(Video) Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Conferment of Diplomas to Students of the Khmer New Generation Institute [Unofficial Translation]


(1) With Covid-19 under control, economic growth rose from -3.1% in 2020 to 5.2% in 2022

[…] It can be considered that Cambodia succeeded in controlling Covid-19 and reopened the country, which boosted the growth rate after declining to -3.1 (percent). We had economic recovery growth of 3% in 2021 and 5.2% in 2022. That is the result of joint efforts. We have done well (in the fight against Covid 19), and it is because Cambodia is well vaccinated […] to ensure that our people do not face death […]

(2) Three hurdles to overcome

Note that some countries leave people sleeping in inappropriate places and some bodies are not properly buried. For Cambodia, we do a good job. We must not forget that we are stepping away from (the valley of death), but this is not over yet. Ancient soothsayers used to tell the story of “3 fields/hurdles to overcome”. What are the “3 hurdles”? It would be a thing that the Buddhist monks here may understand already. We have already crossed two fields but the world seems to be swimming across the third field/overcome the third hurdle and I doubt if we will get out of it for good […]

(3) Passed the war field on December 8, 1998 (Field 1)

The “first field” is war. This field has been chronic in our country. We have successfully extinguished this battlefield. (We) finished it on December 29, 1998. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the end of the civil war, bringing about national/territorial unity for the first time in our history. Hopefully there will be no reactionary force to bring Cambodia back to war. We do not tolerate any action, at any cost, by those who intend to destroy the peace in Cambodia. We understand the intentions of some people through the concern that some foreigners delivered to us […]

(4) Hope that there is no initiation of the color revolution, destruction of peace, and creation of war again

We also want to let you all know that you should understand our concerns. The Kingdom of Cambodia is a poor land where you have contributed to the destruction and war in our country in the past. “Hopefully, you will not burn the war flame by helping out to initiate the color revolution to destroy the peace in our country and recreate the war that the Buddhist prophecy has spoken so far regarding the transition of three fields,” among which war was field 1. It was difficult for us and many lives have lost to achieve this peace […]

(5) Do not make mistake for the third time

[…] Please do not pretend to love Khmer more than the Khmers do anymore. When Cambodians die, foreigners do not come to die with Cambodians […] when there is peace (in the country), they show concern for us on this/that issue. They are not interested or concerned about our concerns related to peace and war […] please do not make the third mistake […] any country that supported Lon Nol’s coup to overthrow Norodom Sihanouk in 1970 had in fact burnt the war in Cambodia. Considering themselves democracy but they supported a military coup […] the second mistake is that you supported the Khmer Rouge at the United Nations for 12 years from 1979 to 1991 […]

Even the Ream seaport (you have made it) your concern. (While you are) at a distance of tens of thousands of kilometers from Cambodia, you make it the concern for your security, but you did not express your concern for Cambodia’s national security for the color revolution that aims to bring down the legitimate government. I have received a lot of credible news from former opposition youths who have joined the CPP in recent weeks. That is something to think about. (They let us know that their plan) did not need to use the government. They would use only NGOs to destroy …

(6) Crossed the hunger field (field 2)

The “first field” is the war field. We have already swum across the second field, which is the hunger fields. Remember, during the war, especially after the Pol Pot regime, famine spread across the country. Hunger in the Pol Pot era was deadly. In addition to killing, there is death by starvation. That we had no medicine is another thing. After liberating the country (from the Pol Pot regime), we started production (by) … people have had to see the consequences from the war to the famine (which) threatened across the country, not only those in Cambodia, our brothers and sisters who fled to Thailand also suffered from hunger, (that humanitarian organizations had to provide assistance to refugee in camps in Thailand) … famine is no longer in Cambodia. We have worked hard to provide our people with enough food. We now have food for export. We have at least 6 million metric tons of rice per year, which is more than 4 million metric tons of milled rice for export […]

(7) From hunger to ensure a full and delicious and healthy food consumption

… This famine field is no longer a problem for us. If our farmers continue to work as hard as they do today and are as peaceful as we are today, our irrigation system will be more abundant, and some places cultivate rice up to twice or even three times (with) our rice varieties … I was told by the Ministry of Agriculture that we have a rice variety that it harvestable in 70 days, less than 3 months … we are looking at the possibility of using these varieties to promote cultivation among our people. Previously, we were hungry, and we had to do everything to get our stomachs full. After that, we had to eat full and delicious. Now is the time to eat full, delicious and to ensure health … consumer safety is a point to pay attention to with the production no overusing chemical fertilizers. We encourage the production of organic fertilizers as it ensures safety and health […]

(8) Swimming across the field of disease eradication (Field 3)

As for the “third field”, we have been swimming and maybe this “third field” is not over. One disease is out and another is in. That is the disease hurdle. Old time soothsayers said so. I do not know if there are any other interpretations besides that. After the bird flu, we had this swine flu and I had it too. My wife had it from me […] (as for crossing the hurdle 1, I have posted a number of footages) … if there were no meeting between me and His Majesty the King Father, which we call the Sihanouk-Hun Sen-Fère-en-Tardenois meeting, would we Cambodians be able to resolve it? What can foreigners do without the role of Khmer insiders? That is a fact. It requires local compatibility. It is understandable that this is a kind of message to defend peace, independence and national sovereignty. Hopefully those who once supported the military coup and the genocidal regime at the United Nations do not make the third mistake on our poor land […]

(9) The Royal Government of the People’s Party does not give empty promise but actual implementations

[…] For workers who are suspended, we need to discuss with the factory owner […] “the Royal Government will provide US$ 40, and the factory owners will share US$ 30” and this should be implemented from April (2023) […] through the Ministry of Social Affairs, we have intervened for “poor families living with impacts of Covid-19” – round 12 for the second time […] for this February, we spent 123 billion Riels […] equivalent to more than 40 million dollars […] I have instructed the Ministry of Economy and Finance to increase the amount that a woman receives in time of pregnancy […] if this year we cannot increase it because the budget law has already been issued, we should implement it next year […] we also have cash intervention for families affected by inflationary pressures […] and programs of cash support for families affected by the recent floods […]

(10) Unemployed for more than a year, is it still possible to live comfortably and go on strike?

Orders from other countries are declining. Less that orders drop due to human rights issues? No. In fact, that country has no money … in time of Covid-19, millions of workers in the world are unemployed? … in our country, some workers have not been employed for more than a year, but can afford to go on strike for more than a year too … the other day I talked to a foreigner about a place where there is this protest initially by more than 300 people, and now only more than 100 people left. The rest accepts compensation and find work. The Ministry of Labor helps find jobs. I pointed out that for places where the money was supplied to the protesters, I could have caught them. Please do not think that I do not know … for those who really do not have a real job, can they live? They should understand Cambodia clearly. It is not that Cambodia is not bright enough […]

(11) Foreigners/Cambodians abroad should come to “Angkor Sankranta and SEA Games” in the Visiting Cambodia Year

We think about people’s lives. This year is a happy year because we have (1) Angkor Sankranta and (2) SEA Games. I invite Cambodian brothers and sisters abroad to visit the Khmer New Year or to watch the SEA Games in our country …, which I have issued a circular regarding the year to visit Cambodia. Both foreigners/Cambodian brothers and sisters abroad may want to come visit the country. Now, whoever cannot come because of the court order (s/he can) bring me the order. I will work with the court, but there are some people, we do not have to worry about them … it is now March and we are in a pretty cool weather condition … my real concern is the rising price of gasoline/fuels … we are going to put hundreds of buses in actions to transport people for the New Year. Those who do not have the (transport) means can travel by bus …