Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Conversation with factory workers in Krakor district, Pursat province [Unofficial Translation]


(1) Deleting the Facebook account with 14 million followers

You all are using Facebook as a means, but you should think of having other means like Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, or any other system just in case one is not properly working, we can use a different one. The most popular one is Telegram which is able to replace many things that we do in Facebook. On another matter, last night, I decided to delete my Facebook account, which has 14 million followers. The opposition abroad are happy, but they should have this thought that I might order to shut down Facebook in Cambodia, and you all are losing the ground. However, that would not be the way that Hun Sen has to take. Still, you should not underestimate the Hun Sen’s strategy.

(2) There will be new account on TikTok

Hun Sen abandoned (the Facebook account with 14 million followers), but Hun Sen already has established links with people through Telegram. and I am now on to TikTok […] there will be a new account in TikTok and someone have used my name to create TikTok accounts, one of which has more than 300,000 subscribers and another 1.2 million subscribers. He is in Krakor working with Electricite du Cambodge. One of them got 52 million likes “like”, using Hun Sen as account name. This means that people clicked “like” as they think it is the stories posted by Hun Sen. For now, I am asking permission from Chao Chao and Pao Chen Trolls to post in my TikTok […]

(3) Pursat province grouped in the 4th economic pole

The Royal Government has now grouped Pursat in the fourth economic pole, which includes Pursat itself, Battambang, Banteay Meanchey and Pailin. We are going to make this a rice and fish corridor. Therefore, it is hoped that through our cooperation with China, who has invested heavily in the water canal and road system in northwestern […] Pursat generates electricity for supply, not only in the province […] certain amount of electricity from Koh Kong passes through Pursat, and a part of the production in the territory of Pursat sent out to serve the whole country. We have the potential to turn Pursat province into even more prosperous. Who thought from 20 years ago that there would be more factories in Pursat province like this? The Minebea plans to discuss about setting up factories with solar energy to power the plant […]

(4) Pursat potentials are not only garment but also agricultural raw materials processing

In February 1999, a meeting between the government and the private sector decided to attract investment not only to Phnom Penh but also prepare all the qualifications to attract investment to the provinces. Some provinces have so far attracted more investments thanks to their geographical locations, which investors find them easier to transport, to get supply of electricity and labor […] since we have now expanded the National Road 5, with the financial assistance by the Japanese government, our possibility to attract foreign investment for Pursat is higher. Kampong Chhnang has had a large number of investments, but Pursat has a lot of potential still. Talking about potential in Pursat, we do not only refer to the garment sector, but also to other sectors such as processing from the agricultural raw materials that we have […]

(5) Poll – the government is on the right track and the majority of voters for Hun Sen are women

The latest survey (I do not disclose data) that Cambodia conducted in January 2022, October 2022, January 2023, April 2023 and June 2023, results have just come out. The question of the Royal Government is on the correct path has had very high percentage […] the surveys are not compiled by the Cambodians. We hired foreigners to quietly conduct the survey. Only a few have seen (the results of that survey) […] one good point that came out of the survey is that voters for Hun Sen are mostly women […] that is a good thing. This trend has been around for years […] we do know where the weak points are and that is why we have sent officials from the national level – the government as well as the party – to help the sub-national level […]

(5) Ambitious to supply delicious rice to Singapore

The day before, in Singapore, I wanted to know where Singapore got its (food consumption) supply from? Singapore has some 5 or 6 million people. The size of Singapore is probably slightly larger than Phnom Penh. However, Singapore receives tens of millions of tourists each year. Therefore, the demand for supply to Singapore is very high. The Cambodian ambassador in Singapore told me that most of the supply is from Malaysia and there are other suppliers like Japan, mainland China, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam […]

