Audio Message of Samdech Techo Hun Sen. message responding to Radio Free Asia’s broadcasting regarding the CPP’s candidate for National Assembly Speaker [Unofficial Translation]


Revered venerable Buddhist monks,
Dear compatriots.

A while ago, coincidentally, I turned on YouTube and came across an RFA broadcast that said, “The CPP has a serious matter” in which (this radio) raised two issues. First, it was shown (that there has been disagreement) that so far, Samdech Tea Banh and Samdech Men Sam An have not yet announced their supports for Dr. Hun Manet as Prime Minister. Except for Samdech Sar Kheng, who sent a message of support.

They still take every opportunity to attack the CPP internal issues, even if their attacks are useless. It is not necessary to give that a confirmation. Please look forward to the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Cambodian People’s Party tomorrow with the members of the Royal Government of the 6th legislature that has just finished (its term) and the Royal Government of the 7th legislature that will take office in the near future. RFA should not be too stupid and provoking or audience will step on its heels.

The first point (which) they thought that the CPP is fighting (each other) for power in relation to the candidate for president of the National Assembly. Let me inform you that the candidates for the post of National Assembly President have been prepared since the end of 2021. Lok Chumteav Khuon Sodary, currently the Second Vice President of the National Assembly, will be the President of the National Assembly in the near future. This is a practical implementation of women’s role in leadership. His Excellency Cheam Yeap is still the First Vice President and His Excellency Vong Soth, who is currently the Minister of Social Affairs, will be the Second Vice President of the National Assembly.

You (RFA) should seek (more information) to make thorough analysis rather than (trying to make) everything internal dispute of the CPP. (Let me remind) RFA, as well as other Khmer-speaking foreign radio stations, to remember that the CPP is not in the habit of power struggles, as you have been, and have collapsed due to your internal conflicts. You can see the internal unity of the Cambodian People’s Party on the organization (of leadership of this new generation).

I would like to take this opportunity to confirm that His Excellency Dith Monti, President of the Supreme Court, wrote a letter to the King seeking his retirement from the position of President of the Supreme Court due to his advanced age and poor health. Therefore, some (dignitaries) are also (going into retirement). (CPP) are preparing candidates to run for the Senate because some senators, including the President of the Senate, the Vice President of the Senate, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs commission will be subsequently going into retirement and will not re-run for the seats as they are old and in poor health.

(…) You do not need to provoke on the matter of internal relations of the Cambodian People’s Party. Just open your eyes wide to observe the CPP. Tomorrow you will see the composition of the new cabinet (- the one that) has yet to pass the National Assembly’s approval. I would like to inform you more clearly that the CPP is not in the habit of vying for this position or that position (as you blindly guessed) … Lok Chumteav Khuon Sodary has already been appointed as the President of the National Assembly. My comments have gone into press since you have not stopped your Radio Free Asia broadcast. May all the Buddhist monks and nuns not believe in such unfortunate propaganda. Let this radio continue to lie so that it works in the interest of the CPP to win. The victory of the CPP has partly won from their lies, which are immoral lies. (Free Asia) is the most unvirtuous radio and person in the world and full of savage nature. Thank you for your attention./.