Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, conversation on the occasion of solidarity dinner with a group of journalists who used to cover his schedules events in the past [Unofficial Translation]


Today, we do not have a big topic. It is a meeting to thank you all – the journalists – who worked directly with my activities in the past. The number of people who work in the press are many, but the number of people who worked directly with my schedules, there are not many. In this event, we only bring people who are directly involved in my activities, not just journalists, even drivers for journalists, to the gatherings (so that I can) express (my) sincere thanks, as well as (we can have a) solidarity dinner together. This evening, there will be accompanying music as well […]

We must not think of short-term interests, while giving up the long-term interests. I can be the Prime Minister for another 5 to 10 years. It is not difficult if we take into account the level of support of the people. My health is possible, but doing so we think only of one side of our power. This kind of thinking can be wrong, and such thinking always happened the past. In some countries, this is the case, which has put the country in crisis because they have not had time to prepare the leadership locomotive. There is no better choice than we all are making sacrifice. Our sacrifice is for the peaceful life of the people. There is nothing to fear […]

Unfriendly circles always think that Hun Sen will not easily give up power. Hun Sen is addicted to power. On this note, the announcement (of power transfer to) Hun Manet, according to them, is just a form of declaration […] I believe that these people still do not know Hun Sen well until they die. What can Hun Sen not do? Had there been anything that Hun Sen never do? Hun Sen had done everything. Against bullets sprayed from the front, Hun Sen pierced through and into the enemy’s line. Hun Sen traded life for the survival of the people. Hun Sen traded life for peace for the country. Hun Sen traded political life for political and economic reforms. Why can’t Hun Sen do one thing that guarantees the long-term stability of the country – to leave (power together) with the elders of the party and the government […]

Only if we dare to make such sacrifices will we provide opportunities for the next generation. Imagine for a second, if I were to hold on to power until my last breath, what could have been happening, especially when we had not had prepared for the next generation into power? This uncertainty of who would continue after Hun Sen had been a problem for many years. This story started to surface in Tokyo, Japan. The question about who would take over after Hun Sen was not a trivial matter. At that time, the Japanese side joked that after Hun Sen there would be Hun Sen, still […]

Now it is clear that after Hun Sen is Hun Manet. This is certain. When announcing the news about Hun Manet taking over as Prime Minister in place of Hun Sen, you may ask if any people had withdrawn money from the bank or were ready to flee abroad. Are there any investors ready to leave the country? Are there tourists who have canceled trips to Cambodia for fear of (political) instability after the transition. There is none. As of now, there are only eight days left before power is transferred […]

Everyone must remember that whether the executive branch is handed over to the next generation or the successor, what we all should be remembered is that the previous generation has not yet retired politically. I myself am still the president of the ruling party. The four vice presidents and other permanent members have not yet left the ruling party. This system of having the frontline and the backline is a guarantee. These two lines become a strong force of political stability, which is the foundation for further development. I do not want to talk much about politics […]

Some (sleep and) dream of being Prime Minister. Even living abroad, s/he is dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister. From abroad, they send in their orders to (their followers) the country. But (in order to hold this position, one) has to be destined. I should bring up this miracle, which there are possibly still witnesses alive. When Manet was born, an unimaginably large fire flew over the roof sending the bright light into my house. That was when Manet took his birth. This child has gone through hardships since he was in the womb of his mother. Both mother and son were quite miserable and tried to survive. He received education and training to become a good child who is able to take over.

I thought that if the CPP vote was anywhere lower than 74%, (the percentage of votes that the Cambodian People’s Party received) at the commune elections, it would be clear that the people voted against this transfer. We announced that Samdech Techo Hun Sen would be the candidate for the post of Prime Minister and Hun Manet would be the future Prime Minister candidate. We give a hint that Manet will take over. Thus, the commune election in 2022 (CPP won) more than 74% of the vote […]

What I wanted to know (on Sunday, 23 July 2023, when I came to the Peace Palace to host a dinner for the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau) was not how many seats in the National Assembly the CPP had taken. What I really wanted to know was what percentage of the vote did the CPP win so that I can decide whether I should continue or let the young team take over. The figures clearly reflected. The votes increased (from) more than 74% (in the commune/Sangkat Council elections) to more than 82%. That means 8 percentage points. Not a trivial matter. The people must have voted in favor of the shift. That is why there is no turmoil about the succession of the next from the previous generation […]

Today, we have here the future Minister of Information, who will take office soon. He is a candidate I have been grooming for (this position for) a long time. At first, I thought the minister who will leave the post is one year younger than I am. (Actually) he is one year older than I am. In the 1980s (he) was one of the young intellectuals who provided support for my reforms. Now we are no longer young […] it is now time for us to leave. His Excellency Ouk Prathna, the Senior Minister for the Special Mission, will also leave […]

Is Pen Bona here today? He is. I should have informed you all that we will have a new government spokesperson. Hun Manet worked directly with Pen Bona, who will be the spokesman for the Royal Government. We must have a government spokesperson unit. I see that they are preparing a group of people who are capable of responding to situations. I did not interfere in their affairs, but they also consulted with me. (I said to them, true, you) should be prepared and choose. Just get to work.

(I am sure that) for the departure, this is a strong team […] I have not gone anywhere yet. I avoid influencing, however, the affairs of the government. I have had the experience before. I am the Prime Minister (but was) not the party president. But I do not confuse party work with government work […] even during the time of conducting the negotiation (for the political settlement of the Cambodian problem), I told the Political Bureau (of the Party at that time) that if I had to go to the negotiation, I would have to be given power (to decide what to do). I could not call and ask Phnom Penh on every issue. I had to decide immediately […]

I want (the new generation of government leaders) to stand up for themselves. The other day I told them that by 2028, they must stand on its own. They should not rely on dependency. Of course, as the Party President, the Party Vice Presidents, the Party Leaders, we continue to help, but decisions have to be made on their own. The political platform of the Party has been sufficiently laid out and they just have to be creative in the implementation […] Once again, I thank you all (for your tirelessly efforts in the past). Please do not forget that I am still working. I just stepped down as Prime Minister. You can all work with the new Prime Minister, and you may occasionally come across Hun Sen in the future too as I will be the President of the Supreme Council of the Throne, and the President of the Senate. I have not gone anywhere yet./.