Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the inauguration of Krouch Chhmar district referral hospital, Tbong Khmum Province [Unofficial Translation]


(1) Unfatal sickness can be fatal due to lack of hospitals, doctors and without infrastructure

[…] for the celebration of the new achievements we have received in the territory of Kroch Chhma district, I would like to thank HE Chea Sophara for leading the efforts to build this great hospital. As HE Mam Bunheng made the report just now, it is an effort to create better conditions for the healthier lives of rural people. Originally, Kroch Chhmar (district) was a rural area […] we were in a difficult situation. Unfatal sickness could become fatal due to lack of hospitals, lack of doctors, lack of medicine, and it is even more difficult when we do not have the infrastructure to transport patients to the hospital […] now it is much easier with regard to transporting patients to various hospitals due to improved connectivity. Sending patients from other places to the referral hospital in Krouch Chhmar district is also easy […] this is a large hospital […] with up to 400 beds […] and is an ally of various hospitals in Phnom Penh, including the Khmer-Soviet Friendship hospital […]

(2) Kampong Cham province divided into two because of its large population

Originally, we were only one province, where Stung Trang district is on the other side, and Kroch Chhmar is on this side (of the Mekong River). I myself proposed to separate the province into two provinces because it was too big to provide effective services. The population of Kampong Cham province has risen to nearly 2 million in the past. So now there are more than 1 million people left in Kampong Cham and 870,000 in Tbong Khmum. If we look at the population […] in total, there are now more than 1.9 million people. Covid-19 has taught us a lesson that we need to strengthen human treatment, rescue and health services both in quantity and quality […] always be vigilant with public health […] let us always be vigilant to protect the health of the people, on the one hand is to take preventive education measures that doctors always say that prevention is better than cure and on the other hand, we need to strengthen the capacity of the technical base to serve the treatment […]

(3) Kroch Chhmar Hospital and other hospitals produce oxygen on site

At Kroch Chhmar Hospital, we do not need to transport supply of oxygen from other places. We have oxygen production facilities here […] oxygen production facilities are available in hospitals for supply to the people […] I myself have instructed the Ministry of Health, including the army, to help set up oxygen production facilities to avoid shortage. When needed, patients need oxygen to help them breathe. Without oxygen, it would push patients to death, which is unfortunate […] we have built a hospital with a capacity of up to 10,000 beds, the preparedness qualifications to respond to public health emergencies […]

(4) Different races, religions, and political tendencies have common needs

[…] Racial and religious differences are not an obstacle to Cambodia’s socio-economic development. There is no discrimination about this disease, no matter who you are, when it comes to sickness, everyone is the same. We all need a doctor. We come here from different religions – Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, and from different political colors, but the common requirement is that when we are sick, we need to find the doctor. Some may belong to this political party and some may belong to that political party […] there may be Muslims, there may be Buddhists, there may be Christians […] despite the political differences, racial and religious differences, we all have common needs […] such as medical treatment in this hospital, including […] peace, which is a common need of all of us […]

(5) Schools and the army should sing the Nokor Reach national anthem

Recently, we have sung the full version of the national anthem – Nokor Reach (the King’s realm) to honor the kingdom. We should do this in all schools without having to replay from tape the national anthem. When we were little, all of you were probably not born yet, we saluted the (Cambodian national) flag, singing (the national anthem in full) in the school, there was no (recorded) music like we do now […] every school should have their students salute the flag by singing live. Soldiers also have to learn to do that. Let us all rehearse. That is something that we should do. Our songs are very meaningful. Samdech Preah Sangha Reach Chuon Nath wrote it […]

(6) The demanding job is protecting peace for the sake of development

… In order for the democratic process in the country to grow, I am asking the people to vote for the CPP, because in doing so it will ensure peace, on the one hand, and development process, on the other, […] I have responded lately to some people (who mentioned) that “why is it necessary to talk about keeping the peace. when peace already exists.” I replied, “while there has been peace since 1945, after World War II, why this year Germany had a coup attempt to overthrow the German government? Why in Germany, there are people whom the German government calls traitors? […] in the case of Ukraine, who could have imagined that there was going to be a war? Protecting peace for the sake of development is our job […]

(7) The Royal Government defends the constitutional monarchy, does not tolerate the desire for power by undemocratic means

[…] Some have been calling for the armed forces to turn their guns at the government. Some are calling for the king to step down from the throne, and to demand overthrow of the monarchy […] a few weeks ago, they called for the king to step down. As the government, the armed forces and the Cambodian people, do we have a duty to protect the King? Defend the throne? Defend the constitutional monarchy? Do we have a duty to protect our peace? elections must be happening, but anyone who betrays the nation or destroys peace is not tolerated in the democratic process because you wanted power by non-democratic means […]

(8) They are bad press, let them go

[…] We should ask the question – can a worker who is unemployed be able to sit and think only about protesting without finding a job to support him/herself? Those foreigners should not think that Hun Sen does not know. Speaking of press freedom, if any press is bad, let it go. Tens of thousands of people are covering the news every day, why bother thinking about those in the bad press, some media outlets that are violating the law. Why think of the minority, do not think of the majority […] I am not campaigning before the election, but I have an obligation to explain to the people, “if the CPP continues to rule, clearly the country is stable, peaceful and developed. For the other party, you all are clear or lest people had to run over each other.” When the CPP is in power, there is no running anywhere […]

(9) A choice between a group of wrongdoers and a country with diplomatic relations

There is a choice for our foreign friends to choose. Either choose Cambodia as a country or choose a group of individuals who made mistake. If you need people who have been punished by law, you may want to leave Cambodia as a country. Maybe you have to think that this is a relationship between countries with diplomatic ties. What I say is no different from what said His Excellency Anwar Ibrahim, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, who visited Cambodia a few days ago. “Great powers should stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries,” he said. I am very supportive, and happy that I have a good partner in ASEAN” […] the task now is that Cambodia must maintain its independence and comprehensive partnership in all areas. Cambodia is not hostile to anyone. I am just telling you whether to choose a group of wrong people or a country? […]./.



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