( 2-6-2013 ) Item 11 of the Provisional Agenda: Revision of the Rules of Procedures

In the framework of the Progress report on the implementaton of the recommendations of the evaluation of the Global Strategy and the PACT intitiative, the World Heritage Committee at its 36th session took note of the Implementation Plan concerning the Global Strategy prepared by the first meeting of the Open-Ended Working Group established by the 18th session of the General Assembly.

By its Decision 36 COM 9A, the Committee noted that a number of recommendations concerned the revision to its Rules of Procedures; it therefore decided to include an item on Revisions to the Rules of Procedureson the agenda of its 37th session.

The present document contains proposals in view of the Revision of the Rules of Procedure of the World Heritage Committee based on the recommendations​made in this regard by the Open-Ended Working Group.

Document WHC-12/36.COM/9A can be found at the following address:


Draft Decision: 37 COM 11, see Point

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