Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, conversation with workers in Kandal Stoeung District, Kandal Province [Unofficial Translation]


(1) There will be a video on the case of a political party cheating the Khmer people and the French authorities

[…] Last night I had to deal with a special case. The (Cambodian) Ambassador in France contacted […] I called Ouch Borith, the Secretary of State, immediately. Borith answered and contacted the ambassador in France to free a Cambodian citizen who was cheated by a political party there. We have some documents and will be out in public soon because they are making a video announcing the dishonesty of the people involved and they even cheated the French authorities […]

(2) Leadership – must check on implementation and monitoring

HE Ith Sam Heng clarified many points that we had before the meeting and after the meeting. The leadership has to monitor the implementation to see how far/much has been done, including checking on the cost of water, electricity, house rent, etc., which all relevant authorities must monitor. In addition, the Royal Government needs to attract more investments for the development of our country to tackling efforts to maintain jobs for existing workers, and also for the unemployed youth by setting up companies, factories, and enterprises that bring benefits to their people […]

(3) Garment exports reached USD 13 billion, minimum wage reached 200 USD

[…] In 1997, we had over 60 factories with a salary of only US$ 40/month. The volume of exports is just over USD 200 million. Now the volume of exports in just the garment sector has reached more than USD 13 billion […] and the lowest salary is US$ 200 […] which people cashed twice in one month. Previously, we cashed only once/month […]

(4) Covid 19, increase your salary every year

Through the success of keeping Covid-19 under control, we reopened the factory. When the factory lines were suspended, the Royal Government has taken the responsibility – with the factory owners – to supply the workers (who lost their jobs due to the factory suspension US$ 70/month. The Royal Government provides US$ 40 and the employers covered another US$ 30. Once the factories reopened, you get the previous benefits back and with the increase in wages every year, while the armed forces and civil servants did not have any increase on their salaries in 2021 and 2022 until 2023. Even though the increase is small, you still get the increase […]

(5) Prevent inflation and maintain purchasing power

In addition, the Royal Government is taking other necessary measures to protect the purchasing power of our people in general and in particular to workers. We try to curb inflation and to curb commodity prices. For example, while pork costs 15,000 riel per kilo, and suddenly it rises to 30,000 riel per kilo, our purchasing power decreases. We have worked hard to meet this need, striving to boost production, control the market, control the exchange rate to ensure that our people do not suffer too much with the ongoing inflation around the world […]

(6) Increase investment, both domestic and foreign, create more jobs

The government is calling for investment both at home and ‘from abroad to create goods for export, but the goal is to address employment among the people. Some of them have children who have reached working age and are not yet employed. Some of them have younger brother/sisters who are not yet employed. More investment is needed. We need more investments, we need to build good ports, airports, electricity supply, enough water to attract investors, because this is the so-called competitive era. We have a good investment environment and let us provide them with some legal relaxation […]

(7) No increase in the price of electricity, while nationwide, about 97% to 99% of villages have access to electricity

Although other countries in the region have raised electricity prices, Cambodia has not. If we raise the price, it will immediately affect the industry, tourism, other services, especially all consumers. Since you were born in this era, you do not experience burning torch or kerosene lamps for light. At the very least you have a battery pack, but in general, you have some kinds of access to electricity. About 97% or 99% of villages across the country have access to electricity. We do not raise the price of electricity, although it is a bit difficult for the electricity companies who does not have enough money to invest in the distribution network, but we work harder because when the price of electricity starts going up, everything else do too […]

(8) The Ministry of Commerce coordinates with the private sector not to increase oil prices

We also take control of the market economy, but the Ministry of Commerce has worked with the private sector on the retail oil sector so that oil prices do not rise too much. How much did oil go up today? (…) compared to New Year’s Day, the price of fuel fell lower. During the Khmer New Year, we wished the price of fuel to go down a bit, but it did not. People still, however, travel during the Angkor Sankranta and everywhere. Now today’s oil is at 74.99, or we say USD 75 per barrel. Compared to the Khmer New Year it was about US$ 84 to US$ 85 per barrel […]

(9) Successful 32nd SEA Games and 12th ASEAN Para Games are the achievements of the whole Cambodian nation

I would like to take the forum to send all the achievements of the 32nd SEA Games and the 12th ASEAN Para Games to the people of Cambodia. This is the work of the whole Khmer nation. It is true that Hun Sen is the key leader who may have the highest power, but Hun Sen alone could not have made it. The steering committee, chaired by Samdech Pichey Sena Tea Banh, and his team consisting of the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Education and other stakeholders – has been an effective mechanism. Thousands of young people joined the spectacle. In the SEA Games chapter, there were about 7,000 volunteers, and last night we saw only more than 2,000 young people marching. They are kept for the purpose of facilitating the need of the disabled. The SEA Games in Cambodia has become a historical reputation that leaves the next generation to benefit from the fact that my ancestors did the SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games free of participation and media charges […]