I wish to see Cambodia supplies to Singapore our delicious rice […] we have already signed an agreement with Singapore on subsea power supply. The power will be brought down from Laos to Cambodia and transmit to Singapore through (onshore overhead high voltage transmission lines and) subsea high voltage transmission cables Vietnam and Malaysia […] Flights from Singapore came in full of tourists. Large planes land in Singapore and take connecting flights to Phnom Penh and to Siem Reap. Many Cambodians go to Singapore for medical check-ups and for shopping in Singapore […]

(7) Those who fake apologies will not escape punishment

I told you already that if you wanted me to work on pardon for you, you must break free from that evil. I sent a message to a president of a political party to tell that person, “If you fake your apologies to cheated on me, you will not be able to escape.” Of the five cases, only one would be pardoned, and the remaining four would be put aside […] if you dare to break your promise to me, who do you think will benefit? At that time, you are no longer abroad, you have entered the country. You cannot go out […]

(8) From wherever, entering Cambodian territory, drones must be shot down

Last night there were no more drones (intruding our airspace). We have already assembled the guns, announced that the army would show its forces and weapons, the drones do not show up […] we have the commander-in-chief went up there himself, the joint chiefs of staff, the acting commander-in-chief of the Army and the deputy commander-in-chief, as well as the commander-in-chief of the bodyguards with the most soldiers. Now thousands of troops are there to scan the sky and shoot them down. No matter who owns it, as long as they enter the Cambodian territory, we will shoot them down. Let me warn in advance […]

(9) Facebook overlooks the monster who go against its principles

Well, in simple (Khmer) language but they say it immoral. However, those people (in the opposition) said to me insulting my wife and child as (concubine/child) foreigner. Have the Facebook policymakers thought about that? I’m waiting to see. Facebook has its principles, which I accept and respect, but Facebook overlooks some of the issues that those people have violated the Facebook principles […] “do not confuse technology with politics and overlook the beasty acts of some people that are contrary to the principles of Facebook itself […]

(10) A new government formed in August as there will be meetings of ASEAN and UN in early September

Thankfully, the people of Pursat have always voted for the CPP. Hopefully, this term (you voters in) Pursat will (give us) all 4 seats […] tomorrow I will read a speech that sets out the policy on further development for the next 5 years. As scheduled, August 28, the National Assembly will begin its first session under the chairmanship of HM the King. On August 29, the new Royal Government will be formed to catch up with the ASEAN summit which will take place in early September. Also in September, there will be the UN General Assembly. We must have a new Prime Minister to attend the ASEAN Summit and the UN General Assembly at the beginning of the term. Whether it will be the current Prime Minister or the next Prime Minister, I have not yet made a specific decision. I am still the Prime Ministerial candidate for the CPP as of this moment.

(11) Even if not Prime Minister, will continue to rule politics as the party president

No one can stop Hun Sen’s progress or Manet’s progress. Even if Hun Sen does not become the Prime Minister, the political control is still in Hun Sen’s hands. You do not worry, because as the president of the ruling party […] after Hun Sen there will be Hun Manet. Do not dream of getting rid of the Hun family. We have supporters in the whole country for this family. It is not only a matter in Asia, it is the same everywhere. People support and love their father, they support and love the children, but if the children do foolish things, they do not love them […]

(12) Will leave the job to the successive Prime Minister on his own when time comes I will not let Cambodia be damaged or destroyed by my children’s work. I will try to make my children lead many times better than I did. If he could not be good to the job, (I would) expel from my party and I would become the Prime Minister again. The party president has the right to expel party members […] in proportional system, as long as he is expelled from party membership, he would lose all parliamentary seats, and all other seats […] I hope that the next generation can be more capable than us […] I am prepared for the case of when the next Prime Minister is taking over. If he does not ask, I will not tell. Leave him be on his own. In case he asks, I will ask back, “how do you want to solve that?” […] there is this Ph D guy once said that “when Mr. Hun Manet is the Prime Minister, he has to do things differently from his father’s”. That is a disaster. To do things differently from his father would be to take peace away from this peaceful country […] I am ready and I do not interfere. This is just in case, and it is not yet clear when that time will come […]./.


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