Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Conversation with factory workers from Kandal and Phnom Penh at Moradok Techo Stadium [Unofficial Translation]


(1) Meeting with workers in Pursat province postponed to 30th (July)

I would like to send a message from here to the workers in Pursat province. Previously, I was planning to go to Pursat on the 23rd (of June), but I had to postpone it to the 30th (July) because of personal matter – my wife has some health problems […] by the way, I find this Tik Tok troll Chow Chow (Samdech has the troll on) interesting. (As you have heard it) maybe I commented on the communes and provinces (to use this) because it is both amusing and explaining about why it is important to vote and whom should be voted for. They can have the troll along with other songs […] there is nothing wrong with that. I thank the person who sent this troll to me. There are already 2 clips, but the previous clip is outdated. This clip is good from now until July 23 […] what has been happening in Cambodia has a share of the leadership of the Cambodian People’s Party and your parents, grandparents have contributed with the CPP leadership at all levels to build these achievements […]

(2) As long as the Russia-Ukraine war is not over, the world economy will still face difficulties

Let me make a prediction that as long as the Russia-Ukraine war is not over, the world economy will still face difficulties. As of now, not only our country is affected from this war, the real victims are the people of Europe themselves. People of Europe are affected and that also has repercussion on us. Why does it apply to us? It is a global market system. To avert this, the government’s effort has been to have access not only to the US or European markets, but to other newly opening up markets, such as China, South Korea, Japan, the Arab Emirates, and other markets to ensure that goods made in Cambodia either garment and footwear sectors or other products […] continue to have markets […]

(3) Domestic and migrant workers income is about USD 6 billion/year

Last year, the value of Cambodia’s exports reached more than US$ 29 billion, while the garment and footwear sector recorded US$ 13 billion or equivalent to more than one-third of Cambodia’s total export volume. This is our intention to expand production on the one hand and solve jobs for our people to earn an income on the other […] the Royal Government works hard to attract foreign and local investors to set up factories/enterprises or handicrafts to create jobs, both domestic and foreign, so that the people can receive the total incomes of nearly US$ 6 billion/year. Those of you working in local factories/enterprises have earned more than USD 3 billion/year, while those abroad earned between 2,600 to 2,700 million US dollars/year. If there is no (income), ask what is the situation our country would be in right now? […]

(4) Shipping cost falls, investment attractiveness improves

I have been asking Japan to help deepen the seaport (at Sihanoukville) so that ships big could enter from the time of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe […] to the current Prime Minister (Fumio) Kishida. Five months ago, we inaugurated a newly expanded section of the ports, (and more needed to be done to allow) larger ships to come in and dock without the need for transfer goods (to other ships), which would reduce our shipping costs. When shipping costs fall, investment attractiveness improves. Investors will see that there is a profit from shipping costs […] Japan has been generous to give us loans to expand the capacity of the port, both in docking area and water depth, to solve the issue of transportation, reduce production costs […]

(5) EDC to owe the state without interest but not increase the price of electricity

(Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance) His Excellency Aun Porn Moniroth made a letter requesting that (EDC) continues to owe the state (the) money (it took as loans for investment). Electricite du Cambodge (EDC is) autonomous (enterprise). Therefore, EDC is obliged to borrow the state money (for investment) and (obligated) to pay back to the state. However, the rising price of coal supply caused the loss in the production of electricity. RGC has asked the electricity company not to increase the price of electricity, because if the price goes up, it will shake (the general economy) that will impacts severely the people’s (cost of living) and the transportation price. In this regard, we let EDC to owe the state and postpone the repay. We will reschedule the delay and during this period we do not charge interest […]

(6) To create 20 to 30 new jobs/year to solve employment demand

We have to work hard to expand the capacity of the old (job-providing) places and bring in new ones. We have to do it with both hands. On one part, we encourage the existing factories, through some tax measures, to expand (business operation) from the profit (they made locally) or taking advantage of (profit they made from) their investments in this/that country to invest more in Cambodia. It originally, they only received 5,000 workers, when they expand their capacity, they can receive up to 10,000 workers. On another part, we must do more to attract new investors to set up local factories. According to the review, we must try to create between 200,000 and 300,000 jobs per year (to solve) employment demand […]