(10) Regarding Sar Longdet’s meeting with commune/Sangkat council on the order of 3-generations traitor

[…] The SEA Games in Cambodia has become a historical reputation that leaves the next generation to benefit from the fact that their ancestors hosted the SEA Games and the ASEAN Para Games free of charge (for participants and the media). Please tell Sar Longdet in Phnom Penh […] (who) criticized the Royal Government for “waiving the participation and media coverage fees (from the hosting)” […] even if you have the immunity, I will not let you go […] this matter is inspired by his master. Do not forget (that you have) a strong relationship with the three-generations traitor […] Hun Sen does not tolerate anyone who has a relationship with the three-generations traitor. Whoever broke away from the three-generations traitors, Hun Sen forgave them all […]

(11) Money can all be spent, reputation will stay on for our children

It was the beginning of Hun Sen’s strategy for ASEAN unity. Until now, the media has said that for the upcoming SEA Games and ASEAN Para Games, people should follow the example of Cambodia, because there is no fee for media advertising. We have provided financial cover to raise and care for both disabled and disabled athletes who come to compete in Cambodia. Athletes from all over the world come to stay in the sports village, the size of a five-star hotel […] as I said it, money can all be spent. The reputation does not go to waste. It stays on for many generations to come. Now, even CNN and the New York Times broadcast the SEA Games from Cambodia […] while before, we rented CNN for just a few seconds (to advertise some tourist destination). Each spot is very expensive, but when we hosted (SEA Games) big channels in the region and in the United States […] broadcast. They made stories about Bou Samnang who did not win a medal but won a heart, not only the heart of 17 million Cambodians, but the heart of the whole world […]

(12) Aan affair with the traitor (will be held punishable)

Anyone who has an affair with the traitor (will be held punishable) […] it not a threat, but this is a legal matter […] I am asking the police to protect him (Sar Longdet), lest if a third hand hit him and break his head, it would cause trouble to us […] I also urge Sar Longdet to take care of himself. I am no worried about the CPP members, because I am in power, and we have nothing to gain from anyone’s death […] it is the dignity of the Royal Government to control security. But I am worried about the third hand. The one who races with Sar Longdet for the post of city councilor […]

As in the case of the late Kem Ley. Who benefits from Kem Ley’s death? Kem Ley’s brother have come to stay with the CPP. During the 100-day festival, the family owed US$ 10,000. The stupa is not done because “the black monk” collected money and took it away. They have not built a stupa […] the Royal Government and the People’s Party lost all credits because they said we were the killers […] Now Kem Ley’s 100 Nights youth come to join the People’s Party […] they do not believe in the deceptions of the corrupt […] when Pen Sovann died, they took the corpse of Pen Sovann from Takeo to Phnom Penh. As Pen Sovann’s son spoke out with Vietnamese accent, they all ran away from Pen Sovann’s corpse. Pen Sovann becomes a desolate corpse to this day […]

(13) There are currently 1,326 garment factories … Kandal ranks third after Phnom Penh and Kampong Speu

Nationwide, there are 1,326 garment factories. Kandal is the province with the third largest factory. The first is Phnom Penh, the second is Kampong Speu, and the third is Kandal province. Kampong Speu land is wide and they have National Road No. 4, National Road No. 3 and some other roads with many intersections there. It is easy to set up a factory. They have more products. They have cane sugar. Soon there will be another cement factory. The production capacity of the cement plant can be 1 million tons or 2 million tons per project. We do not just farm and become rich. We have to do many things, including the industrial sector […]

(14) Do not use the request of the Prime Minister as a reason not to pay the installment to the owners of the satellite cities

There is still a meeting between the Prime Minister and the Okhna this evening. Yesterday, I said in a message that there was a rush of discussion. A “notice to vacate,” has been ordered to remove. I saw some posting saying that they have removed the eviction notices. However, please do not use the reason given by the Prime Minister (to reschedule arrangement for payment) for refusing to pay the installment. Yesterday I met at least two satellite cities owners. One said (there has not been such eviction) at all, confirming that he never did. They are always resort to favor treatment. Another stated that they have extended from 10 to 15 years, from 15 to 17-20 years. Now it has been 25 years. But in some cases, when they are called to come in and solve the problem, they refuse to come. There seems to be a two-way problem here […]

(15) Those who follow the incitement of the opposition party not to pay the mortgage, the satellite cities owners may go ahead with confiscation

Let me confirm. I encourage confiscation if s/he – the tenants – follows the incitement of the opposition. They may confiscate them. I am declaring it as a political decision. In the previous electoral campaign, they said that as long as they win, they will cancel all debts. On this note, let me confirm that if anyone says so, (you may just) go and confiscate them first. Now, if those who buy houses in the satellite cities are known to belong to the opposition group, and do not want to pay for the house at the incitement of the opposition leader, I encourage the satellite cities owners to confiscate from them first […] let us cut to the roots […] however, we need to check as some truly had no money […]./.