Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, the Cambodian sports delegation before participating in the 32nd SEA Games in the Kingdom of Cambodia [Unofficial Translation]


(1) We thank HM the King for giving the fire for the SEA Games

Before talking about other issues, I would like to thank His Majesty the King for the travel he made to Siem Reap to light the torch for SEA Games. The torch has passed through all 10 ASEAN countries, including us. Due to the busy Ramadan, Brunei Darussalam could not receive it. Now that the torch is back and passing through our country, provinces have been receiving it as if it were a provincial holiday […] I see people in the streets everywhere, especially in Phnom Penh, there is an arrangement at the Victory Monument, to welcome the torch as if it were a holiday of the Kingdom of Cambodia. We thank HM the King for taking care of everything related to the conduct of the 32nd SEA Games […] we have had a good preparation. Just observing the torch relay, I can see a warm welcome from the people in each province, they consider it as their holiday […]

(2) Cambodia provides free admission; food/accommodation, and free broadcast rights to make Cambodia known through the SEA Games

For the first time in the history of the tournament, Cambodia is the first to not sell tickets for its own people and for fans from other countries […]; secondly, we paid for accommodation and food. We have to pay an additional US$ 7 million for food and accommodation of players/athletes from other countries. This is something I think creates unity. Cambodia’s goal is not to make money. Cambodia’s goal goes even further […] (in previous events) they bought the rights to broadcast. In Cambodia, the right to broadcast is free to all countries. It is of utmost important that we make Cambodia be known. Many have forgotten Cambodia, while they know about Pol Pot. Now 73 countries in the world know Cambodia through rice. Some countries know Cambodia through other products. With these gestures, some other countries are getting to know Cambodia through the SEA Games. This is our pride […]

(3) Wherever Cambodians go, they are still Cambodians; compete and hold the national flag to represent Cambodia

Our players are also trained both domestically and internationally with thorough management. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome my grandchildren from France, the United States, Australia and other countries in the tournaments. Let me see how many of you? How many children and grandchildren from abroad stand up for me to see you […] now there is only one missing because he is going to arrive late. That is the point that I am happy about. Wherever Cambodians go, they are still Cambodians, no matter where they live. Now they volunteer to represent Cambodia and hold the Cambodian flag […]

(4) Chinese language press in Malaysia may correct some of its remarks

I should remind a little bit because some postings and/or publication may be wrong. We have already determined that our sports village can accommodate 3,500 people. In addition, we provide 4-star and 5-star hotels for the athletes/players to stay […] from China Press in Malaysia there is a remark about their athletes changing accommodations. The remark was not too bad because it said doing that reduce the impacts on athletes and they participate in the competition without worries.

I suggest the Cambodian organizers pay attention to food. For us Buddhist countries and for Christian countries there may not be a problem, but for those from Muslim they have to have HALAL food. You have to think about this issue carefully […] we have to prepare to meet the food standards because we are the hosts […] so that there will not be remarks that they get less medals because they cannot eat this or that, because the food is not halal […]

As for their concern about staying in the hotel would have the chance of having caught in traffic jams, I would confirm to the Chinese language media in Malaysia that Cambodia is ready for transport, no need to worry about traffic jams. Our country, Cambodia, is very clear on this issue. We would lead the athletes by guiding motorcades, or even by tanks if it has to. People should get to know Cambodia a little better. This is not a problem. The people of Phnom Penh are very dignified […]

(5) Samdech Pichey Sena, Thong Khon, Hang Chuon Naron in charge of SEA Games

Hun Sen has his own specialists who are taking responsibility. Samdech Picheay Sena (Tia Banh, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense) is already responsible for that issue. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, Hang Chuon Naron – who had to go to the ASEAN summits, I allow him to stay too. I have to go to the ASEAN meeting on 09 through to 11 May. Hang Chuon Naron has to stay at home with Samdech Pichey and Thong Khon to take care of this game because the SEA Games […]

(6) Representing a nation and as the host country, respect the code of competition, be virtuous and moral

In this match, our athletes/players are representing our nation, as when they went to compete outside the country. This time, we also compete on behalf of the nation as the host. I am not worried about the technique and strength of the competitors. What you have to pay attention to is the virtues and ethics of the game. Winning or losing is common in sports […] we must compete according to the rules of the game and prohibit the use of overpowering substances that are not allowed by the rules set by the sports […]

(7) Sports competitions to make friends

As host country, we need to give respect. We must give the competition all we have. It does not mean we will just take the fight and do not return the fight. We must return the fight but according to the rules. Even if we win or lose, we consider each other as friends. The next day, our opponents do not become enemies, they become friends. This time, let our athletes build as many friends as possible. Sports is for building friendships […]

(8) Mocking foreign players is not a virtue of Cambodia, not a virtue of the host

[…] Whether or not Buakaw came or in whatever way he behaved […] it is his issue. We give him a warm welcome if he comes […] it is not a virtue of the athletes, nor a virtue of the Cambodian nation, and it is even more not a virtue of the host to receive guests (if you do it differently). His Excellency Prime Minister Prayuth Chan Ocha sent a message to his players […] we also sent a message to our players […] when you compete outside the country, 16 million Cambodians are behind you. If Buakaw came to Cambodia, he has 60 million Thais behind him […]

(9) Mai Sokun should apologize to Honda

[…] Mai Sokun … my son, if you are a good child of Cambodia, you should apologize to Honda. The words you use are too harsh for the endurance of Honda, who has been the coach of Cambodian footballers for many years […] I loved Honda’s clothes that day. He laughed and smiled […] the whole country threw supports both to the footballers and the coach […] having said that to him is like slapping our football players. Slapping the teacher is like slapping the students, […] if you do not want to be a good child of Cambodia, you will continue to blame Honda, but the Royal Government will not remain silent […] this is a racial issue for which the government must be responsible […]

(10) Sea games – historic events after 1966 GANEFO

[…] This SEA Games is a historic event after 1966 when the late His Majesty the King held GANEFO (Games of the New Emerging Forces) at that time. Now that his son is on the throne, and at the time I am the Prime Minister, the event we have been waiting for 64 years has taken place. The King, the son of the late King Father, even offered to give fire to the Sea Games torch at Angkor Wat […] let us all try to win some gold medals righteously […]

(11) Cambodia waits till 2023 to host the SEA Games

[…] Countries (in ASEAN) have already hosted the SEA Games. Cambodia is the last one (to do so) […] I need money to build infrastructure, accelerate socio-economic development, reduce poverty […] now is the time to organize this event. Please take this opportunity to thank His Excellency President Xi Jinping of (People’s Republic of China) […] for helping us build a national stadium […] the stadium costs about US$ 150 million. We went out on our own to make more than USD 30 million for the places. The infrastructure costs in all USD 180 million […]

(12) A richer Cambodia will provide more aid abroad […] Among ASEAN countries, some may respond in kind to Cambodia’s (gesture of providing free SEA Games) […] but I do not set that a condition. Whether you give it or not is up to you. Cambodia, a small country with a big liver, has done it […] I tell you that if I had, I would give a lot of help abroad. Even under Covid-19, I brought aid to Nepal, Timor-Leste, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and dare to donate 6,000 tons of rice to Cuba […] if I had more, I would share more. Friends help us, we help friends. This is an international obligation for humanity […]./


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