Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the graduation and handing over of diplomas to 4,566 students of Build Bright University [Unofficial Translation]


(1) The CPP-led Royal Government a symbol of change in the Kingdom of Cambodia

[…] We have heard some parties say they are a symbol of change. I would like to emphasize that the CPP (which) leads (the Royal) government is a symbol of change of the Kingdom of Cambodia […] why the CPP (which) leads (the Royal) government dares to claim that it is a symbol of change? We have already seen the transition from killing fields to survival, the transition from war to peace, the transition from impoverished country to one that is a low-middle-income country, one with the transition to become a high-middle-income country by 2030, and to become a high-income country 2050. Not long, we will get out of the (least) developed countries list. This is the most realistic change we have seen […] in the past, Phnom Penh did not have high-rise buildings. The highest building is only 7 floors and there is only one building. Phnom Penh now has not a 7-storey building but 20-storey, 30-storey, 40-storey building. That is a symbol of change. The CPP is the only party that leads to changes […]

(2) (CPP) is not just a symbol of but a real change

… From now on, the (Cambodian People’s) Party also speaks of itself as a symbol of a certain changes, and we do the real thing. Previously, there were no schools or there were, but there were few students who had not previously learned or learned little. Now Build Bright University for instance, in addition to branches in Phnom Penh, also has branches in the provinces. From a country where student had not schools to go to, students now have access to schools, isn’t that a symbol of change? It is not just a symbolic change. It is a real change. A palm cannot hide the sun […] in fact, in all provinces and the capital development is remarkably visibly real […]

(3) The opposition groups boast themselves a symbol of regime change

Who makes (real) change? You can only talk about the symbolism of regime change. You want to be a symbol of regime change. If you talk about the symbolism of the transition from war to peace, from genocide to survival, from nothing to anything, there is something, I cannot believe you. You did not do that. You just dream of power. I do not mean to insult anyone, but they have been talking too much about the symbolism of change. In response, the CPP from now on will declare itself a symbol of change in Cambodia. This is a political message […]

(4) Reopening the country on November 1, 2022, back to 5.2% Growth

We reopened the country on November 1, 2022 […] we borrowed the building at the Olympic Stadium (to be used as a treatment for patients with Covid-19). We borrowed buildings at Koh Pich for treatment as well. We allowed no citizens with Covid-19 to go without a place to stay/treatment. To avoid borrowing (those buildings anymore), we build a hospital (with a capacity of) 10,000 beds, which can be considered as the largest hospital in the country and may be the largest hospital in ASEAN […] along with effort to reopen the country, we have revived the economic growth after falling into the negative area in 2020 to move up to 3% in 2021 and 5.2% in 2022 […]

(5) May the sacred Buddhas of Chek and Cham reserve no pity at those accused CPP burning the Royal Palace in Siem Reap

I would like to express my condolences for what happened in Siem Reap. The fire of the Royal Palace. On that day, I followed it up with the provincial governor online. Before 5 a.m., Samdech Kong Sam Ol contacted me and asked to arrange a helicopter for him to go there. With regard to this fire incident, please explain it according to the announcement of the Ministry of the Royal Palace, and do not go beyond that. Those cunts interpreted what they wanted from outside the country that this is an arrangement of the CPP and the government. I would appeal to the sacred Buddhas of Chek and Cham to reserve them no pity for accusing the CPP burning the Royal Palace in Siem Reap […]

(6) Do not panic over the collapse of the US Banks

Another thing is the widespread fear after the collapses of the US banks. This should be confirmed to our citizens. (Please) do not panic in the face of the collapse of the Banks in America. This is something that happened before. The first collapse was when the Asian financial crisis occurred in 1997. There was a real turmoil of banks in (some) countries, including banks in Cambodia. Our bank at that time were small […] again in 2008, the global economic and financial crisis caused collapses of an American bank. It did not hurt Cambodia, of course, but at that time we tried to prevent the risk by raising the obligation rate from 7% to 12% in reservation for the bad situation. Now, as the banks know how to manage their own risk, we have reduced reserve requirement obligation to only 7%. I call on our citizens, those who have money in the bank, not to panic, because panic will cause us to lose benefits […]

