Selected Comments Samdech Techo Hun Sen, Remarks and Advice to the ASEAN Para Games Delegation Before Going for the Games at Solo, Indonesia [Unofficial Translation]


(1) From Year to Year, Cambodian Sports Have Developed Positively

[…] We know that Vietnam and Philippines did not send their (players) because the countries are struggling with both disasters and Covid-19 pandemic. Vietnam organized the SEA Games, but do not go for the ASEAN Para Games for Covid-19. We should thank Indonesia for hosting this ASEAN Para Games for our disabled to avoid missing out. If you miss this year, you will miss two matches – one in the Philippines and one in Vietnam. It is good that Indonesia is prepared to do this. I am really proud that from year to year our sport is improving. Let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the athletes for the SEA Games in Vietnam, which this year we have won many medals compared to previous competitions. I also hope that our disabled athletes, as I said before, whom we send in less number will get more medals home […]

(2) Please (1) Respect the Rules of the Game, (2) Avoid Using Banned Substances; Special Flight for ASEAN Para Games Athletes

I have already advised that what is important for us is to abide by the rules of the game. To avoid any violation of the rules of the game is the point 1. The second point is to absolutely avoid the use of substances that are banned in sports, which makes it detrimental to the national reputation. It doesn’t matter if you win a gold medal or a silver medal, or none, but the use of banned substances is a great disgrace to the nation. The medals that the whole team received were not enough to make up for the damage caused by the use of drugs or banned substances in sports. This is a recommendation for players who will be competing […]

Regarding the request for transportation (players), I received from (His Excellency) Hun Many yesterday, and I had a discussion with His Excellency Mao Havannal (of Cambodia’s civil aviation). I agree to send a special plane to take our players to the competition. This makes it easier for our players to travel without getting too tired and without going through a lot of transits. The money to buy the plane ticket must be diverted to pay for the plane that we have to rent or may have sponsorship. Previously, Cambodia Airways sponsored 8 flights of Phnom Penh-Hanoi for our players (to participate in the SEA Games in Vietnam) […] (this time) all of you leave together on July 24 and come back on August 7 together […]

(3) Towards “Cambodia Zero Mines” in 2025 with the participation of both the national budget and the private sector

Speaking of disability, if we look at people with disabilities in the war so far, they are very old now. Let consider 1998 the year we ended the war, until now, it is 24 years ago. Disability still exists causing by (accidental) landmines/unexploded ordnance and other disability conditions […] but (one major disability is the ones caused by landmines/unexploded ordnance. Let me as how many of you are disabled by landmines/unexploded ordnance? […] this is the problem.

A few days ago, I called for the participation of both the national budget and the private sector to participate in the final journey to Cambodia Zero Mine in 2025 […] maimed by landmines/unexploded ordnance is the tragedy that has been happening in our land. We have cleared a lot of mines, but in some places (though the mined covered) land is very small, costing only US $ 50,000, US $ 100,000 (US $) or US $ 200,000 to do the job but we neglected it. We seem to be slow to act on that. Maybe because we have a lot of work to do. But this situation should be amended through the participation of forces from all relevant actors as possible […]

… When we started the implementation of the win-win policy to end the war completely, I set two goals – first, to turn all former battlefields into development zones; second, turn the border line with neighboring countries into a border of peace, friendship, cooperation and development. Now both tasks are in progress, and the first task we can say that we have achieved more than 90% and the remaining 10% have not yet become development areas, because of the remaining landmines/unexploded ordnance […]

(4) Bank Account for Contributors to Remove Danger from Landmines

I admit that this is our negligence in directing mine action. We have released a small budget for the course. We rely too much on our development partners for funding, and our biggest donors are Japan, China, Korea, Australia, Britain, Europe, and the United States to help clear mines in our country. We have not addressed this matter very much with our own budget. That is why I took the initiative to plan and push this situation forward. So far, we have received almost 15 million US dollars […]

The Mines Authority is now leading a meeting of operators, including CMAC, the army and the peacekeeping forces, to set targets for demining activities in order to declare each area mine-free zone. For example, in Phnom Srok district, it is said that the area becomes a mine-free area. Areas near Phnom Srok, we have cleared Thmor Puok of mines and declared it mine-free. The (district) of Preah Net Preah is on that side, and we declared it a mine-free zone. It is safe. What is worrying is that the people living on the other side where they traveled to get to that place, sometimes to follow their cows, may encounter danger from mine. Not only for those in the countryside, people in the city who drive to there for a visit do not know of mines may wander into the minefields […]

