thus it (can allow transportation by any) ferry with a capacity of 3,000 metric tons […] and it will help transport containers by ferry/ship to facilitate the economy along the canal and will be connected from the sea (to inside the country) […] Some people have had concerns about environment impacts […] Please note that (1) this canal is 180 kilometers long, but 135 km is an existing natural waterway […] and we dig a new section of only 7 km […], with 38 km more to be adjusted so that the navigation can negotiate the turns […]; (2) we have conducted possible environmental impacts assessment (EIA) […] for 26 months, by more than 40 world-class researchers, engineers […] specialized in hydrology, environment, socio-Economics […] and (3), we have done it in abiding by international law […]

(9) The Constitution prohibits foreign military bases, does not allow use of the country as a base against other countries, and obviously no warships can navigate in the canal’s depth

Finally, a newspaper analyst has led readers to concern that this canal would allow a superpower to maneuver warships (nearer) to another country, thus creating an imminent risk. Let me tell him that firstly, the Constitution of Cambodia does not allow foreign military bases on its territory; secondly, we do not allow our country to be used as a base against other countries, even any action against any country; thirdly, for a depth of 4.5 meters, how to bring a warship or aircraft carrier in/through […] Samdech Techo clearly confirmed […] Cambodia does not make enemies with other countries. We are pursuing friendly relations with all countries. We do not take any country as an enemy. We live together in harmony. International policy is to have friendly relations with all countries […] we are concerned only about how to prevent war (inside the country) itself. We have neither time nor intention to go to war with any country […]

(10) Economic growth of 6.6% expected with renewed investment and innovation

For the Cambodian economy, so far, of course, there has been a slight slowdown in the Covid-19 period, but the Royal Government has been able to increase the annual growth to 5.6 percent, and this year it is expecting to settle somewhere at 6.6 percent. This growth means that economic activity will continue. We do have inflation, which affects the income of the people, but at the same time, our economy is getting back to be vibrant as there is now continuation of new investment, which creates new hope […]; we think this is a stage of recovery and resumption of growth […] the Royal Government knows that the hiccup these years have affected (people’s) incomes. The Royal Government will continue to restore economic stability and rapid growth so that the living standards of the people can be as good as before the Covid-19 […]

(11) Supporting the Cambodian People’s Party to continue to serve the people is not a wrong decision

As long as the CPP-led Royal Government continues to have the opportunity to serve the people, we will do our best to ensure more and more development and progress everywhere […] (it is true that) we have not been able to solve yet some issues as our people might have wished and for some other issues, we have been slow to solve […] however, please believe on one thing that the fact that you have provided supports to the Cambodian People’s Party to continue to serve the people is not wrong. The Royal Government of the seventh legislative term, and the terms thereafter, if there is support from the people, will continue to serve the people without getting tired […]


(12) Let us play more traditional games creatively, while finetuning development and conservation together

Before concluding, on the occasion of Sangkranta – the Khmer New Year, I would like to ask the provincial authorities to cooperate with the national working groups to help strengthen and in arranging the celebration locations a good environment, to look after the order, especially to pay attention to security issues in the celebration […] this year, we do not have Angkor Sankranta, but everywhere Sankranta – at schools, pagodas, villages, communes, districts, provinces and cities […] I am asking you to celebrate with the impression of playing creatively our traditional games […] and traditional dances […]./.