(7) Nothing is wrong that Cambodia strengthens Cambodian military seaport

[…] Cambodia has already announced it, and there is no need to prove from satellite, (and the work at Ream seaport is presided) by Samdech Pichey Sena Tea Banh (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense). Since we have already revealed it to the public why there is a need give suspicion? One would not do that unless one wants to find fault with it. Nothing is wrong that Cambodia strengthens the capacity of the Cambodian military seaport? This is the Cambodian territory and so Cambodia has the right to expand its naval capabilities. Our original water depth is only 2.7 meters, and we have to pump out the sand and deepen a path for larger ships […] we need to strengthen our naval capabilities. It has not been easy for us to get capital from China to do this. Cambodia has the right to get capital from different sources available to do it […]

(8) Cambodia understands you, you do not understand Cambodia

With regard to nuclear submarines, for example, AUKUS Tripartite Alliance has been trying to explain to ASEAN countries because Southeast Asia is a nuclear-free zone. You have come to explain that this is not a nuclear weapon, it is a nuclear submarine. Why I can understand you when you come to explain to me. And when I explain to you, you do not understand? The other day I spoke with and made it clear to the Australian ambassador that I understand that this is not a nuclear weapon, just a nuclear-powered submarine. However, why do you not understand me when I explain that I need to build the capacity of the Cambodian navy to defend sovereignty, to fight against human trafficking/drug smuggling (and) illegal fishing or crossing border crimes in the sea of Cambodia […]

(9) There are no foreign troops in Cambodia, once built welcomes joint exercises

Let me send a message back. There is no need to campaign against Cambodia. Cambodia has the right to implement its constitution to defend its territory. (I wish to) reiterate that Cambodia does not have any Chinese or foreign troops in its territory. Once we finished the construction, Cambodia will welcome all countries to dock in the port of Cambodia and we can exercise together. We welcome (visiting ships) from all countries. This is an accusation from a group that refuses to understand. If you do not understand, I have no other choice but to not understand you. We are considering with other ASEAN countries […] we also have concerns because on land (there seemed to be distrust), how about going down into the water. They say there is no nuclear, what if there is a nuclear? Will they let us check on their submarines? They will not […]

(10) Be a good partner with ASEAN members

You talk as if you cannot hear each other. If they refuse to listen, we will not listen to them too. I pointed out already that “please do not look at Cambodia only as a country alone. Look at Cambodia a little further from Cambodia.” It means that Cambodia has a partner within the framework of ASEAN. If you want to be a good partner of ASEAN, you have to be a good partner with all ASEAN member countries to avoid any objections from (ASEAN) members, including Cambodia […] this message is for foreign friends not to campaign against Cambodia and do not forget that Cambodia is an ASEAN member. When you want ASEAN relations, you need to see beyond that Cambodia is a responsible member of ASEAN and has the right to prevent a consensus. If you want to have good relations with ASEAN, do good work with ASEAN members. It is an interference in the nature of a campaign to tarnish Cambodia’s image and destroy its reputation at the time that Cambodia prepares for elections […]

(11) Acts that increased distrust lead to inability to sign an amnesty

A while ago I told an ambassador that you have been contributing to the punishment of people who have just been sentenced. You visited the person now and then. Meeting had been so frequent. Do you not think the court does not care about that? It also creates a point that Hun Sen does not trust (to) request pardon for anyone […] your actions are wrong, create a reason for the court to find a story of conspiracy, and it increases distrust that the Prime Minister cannot raise his hand to sign an amnesty for anyone in this case. This is a message to inform related parties, and it is because diplomacy sometimes requires to be speaking honestly […]./.