Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, at the Inauguration of Two Buildings and Conferment of Diplomas to Students of the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) [Unofficial Translation]


(1) Education restarted with empty hands in war and unjust punishment

… His Excellency Dr. Hang Chuon Naron made a report just now. We are putting into operation two new building in the vicinity of the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC). Secondly, we have this graduation ceremony and diplomas conferment for 4,617 graduates […] demonstrating the progress of education and human resource training in our country. At the moment, HE Hang Chuon Naron mentioned of how he started his study in ITC. The same thing had been done everywhere at the national level at that time – both teachers and students swept and repaired schools in order to normalize schooling. It was like that. It’s a start from scratch and in dire straits, the war continued with unjust sanctions inflicted upon Cambodia from some foreigners […]

(2) Foreign friends must not make the third mistake

I have reminded some foreign friends, who came to see me, to please do not make a third mistake on us. What was the first mistake? What was the second mistake? The first mistake was that while claiming themselves democracy, they gave supports to a military coup in Phnom Penh (in 1970) […] plunging our country into a war that paved the way for Pol Pot (to come to power) […] as for the second mistake, do you remember that you continued to support the Khmer Rouge at the United Nations from 1979-91? You have never expressed regret over your foreign policy attitude towards my country. I just advise you not to make the third mistake in Cambodia […] some have acknowledged that was a big mistake in the past, but they did not dare to speak in the meeting. They whispered to us while leaving and never apologized or expressed regret […]

(3) Two Legacies of CPP for Cambodia and Cambodians

[…] I have spoken with up to two Singaporean delegations yesterday […] with one of them I have said that the success that comes from hardship is a success that is valuable and must be protected. l then referred to the peace factor that we have made great and relentless efforts to search for. We have to take care of it (because) it is the most valuable thing. What are the legacies that the CPP leaders left for the motherland? First of all, do not forget about saving lives through the day of liberation on January 7 (1979). If there is no day of liberation on January 7 (1979), do not talk about anything else, there would be just death. That is the truth. Does anyone dare to claim that s/he would still be surviving if there were no liberation on January 7 (1979)? However, these people have disfigured the facts of history. The second legacy is the participation of the government of the former People’s Republic of Cambodia and the State of Cambodia led by the Cambodian People’s Party in seeking peace for Cambodia through the establishment of the Paris Agreement. When it was over, we then entered the stage of implementing a win-win policy […]

(4) Ensuring Cambodia is free of landmines by 2025

The other day I talked about the history and the factual relationship between peace and war. We now have the opportunity everywhere to destroy all landmines by 2025 to ensure that people have access to land safely, or that travelers to remote and formerly inaccessible areas do not have mines dangers in mind. We will work to destroy and make the country mines free by 2025. It has taken us 30 years to clear mines, but as the country was torn apart by all-out war on a large scale, it is not over yet. Well, let me just remind you that whatever happened in our country in that period was difficult to imagine […]

(5) Economic resilience does not depend on occasional incomes, but on knowledge

We have been working gradually (on restoring and improving education) so far […] both in hardware infrastructure and software development – the human resource. We are encouraging investment in both hard and soft infrastructure. Human resources is a software infrastructure that we are focusing on […] within the framework of the whole country, we have a multi-billion dollar school buildings […] our partners can help us more on building infrastructure necessary for training human resources […] we should not be afraid to spend capital because the return (from such expense) is very large. Building school buildings and salaries of professors/teachers for providing knowledge for our youth and our people is majorly economically profitable for national development, and resilience for the economy does not depend on occasional income, but on knowledge at this stage […]

(6) Cambodia does not declare Kovid-19 as a common flu, please continue to protect

We have the opportunity to get together once again […] we are able to do more because we have Covid-19 under control. I do not think we declare Covid-19 a common cold as some countries did. We are a country with weak (health infrastructure), we must be careful. We do not impose the obligation to wear masks, but we also encourage people to continue wearing masks wherever for protection. We have not yet dropped our defenses. There is a European country that wanted to provide more vaccines to our country. His Excellency Mam Bunheng has already written a letter of thanks to the country. We cannot accept the vaccine at this time because we still have some 20 million doses of vaccines ready to shipped to Cambodia and some 6 million doses in stock […]

(7) Urgent review of relevant wildlife legal issues from restriction to incentive

[…] I have issued (an order) and asked for an urgent review of relevant legal issues. (Should there be one,) it needs to be amended from a restriction to an incentive to increase wildlife (population through protection and husbandry) […] raising wild birds should be encouraged rather than punished because there is no loss. On the contrary, it makes this country rich in birds, especially peacocks, which are rare and endangered species. (We may be) selecting some endangered species and encouraging breeding, providing real possibilities for the people to engage in this effort. (At the zoon) in Phnom Tamao, I am not sure if we can raise them well […] Last year, I saved a lion too […]

(8) Claiming to be democrats but do not respect true democracy

[…] I am taking this opportunity to call on all political parties in Cambodia to respect the rights of the people. For some time now, the youth groups or NGOs that used to support the opposition party and engaged in protests against the Royal Government on this/that issue are coming out and supporting the CPP and the Royal Government. Claim to be democrats, those people (in the opposition) do not respect true democracy. As long as people support them, they considered those supporters good persons. When the same people support the Royal Government, they call them people who sold put ideals, and more seriously insulting is that these people are foreign slaves and spending foreign money/staying abroad to fight against the Cambodian people […] these people, however, have been insulted by some political parties/individuals […] (in doing so,) you do not respect the political freedom of these young people. They know very well (that) it was useless to support the opposition in the past […]

(9) CPP always respects the right of members to choose

The CPP has never prevented its members from joining other parties. For those who go to other parties, we just respect their choice. Previously, there were three people who left the People’s Party (1), His Excellency Kong Koam, now he has claimed to stop doing everything and resigned. (2) Pi Tach, who left for a while and asked to come back. And third, Sam Sundoeun about whom I heard is in money exchange business. Those who left the CPP did not have a bright future. Those who once went, and have come back. We receive them back. Previously, some went to FUNCINPEC. In the FUNCINPEC era, they were rivals of the CPP, but when they returned to the CPP, We, in the CPP, accepted them. I think other parties should learn this and (have) a clear understanding of true democracy, respecting the people’s right to choose […]