Let us create an account and notify people of this effort that is becoming a national movement final on mines. From now until 2025, we have only three years left. Time is not far off. Our foreign development partners who provide assistance have their goals. Foreign partners provide assistance for somewhere as their target areas. We cannot use their budget as we wish. We need to (study and determine) where (demining activities would need to use) which country’s budget, and where we do it with our own budget. The Mine Authority must prepare those points for the demining process and the destruction of unexploded ordnance for the safety of our country to make the country safe and attractive for tourism, especially eco-tourism […]

(5) Right-Hand Drive Vehicles by July 6, 2022 Can Pay Tax without Changing Steering Wheel

Before I made this decision, I have been following the work since yesterday. Right-hand drive cars owners, yesterday asked to pay taxes, but not to change the steering wheel. Now I agree with your request. You have to come in to pay taxes, you do not have to change the steering wheel for those who have not changed it yet. (As for) those who have changed already, it is good that we have a left-hand drive car to use. But those who have not changed must come to pay taxes and the Ministry of Public Works who then issues (number) plates for them. In the past, some right-hand drive cars have come to make deposits (for a plate number) and go to change their steering wheels.

Now, those who have already deposited money to change the steering wheel and has not changed yet do not need to change. They have to pay the remaining tax and receive a letter from the customs to show to Public Works to get the license plate. This point is in line with your demands. I would like to confirm its validity as of July 6, 2022. From tomorrow, the newly imported right-hand drive cars will nit be allowed to pay taxes and/or to change the steering wheel. They will be seized immediately […]

(6) Covid-19 Seems to Be Surging, Putting the World in an Unusual Position; Thank You Sky Angkor for Transporting Athletes To/From; It Is Not Necessary to Lock Down the Country, but Please Get the Vaccine as Prescribed by the Ministry of Health

Another issue I should also address for all citizens as well as our athletes. The Covid-19 seems to be surging and putting the world in a precarious position, France and Italy are to declare the seventh wave of (many infection) cases. This issue requires our people to be vigilant again on the possible spread of Covid-19 infection. For our sportspersons and athletes, when going to the competition, we must take extra protection of their health, especially to have enough masks to ensure that our sportspersons/athletes are not infected and can participate in the competition […]

We have now received the information that Sky Angkor has accepted to request to transport sportspersons/athletes on July 26 to and on August 7, 2022 from. I thank the Sky Angkor company for their offer, […] that is the Cambodian people’s way. They know how to help (each other) […] The Cambodia Airways did eight charter flights to (transporting sportspersons) and did not take a penny from the state. Now Sky Angkor is willing to do the same […]

I would like to confirm to those who are concerned about their jobs and asked not to close the factory (because of the Covid-19 surge). No, we will not close down the factory. May our nieces and nephews continue to work in peace. All I need is for you to come and get the vaccine as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. The more vaccines, the better the defense. That is good for us. Therefore, each factory must consider the safety of its workers (as well as) people in the communes. Each ministry needs to think about its staff. Companies think about how many workers in their company (needed) injection and how many doses do they reach now. Encourage them to get an injection or ask a doctor to give injections in the ministry […]

(7) Cambodia contributes to ASEAN Reserve Medical Stock for Public Health Emergencies

This morning, relating to the Covid-19, I just made a decision. Now we need to make contribution to ASEAN as a whole. As the first step, three countries make contribution, and I got confirmation this morning […] there are three countries that have already joined (in this effort). We are the fourth country to contribute to the ASEAN Regional Reserve of Medical Supplies for Public Health Emergencies (RRMS). So this morning I decided to offer some medical tools and equipment in contribution to those donated by the previous three countries […] in the time to come, we may be able to participate more like providing Rapid Test Kits […] we cannot afford to provide vaccines because they are not for stock. It has expiration date […]

(8) Citizens/Government Institutions Strive to Save Electricity as Energy Crisis Occurs Throughout the World

Another point I should make today. I would like to call on our people to try to save on electricity consumption, both the people themselves and all national institutions try to save electricity. For the first time in the history of electricity in Cambodia, it has reached the stage of loss. If the state does not pay attention to the people, the time / time of electricity will have doubled. Some countries have already raised electricity prices twice, but for Cambodia we have not yet raised electricity prices. Some factories are facing losses due to rising electricity prices. However, the Royal Government has to make up for the loss. Today is a loss. When Covid-19 exploded, oil prices fell. By the time Covid-19 began to slow down, the economy recovered, oil prices also rose, but the Russian-Ukrainian war and reciprocal sanctions, known as the energy crisis, took over the world. Already. That is why do not play the game of punishment, the game of war must also be avoided and the game of punishment must also be avoided […]

(9) Citizens/Government Institutions Strive to Save Electricity as Energy Crisis Is Rampant in the World; US$ 100 M Loss Due to the Russian-Ukrainian War, Mutual Sanctions; Energy Crisis Makes It Impossible to Deduct Further Electricity Price by End of 2022; UN Climate Change Conference 2022 COP27 No Longer Meaningful(?)