(7) CPP rectangular strategy angles – employment and growth – not a snatch

The main angles of the rectangular strategy are growth and employment. The strength of it comes out from employment and growth. The first two angles push for economic growth and job creation. That was not a snatch. The Cambodian People’s Party has a clear mindset. Even attracting investment to the provinces has been consistently oriented. (The Royal Government has now) given more power to the provinces so that they have the right to decide on any request for establishing factories in the provinces with a capital of not more than 5 million dollars. They needed only the provincial approval […]

(8) Condemn the group that told foreigners to cut off aid, not to buy goods and to impose sanctions on Cambodia

In Cambodia, we have a group of people who tell foreigners to cut off aid from Cambodia, not to buy goods from Cambodia, and to impose sanctions on Cambodia. You may ponder here if the factory is closed, who will be the first to face with difficulties? It must be those of you who lose the monthly salary. You must dare to condemn this group because it is a group that destroys the nation. If they are not guilty of treason, they are of causing the nation’s destruction […] for a country to develop, for a country to prosper, for us to have secure jobs and to create more jobs, the biggest thing we need is peace. If there is no peace, no one can talk about trying to create jobs or to find you works. There will only be talks about running into the trench. You may see already that for war-torn countries, they cannot do anything […]

(9) Government must take measures to protect 17 million people

Peace is important for all of us. Everyone needs peace, including politicians, who are unlike us, they need peace too. But there are those who wanted to make war. War is easy to create. Take for instance they declared to arrest Hun Sen and to appeal to the armed force to shoot Hun Sen. I am advising them doing this is to put their internal supporters in jail. That is a crime of treason. It is called murder/assassination. Many have gone to prison. Now, many have received pardons. However, they must not do it again. Some are out on bail and some have their pardons […] while the administration must take measures to protect 17 million people, why are we afraid to contain 100 to 200 people? […] the population has now reached 17 million. Let us protect what we have in hands from disappearing. My request for you all is to work together to preserve peace to ensure long-term development […]

(10) Naga World protesters has financial supporters

Where is the Naga World (protest going) now? […] we ask this question how come that they are unemployed, but having money to support themselves to protest. What exactly is this? If you are them, would you be able to manage it for 2 years, having no money? They have money (to survive on and protest). They are rich, not ordinary workers. Who provided the money for the demonstration? It is a question mark. From more than 300 people, many have accepted the policy, regime and money, and some were also helped by the Ministry of Labor to find works elsewhere. A few of them refused. They may do it for another 5 years, but (I warn them) not to block the road. If they dare block the road, they will find themselves surrounded by barbed wire to sleep in (that confined space) […]

(11) while we are respecting them, they must also respect us

Regarding the story of the color revolution, it is said that Cambodia is already in peace, it is needless to talk about keeping/protecting peace? We asked them in return why Germany, the country that has been at peace since 1945, after World War II, had arrested people in 2022 for treason? […] Cambodia is also a sovereignty […] while we are respecting them, they must also respect us. They wanted to use a few demonstrators to internationalize the issue while in their countries they lay off hundreds of thousands of workers. Why can we not lay off some? […]

(12) When stands the chance to win the election to change the law Yesterday, the National Assembly passed the (the amended election) law […] do not know when they can win to amend the law, when they do not stand for election. They have to come to fulfill their obligation to vote […] if they fail to vote, they will not be able to stand for 2028. For member of the National Assembly, the person must exercise his voting right twice in the universal suffrages -. the first general election is on July 23 (2023), and the second general election will be in 2027 – in order to have the right to stand for election in 2028. If you did not vote (in the general election of 2023) they will have to do so in 2027 and 2028, in order to have right to run in 2032. How old are they then? in 2032, I will be 80 years old. Those who keep shouting these days will be 84-85 years old. What are they dying to wait for and what competition would they do? […]./.