Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the inauguration of the Buddhist temple and various achievements in Wat Preah Baramei Vongkot Boreo, Phnom Penh [Unofficial Translation]


(1) Democratic Kampuchea could never obliterate religions/faiths from people’s minds/hearts

[…] according to history, the monastery was previously only a haven for war refugees from 1970 to 1975. Then, between 1975 and 1979, all religions in Cambodia were destroyed by the genocidal regime of Pol Pot […] once, the former governor of Pursat province asked a Cambodian Muslim “who was born first between Allah and Buddha.” The Cambodian Muslim person replied that “no one, they were born at the same time, the same day, which is January 7, 1979” […] (the Democratic Kampuchea) could only eliminate those religions physically like temples and/or shrines, but they could never obliterate from the people’s minds and hearts the religions/faith they worship […]

(2) Secular world saved, people saved, Buddhism and other religions prosper together

As far as the construction of the temple and numerous other achievements here are concerned, they are not just because we have the tombs of my parents here, but for Buddhists, pagodas and others who believe in Buddhism. This is the great bond between the secular world and the Buddhist world […] when the secular world is in crisis, (the religious worlds offer) refuges to the war displaced persons, like in this case, […] at a later stage, the temple here was destroyed due to the crisis in the secular world. When the secular world was saved, the people were saved, Buddhism and other religions prosper together […] our country does not have any fighting (going on). The New Year has just attracted 13 million people to travel in celebration […] starting from the good situation of the secular world in which we have protected peace and political stability, favorable conditions and opportunity have been created for people to enjoy the New Year celebration […]

(3) Three world records – youngest foreign minister, youngest and longest Prime Minister

There are people who wanted to be big, but somehow the destiny does not make that happen […] I do not want to be and never I had known how to be the Prime Minister, but it turned out that I become the Prime Minister for almost four decades. To add up the positions in the Royal Government, my tenure in the government has been almost 44 years. I have already broken three of the world records – the youngest foreign minister in the world. That is the first record. The second record is the youngest prime minister in the world. The third record is the longest-serving prime minister in the world. “Mr. Hun Sen is holding on to power,” so they said. Yes, this power is given by the people. What do you want power for? I am defending the power (given to me) for (the protection of) peace. There is nothing wrong about it. You wanted to be the Prime Minister, (and you do not have the people’s approval,) what is it then? Look before you speak […] look around here, there are skyscrapers and according to LEE JOONG KEUN, (Booyoung) will soon establish a university here. It will provide better training opportunities in the country as we have training in both Buddhism and the neighboring kingdoms. I thank you and thank my wife for coming with me today as (her health condition) improved […]

(4) Let us make the opening SEA Games statement short

Between now until the SEA Games, there will be lots of works. Last night I sent a voicemail message to (the organizers) about (the preparation of) the words to be announced (at the opening). I said that let us do not try to make too long sentences – “in the name of HM the King of Cambodia, on behalf of the Royal Government and on my personal behalf, I now declare the opening of the 32nd SEA Games 2023. Thank you.” That was it. His Excellency Thong Khon said he is going to write “having waited for 65 years already …” – it is too long […] the SEA Games torch is going to arrive back in Stung Treng tomorrow. We have already run the torch to 10 countries, except for Brunei, where they could not do it for Ramadan. We ran to East Timor. Now we run the torch back to our country and will cross the provinces of Stung Treng into Kratie, out of Kratie into Kampong Cham, and out of Kampong Cham into Kandal and into Phnom Penh, to the Win-win Monument. There will be torch passing from Phnom Penh and run through provinces around the Tonle Sap before returning to Phnom Penh to open the SEA Games […]

(5) Cambodia will not be any richer if we were to charge […] Hosting the (SEA Games) this year, we allow spectators – Cambodians and foreigners – chance to watch the games free-of-charge, (while granting broadcast rights, and eating and accommodation for athletes). This time we will make the real Cambodian heart known to the world. We will spend about US$ 7 million more […] according to the normal rules, they charge US$ 50/person per day (for accommodation and meals for players). Normally, Cambodian players had to pay the host US$ 50 per day (for that). We do not charge a fee. We are in charge of free food and accommodation for athletes and coaches […] we make people see that Cambodia is a small country, a poor country, but generous […] we are satisfied to offer the free of charge services because we cannot become richer just by charging their money, and if we sell tickets to our people, we cannot become richer too. Instead, the burden is on the people who have been waiting for 66 years […] all I am asking is that our citizens in Phnom Penh and in the provinces where sports venues are located understand the arrangements that may cause some traffic jams […]./.



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