Another point I should make today is to call on us to try to save on electricity consumption, both the people themselves and all national institutions. For the first time in the history of electricity in Cambodia, it has reached the stage of operational loss. If the state does not pay attention to the people, the electricity price would have doubled already. Some countries have already raised electricity prices twice. Cambodia has not yet raised electricity prices. Some factories are facing losses due to rising electricity prices. However, the Royal Government has been making up for the loss. When Covid-19 broke out, oil prices fell. By the time Covid-19 began to slow down, the economy recovered, oil prices also rose. However, the Russian-Ukrainian war and reciprocal sanctions caused energy crisis all over the world. That is why (we urge countries in the world) to play no game of sanction or punishment. The world must avoid the game of war and the game of punishment/sanction […]

Now about climate change. No more meaning about it. Why? After the meeting in 2021 in the United Kingdom many announced that they will stop producing coal. Now European countries use coal […] the day the German ambassador came to say goodbye, I asked him honestly, did Germany use coal? “We did,” he said. Russia cuts off gas supply […] they had to go back to coal to generate electricity. If they go back to coal, what will happen? (It) undermines global programs in climate change. Now the price of oil is going up, and the price of coal is going up. I call on us everywhere to pay attention to energy savings, and start with state institutions ho pay electricity bill with national budget, because otherwise we will incur greater losses. This year, we are estimated to have lost more than US$ 100 million, starting with the Russia-Ukraine war on one side and with sanctions on another.

What does one receive from the punishment or sanction? It brought pain for all. The war was a pain between Russia and Ukraine, especially the people of Ukraine, but this punishment/sanction was meted out to those punishers too. We, who do not know anything about this war, are also punished. That, which is a global issue, should be considered. While I was attending the World Economic Forum, the WTO Director-General called for the non-use of sanctions. Now the consequences have come […]

In our country, a report by the Ministry of Commerce last week got me that gas prices have risen by 35%, fuel prices have risen, coal prices have risen, and gas prices have risen, leading to a full-blown energy crisis. I know about a meeting of an NGO to prepare a petition or to file a petition here/there about rising oil prices, even though they know that it is a global issue […] it is your right, but I wanted to assure the people of Cambodia that if the Royal Government only thinks about the profit of electricity so far, people would have already paid for electricity twice the price as much.

Yesterday, I called the Director General of Electricity to report on any measures related to this electricity issue. In fact, my goal had been that by the end of 2022 I am going to announce a slight reduction in electricity prices if there is no crisis. Now, not only that we cannot reduce the price, but we are having a loss of electricity operation also […] at this point, the results are already visible. How long will the Russia-Ukraine war end? And when will using punishment/sanction get its end? […]

The big concern is the oil issue. If we increase the price of electricity in the past, it would have been a terrible move. This year we can estimate a loss of more than $ 100 million. This is the case where the angels help every day with rainwater into the basin to release hydropower for us to have electricity, but in case of drought next year, this will be the problem. Our voice is too small to call on big countries to reconsider the implementation of sanctions […] punishers like Germany are starting to switch from gas to coal. If coal is used (the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 or UN Climate Change Conference 2022) COP27 does not mean anything because COP27 has announced that it will stop using coal. And now Europe itself is using coal. Because if you do not use coal, where do people have electricity from? […]

(10) TikTokers to Maintain/Respect Traditions; (2) to Attack the Wrong Situation

These days, I see two kinds of TikTokers. I would like to send a message to TikTok players a bit. First, I would like to send a message to you girls who play TikTok. Some of them are giving good examples, but some of them others are using indecent words […] I am begging you to keep our tradition […] We do not plan to shut down TikTok, but it is not a way to make fun with such indecent words. Second, I am sending this message to those who want to attack me, but hitting in the wrong direction and it is not profitable for them […] they take pictures and play in TikTok.

The first picture shows a clean and modern motorcycle stuck in street mud, form which they dubbed the sound “Samdech Techo is Peace and Development.” They should do not put motorcycles in the picture, but bicycles […] how many bicycles are left today? And how many cart paths are left? […] you think you hit Hun Sen, but you did not hit correctly. Hun Sen had cars/motorbikes stuck on the road […] which means you have motorcycles. The generation (of year) 1979 could not find even shoes to wear. To have a bicycle is almost equal to a motorcycle […]

Now they are looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption. The day before, with TikTok dubbing my voice, I saw people sell well hybrid cars. I guess the hybrid car is good for the future as it is both environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. The car uses batteries/ gasoline, good for environmental protection. Soon, they will reach a ban on the use of fuel trucks to adapt to measures in climate change. It is said that they only make Hybrid small car. In fact, they also make large one such as Landcruiser. The more we use it, the less the toxic problem, and it is beneficial for family than using gasoline […]./.